Please Advice And Share How You Took Clomid Unprescribed

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josie74 - September 26

hi, am about start taking clomid (unprescribed) and was hoping that some of you who have had successful results and are now preg or have been, could tell me exactly how you went about it. number of pills you took, cd's taking them, other medication I.E. PRESEED, BABY ASPIRIN, ETC, times of bd'g, symptoms, and if you did get preg, how did you tell your doc if you did and how are you doing long did you take it for? and why did you choose to take it unprescribed. this is directed to only those doing it on their own who have NO fertiltiy please can people who have an opinion about it not write in my post...its not meant for you and i didnt write to get your lecture or opinion!!!i have a good idea what i want to do but wanted to compare notes..see how it differs to others... ps: PLEASE DO NOT WRITE ON HERE IF YOU WANT TO GIVE YOUR JUDGEMNT OR WARNING. THERE ARE PLENTY OTHER POST WHIHC GO INTO THAT AND I AM NOT HERE TO HEAR A BROKEN RECORD!!! TO ALL OTHERS THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR INPUT!!!!!


me too - September 30

hi i took unprescribed 50 mg days 2,3,4..i had a pain in my side that persisted so i didn't take the other 2 days, i had some trouble with headaches to, i am 35, mother of 6, una__sisted pregnancys, 2 of those pregnancys were twins but i lost one each time, carried the other to term, my mother is a frat twin, i have 8 days till af due, i don't know if i increased my chances of multiples or not since i only took 3 days, i did read that taking earlier in cycle increase follicles, i didn't have any prob with mucus, but i know robitussin or mucinex helps, good luck


Shawna - September 30

I'm 26 and took unprescribed clomid 100mg. (2x50mg) before bed (the same time every night) days 1-5 (day 1 being the first day of my period) I got pregnant with triplets. During a regular visit, my doctor had mentioned that in a 4-6 months if I didn't conceive (after 18 months of already trying) he would prescribe me clomid. I didn't want to wait that long. My doctor understood when I told him after I conceived. My triplets are now 2. I had 3 boys. I knew I was pregnant about a week before my period because I was going to the bathroom all the time (every 3 hrs.) and my b___sts were very sore. I was slightly nauseous, but it wasn't too bad. I tried taking a HPT 4 days before my period was due and it was negative. 2 days after my period was due I tested again and got a positive.


to shawna - September 30

where did you obtain your unprescribed clomid? of the internet? thanks for sharing.


shawn - September 30

I got mine at freedom-pharmacy... but you can google "clomid without prescription" and find many other sites


KG. - September 30

Hi, I took clomid because I was not ovulating on my own. Took days 5-9 and got pregnat on the first shot. I'm now 14 weeks preggers.


to shawna - September 30

Congrats on your triplets! Did you conceive them the first moth you were on clomid?


Angela - October 1

Hi Josie! I just wanted to let you know that I am doing the same thing. My Clomid arrived today and I am supposed to start next week! I will be taking mine on either days 2-7 or 3-8. I am going to take it in the evening so that it will lessen the chances of headaches. Also, I will be taking 1 baby asprin and 1 mucinex tablet everyday starting day 8 or 9 (respectively). I have been on prenatal vitamins and large doses of Folic Acid for about 5 months now, I also take those at night because during my last preg., I would get nauseas if I took the vitamins in the morning. I have heard that taking Clomid too early in your cycle can slightly increase chances of a m/c, but i have been unable to find credible sources. Anyway, I will also be using OPK's to determine the time of Bd'ing, I usually try to Bd every day for 3days before O and Three days after (and any other time we feel like it ;) I am 21 with no medical problems and a perfect previous pregnancy. My DR would not give me Clomid because he said I was too young and we hadn't been trying long enough (well and I ovulated semi-normally- I skip an O every now and again), but we have been waiting for 4 years to even strat trying and now every month just seems to drag by! Let me know what else you find out and I hope we get some genuine posts on here!! Good Luck and Baby Dust*************


josie74 - October 2 af finally finished (lasted almost 8 days) i decided to start my clomid next month 50mg...i missed my first pill this month because of other commitments so i never bothered. i am thinking of taking days 2-6 at night. i have just started taking follic acid 400mg. i was wondering about baby aspirin???whats the difference between baby and adult aspirin???can i take half or quarterof a tablet of adult aspirin instead of baby aspririn??reason being i cannot get baby aspirin where i live..there is children's paracetamol but that's that.....would that be the same??? angela please keep me posted...and me too i wish you all the luck and hope you will be successful this time....and get your dust to all of you...once i start my new af i will come back to post how clomid is going for to all


shawna - October 3

Yes, I conceived on the first cycle of clomid


mom of billy - October 4

If you get pregnant with clomid, can the blood work tell that you took it? I guess what I am asking is can anyone tell you took unprescribed clomid unless you tell them? wow, three babies...That's something to really consider there. From what I have read,more women on clomid conceive multiple boys. Has anyone conceived multiple girls on clomid. (Just curious)


Angela - October 4

Hi Josie, sorry you didn't get to start this month, better luck next month! I just wanted to let you know that it doesn't matter what the asprin is called "baby, children's" whatever, it just needs to be 81mg of asprin- Bayer, St. josephs, whatever! I hope that clears it up. I also wanted to let you know that I am taking about 1000mg of Folic Acid which is around the recommended dosage for those preg. with twins, and I asked my human nutrition professor if this was safe for non-preg women and she said yes because Folic Acid is a "water Based" vitamin which means that if you consume too much, your body will just flush it out, and I would rather be ready to support any baby that comes along even before I know that I am preg. - Just trying to pa__s along useful info.-To the mom of Billy, I heard from an RN that Clomid would not show up in your bloodwork, but I am still trying to do more research on it. Good Luck and Baby Dust to all!************


Angela - October 5

I also would like twins and usually ovulate fine. I did conceive twins naturally (first pregnancy, first month off bcp) but miscarried. Then one week after d & c got pregnant again--successfully. Now I would like to have twins. I ordered my clomid off and am currently waiting on them in the mail. I will let yall know when I start taking them etc. I have heard about dry cervical mucus etc so I went ahead and bought preseed also. Good luck to everyone!!


Angela S - October 5

the last remark was me!!! I see we have two Angela's!!! I got my clomid in the mail today. Will get to start it next af!!!! I hope it works!


CASSANDRA - October 9

i took a trip to south america with my cousin got my clomid there but prior my doc told me that i was not ovulating naturally and needed there to concive but out there they are 5 dollars a box i got 2 box took one 50 mg pill days 5-9 and didn't think they would work then i was having bad pain's went to the er had a urine preg test it was negitve then the blood work showed a low positive then i had to repeat in 2 days to see if the hcg levels doubled and they went from 23 to 51.8 it was a positve and now i am 5 months pregnant with my first baby!!!!!


Maria - October 17

I am currently working abroad, (in a poor country), I try to avoid hospital and doctors, so I began Clomid by myself, after getting a lot of info on the web and with a friend who is doctor. Here, a 15-pill bottle is 1$US!! I am 25 and my boyfriend 37. I take Clomid because since I stopped anovulant pills I haven't got periods (for 10 months). I read that a woman who hasn't have any period for a long time can start clomid anytime. I had dizziness on the first day and insomnia on the 4th day. I take it during the morning. I'm on the 5th day now, and will give some news later (good I hope!). I also take some guaifenesin (like Robistussin) and Folic Acid. Godd luck to you!


T - October 18

Maria I'm in the same situation I don't have my period unless I take Provera which makes it kind of difficult to take Clomid.... when do you state taking clomid and how long do you take them before you stop and start again?? I'm at the point where I will try anything..



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