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Beautiful_Belly_Of_Mine - March 4

Hi, I'm 11 weeks pregnant. I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks, and we could see the sac, but it was extremely tiny being I was so early they said. They continued to scan and get measurements on my ovaries and cervix, and then found another round black spot on ultrasound. They said it was too soon to determine if it was another sac or if it was a pocket of fluid from a ruptured cyst. I know I didn't have a cyst, because I had just had an ultrasound a few days prior at the emergency room, and we couldn't see anything, and they said I didn't have any cysts, because I asked if maybe that's the reason I was cramping. We have several sets of twins on my mother's side of the family. I was pregnant with twins a few years ago, but miscarried both, one early on, and a missed miscarriage with the other. My hcg levels at the time of the ultrasound indicated I was 10 weeks the doctors said. But the sac measured 5 weeks. I had levels checked again, and was informed last appointment they were no longer doubled what they should be for my gestation, they are now tripled. My insurance won't cover another ultrasound until this next appointment which is coming up in a few weeks, so hopefully I will know something then. I am wondering if it sounds like I am having twins? They were putting a watch on my weight for one month to see if I gained an excessive amount. I put on 6 pounds, but haven't been eating really. I throw up all day, my morning sickness and nausea is severe. I stay so exhausted and tired, and I am always dizzy, I feel as though I'm going to faint every time I stand up, and have to grab onto something. My uterus has measured larger than my gestation according to ultrasound at both appointments I have been to, like 4-5 weeks larger than I should be. I am now 'showing' at 11 weeks, I had someone I hadn't seen in a while ask me was I having a boy or a girl, I informed them I wasn't far enough to tell, they said 'My apologies, you just appeared to be at least 4-5 months, I thought you knew'. I am not a big person, I only weighed 102 lbs. before I became pregnant, and I am not overeating! Also, I can swear I feel movement sometimes, and it's not gas... Just little thuds every now and then... Is it possible to feel the baby this soon? And do you feel the baby move sooner with twins, or is there a chance I am just further along? I am measuring large for date, Hcg levels are high, I am 'showing', staying extremely sick, have had a twin pregnancy before that I lost, have twins in the family, and an unclear ultrasound at just 5 weeks... And doctor seems to want to check for multiples. I am not 'hoping' for twins, as it'd be really expensive, and I'm not sure I could handle 2 newborns... But if it's God's will then so be it! Any suggestions?


briansmomplustwo - March 5

Wait for your U/S and see. That is really the only way. yes, people feel twins early, people get sick, ALL WOMAN react differently to pregnancy. If you do have twins, then you will deal with it-you dont really have a choice not to! Good luck.


Corona - March 5

Don't worry too much about what you can or can't handle. We all figure it out as we go along! There are only 2 surfire way to be sure about multiples...u/s & birth! You'll be fine!


amber31_06 - April 19

Just read your posting and was wondering how things turned out?


onetwothree - April 19

After being on multiple boards for years, if they don't come back and post the result, you are safe to a__sume it was not twins. I wish her a happy and healthy pregnancy.


Beautiful_Belly_Of_Mine - April 19

Hi! Well, I ended up having another ultrasound at 15 weeks. That sac was still there and a lot larger than the first time, but there was no baby in it, they said it could have started out as a pregnancy, or have been a cyst, that as long as it wasn't bothering the pregnancy that they would leave it be. They are going to check it again at this next ultrasound. There was a little surprise though! My baby is very large... They have scheduled 2 more ultrasounds already to check it and keep a watch on it. At 15 weeks, the baby weighed 4.5 oz. according to ultrasound. They said the average baby at 15 weeks only weighs 1.5-1.9 oz. So as you can see, it was really large. I compared the ultrasound to my daughter's 15 week, and this baby is a LOT larger. They said I was only 15 weeks though by measuring the head circ_mference, femur bone, and a few other things. They also did an AFP to see why my HCG levels are so high still. I get the results to that next Wednesday. (Apr. 26th) I'm hoping nothing is wrong. My cousin's son has Downs Syndrome, and she experienced abnormally high HCG levels for a singleton pregnancy as well. Only difference in our pregnancies was that he measured small for date at every ultrasound. But I guess we'll see at this next appointment and ultrasound what's going on exactly. They also found blood on my cervix at last appointment, so they are watching that as well. They thought it was from a possible infection. But, I am seeing a specialist at the hospital from here on out to keep a watch on everything. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I kind of forget to give updates on these things until I get an e-mail saying someone posted a reply! Lol. Well, good luck to everyone else out there, and I hope everyone has wonderful outcomes with their pregnancies! :)


deltabwa - April 27

Hi, Just wondering how the results were.



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