Plz Any Help Ttc With Clomid Month 3

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buffysmarkz - June 23

Please help. TTC w clomid...third cycle!! First took 50 mg day 5-9, ovulated, unsuccessful. Second took 100 mg day 5-9, ovulated, thought preg, but unsuccessful. Now on day 1 - taking 100 mg and I'm going to take on day 1-5 (beginning today). Please offer any advice! We both already have one child each...both are 8 years old. We really want to conceive THIS month (if not this month, then next month) .... any advice? Any possibility for TWINS???? Thx so much ;)


MelissaSLP - June 23

Ok, I know easier said than done, but try to relax a bit. Stress can play a part. I didn't concieve my singleton or my twins until the 6th cycle each time. Some things come to mind. 1) Are you taking Robitussin or Mucinex or Preseed to help with cervical mucous? 2) Are you using any kind of method to let you know if you are ovulating (OPK's, BBT, etc.)? Many women that take Clomid ovulate later in the cycle (I was always day 19 or 20). As far as chances for twins are concerned, I was told Clomid had about a 10% increased chance of having twins. I concieved 2 singletons (1 m/c'd) and a set of twins. Good luck!!


buffysmarkz - June 25

Thanks MelissaSLP. #1 I have not taken Robitussin yet. When do I take that and for how long? #2 I "feel" like I ovulated... i.e., the C/M was stretchy, thin, etc. and I cramped slightly. I prob should take OPK's and will do that this month....what cycle day do I do this? #3 Do you know anything about taking clomid days 1-5 v. taking clomid days 5-9 ? Dr. has told me two diff things now. ? I'm on CD3 right now. Taking 100mg/daily. When do I start Robitussin and what else do you suggest? Also, since I started taking clomid days 1-5, my period pretty much "stopped" ... is this normal? Thanks so much :)


MelissaSLP - June 26

I took the Robitussin for about a week before I expected to O and took it for a day or two after I O'd. I took Clomid days 5-9 and the only differences I've heard are that the earlier you take it in the cyle, the more eggs it may produce and the later in the cycle you may get less eggs, but possibly better quality eggs (I still got twins though) :) I tested with OPK's from days 10-20. Most women O on day 14 or so of their cycle, but like I said the clomid made me ovulate (which I don't do on my own), but it was later like day 19. When you say your period had "stopped", when did it "stop"? The only other thing that worked for our last 2 pregnancies was that I had Reiki done about 2-3 days before O'ing which sent positive energies to my ovaries and uterus. I know this isn't for everyone, but it worked each time I did it so I truly believe. Let me know if you have any more ?'s. Good luck!!!


buffysmarkz - June 26

Melissa SLP what is Reike? I am so new to this; we appreciate your advice :) hopefully O' July 7-11 sometime... will take OPK's those dates. Try every other day or EVERY day???? What do I do AFTER that?? Wait......???? Take anything?


MelissaSLP - June 27

It's an "Alternative" healing/medicine in which a peron (trained in Reiki) channels positive energies to various parts of your body. I knew of a woman that did this at the place I occasionally get ma__sages. I told her what was going on and she could feel that I was going to ovulate and I could feel her energies going to my ovary areas. Like I said, not everyone believes, but I sure do. I know some people on BD every other day, but I did it everyday until I was sure that ovulation was over. From there, it was just a wait and see. You can stop taking the Robitussin or Mucinex when you have ovulated. Are you doing the basal body temp? Some women swear by that as well, although I never did it. I believe you take your temp every morning before getting out of bed and around ovulation, your temp is supposed to slightly increase. Just a thought.



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