Positive And Pregnant With Twins Due In Aug

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brooke - December 17

Anyone pregnant with twins for sure and due in August? I keep reading all these posts to and from other people and all the fighting is drivng me crazy. Please are there some out there that are already pregnant and are wanting to talk about all the positive things going on with our pregnancies? All of my friends have had one baby and I don't know anyone who I can ask for advice on being pregnant with twins. I am only 7weeks and would love to share the journey with you.


There are other web sites - December 17

There are other web sites that seem to offer a better quality of talk for people with more then one baby on the way . Try doing a google search under : forums for mothers pregnant with twins... or somthing like that . I know that you will come across one. I wish that this forum enviroment were a bit more civilized for you . Unfortunatly I can not say that it is or will be for that matter. God Bless you and your two new gifts from above.


Angela W. - December 18

Hi brooke, I am so excited to be preg. with twins and due in August! Officially my due date is August 11, but the babies are measuring about a week behind. I go in tomorrow for more blood work to make sure everything is progressing okay. Hope all is well!! Good Luck!


brooke - December 18

thank goodness, a normal response! I don't know if you have been reading all the other posts and forums but they are out of control. Thank you for responding, I was beginning to feel like i was the only one out there who actually wanted to talk about being pregnant with twins!! My due date is Aug 5, but when I went in for my first u/s last tuesday one twin measured 6w3d the other 6w2d. I am a__suming then that these are fraternal and that the eggs released a day apart! I go in on Tuesday for my first prenatal(hour long) visit. Keep me updated on your blood results! When do they say you get to go in for another u/s? I heard with twins you go every month.


Angela W. - December 19

Hi brooke, I know what you mean about some of these threads, I'm glad I can talk to someone too! I had a great support thread while I was ttc, but I try not to talk too much about what's going on with me with them, so it's nice to have someone to be excited with. I am actually scheduled to have another u/s on the 27th because it was an appt. I already had before I had to have this "emergency" u/s. I was having some spotting, but it turned out to be from bearing down too much for b/m (sorry tmi!!) My dr. says everyhting seems to be going well, but of course advised me of the possibilities since it is still early. I am really hoping they are fraternal, although they are both measuring the same. Identical twins seem so much more scary because they are fighting over the same space and food supply. Anyway, keep me updated!


Angela W. - December 19

I was merely stating my concerns about the possibility that they could be identical and this could have nothing to do with the clomid. Please stay away from this thread, in case you have not noticed the creator of this thread only wants positive stories so if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I am very happy about my results, but I would have been just as happy with one baby. Jealousy is extremely ugly and there is no place for your comments on this thread. You will not follow me around and try to make me feel unhappy or guilty about my children. Brooke, I recieved my hcg or hgc whatever the abbreviation is results today. The Dr.'s are saying everything is looking great -21,000 and a progesterone level of 212! That helps ease my mind. Let me know if you get any b/w back and we can compare! Hope all is well- as far as me m/s is not an appropriate term- it's more like all-day sickness. So far no vomiting, just a constant queasy feeling!


brooke - December 19

me too! i have not thrown up once, but my all day sickness started about a week ago. It comes and goes, i tries gingerale, sprite, crackers, candycanes, nothing really works, and I am famished ALL the time. I can never eat enough but sometimes just the thought of food makes me ill, it is a vicious thing!! Anyway other than that i feel good, a bit tired, I had tons of energy in the beginning, now i am slowly beginning to feel it. I have stopped cleaning , my dh hates me right now, im such a slob, but have no energy to even put a plate in teh dishwasher. As i said in another thread, we should be able to relax in eight months we will be on the go like crazy, as I have heard its a blur for the first few months with twins. I have my first prenatal appt tomorrow morning. I'll let you know how it goes. I have yet to actually see the doctor for a real exam yet, due to the timing of me finding out when i was pregnant. I'll explain later, going to go eat right now.


Deb - December 19

Hi girls...I'm not having twins (at least I don't know yet - first ultrasound is on Wednesday!) Just wanted to give you some advice, since Angela and I have been in contact for several months now. This board is incredibly nasty, just look at the comment that "to Angela" made - why don't you bring this conversation over to the first trimester board where you can talk to each other without others interrupting with their rude comments? I just thought it might be a more supportive environment. Hey Angela, Krob saw on this thread that you were having twins and told everyone on the Dear Santa thread. You should come by there for a little visit...everyone would love to hear from you!


brooke - December 20

Wow, after I ate last night I went to sleep and didn't wake up til now. My dh is worried about me, wondering why i am so tired all the time. I know you get tired with one, but i a__sume with two its even more exhausting on your body. You know, i dont want to move to another forum. If I was new to this website and just found out I was having twins, I would automatically go to the twins and multiple forum, not the first trimester forum. I am hoping that other moms-to-be of twins will find my post and join in. I do believe that there are people who want to really talk about their pregnancies with twins and need questions answered just like me. I started on the first trimester forum before I found out I was having twins, but I feel like I am in a whole new ballgame now, with different feelings, risks and questions. So please, lets stay here and keep others up to date on our pregnancies.


Caroline - December 20

I am 22W 3d with Twin Girls, Im due in April. I am looking for support, advidce and folks to share my experience with. these will be our first. I am 30 yrs old and I serve in the U.S. Army. I want both of my babies. However, I am worried about how I will cope and I feel alot of guilt over knowing that I will not always be able to be with them.


lisa - December 25

hi im 6 weeks pregnat and had two us the first one was too early and they didnt see nothing so i had blood test the first one was 1300 and the second 3308 (two days appart) so went for secon us and the doc saw two sacs but no baby so i have to go back the 28 of this month i read your sintoms and their are just like mine i have a 14 month baby boy and i fell like i could sleep all day long i have this strange nausea but i dont trow up an it starts soon as i wake up until i go to bed at n im too scared to eat somenthing I DONT EAT MUCH BUT I TRY TO EAT SMAL PORTIONS DIFFERENT TIME BUT THE NAUSE IS STILL THERE SOME TIMES I THINK IS BETTER IF I TROW UP AT LEAST I WILL FEEL RELIVED SO I WILL LET YOU KNOW SOMENTHING AFTER MY US AND I THINK MY DUE DATE IS AUGUST I THINK I HAVENT HAD AN PRENATAL APPOINTMENT SO GOOD LUCK TO YOU LADIES AND I WISH YOU A HAPPY PG AND WITH OUT NAUSEA!!!!!!!!!!1


kacychancey - December 25

Yes, I am also 7 weeks pregnant, with twins. I just found out they are identical twins. I would love to talk.


brooke - December 26

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Got some great presents for the babies already and lots of gift certificates to babies r us which will come in handy! I have been feeling awful lately. My nausea is all day long and i have since started vomiting. But only after I eat, not in the morning. I am going on 9 weeks this week and don't know how long i can handle this sick feeling, I just want 13 weeks to come so I can start feeling better (i hope) I had my first prenantal visit last tuesday, it went well, they took tons of blood and talked to me about all the different tests i will be taking. I am told that although this is not a universal thing, my doctor requires his patients with twins to go on bed rest at 28 weeks. I don't know how I am going to handle that. My husband is a full time student and I am the "breadwinner I will have to take my short term disability, but that doesn't pay as much as my regular paychecks. But I guess it will have to work out somehow. My mom lives down the street from me and we are actually going to look for a house with a mother-in-law unit in it today. I know we will need the help when the babies arrive. Has anyone started picking out names yet? It was hard enough deciding on one, now I am at odds with dh trying to pick out two! We havethe girl's name, but no boy's names. With our luck we'll have two boys!! and won't have any names picked out. Kacychancey, how did you find out they are identical already? Is there only one sac with both babies? I go for another us in the middle of January, but with my first one there was two definate sacs, but I hear they can be identical too, it just depends on when and where they see the placenta. Caroline, I am sure everyhting will work out fine. I am even worried about how I am going to be able to give my twins the same amount of attention at the same time. I really believe that everything happens for a reason and you are never given more than what you can handle, so stay positive.


chris - December 27

hi, i am expecting twins and due august 10, had another scan today 7w5days, 2 heartbeats...yea...i am excited, nauseated all the time, and sooo tired, i hate getting up to go to work, hope all is well with everyone,


lisa - December 28

hi ladies i had my us today and is for sure im expecting twins i saw the hearthbeat to they said that im due in augustus ok !!! im feeling very tired and this nausea that i hate is really owfull i would like thiss to end soon ok bye bye ladies


Audrey - December 28

I am pregnant with twins and due for july 29 th


lisa - January 2

hi ladies how ou doing im sick all day and the bad thing is that i dont vomit at least that it would be a relive i ont feel really hungry and i dont eat much but i wish i could do somenthing do take this feeling away any way i would like to talk to someone that is feeling the same as me or was feling like that and can give me goo tips okladies bye for now



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