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ROCK - June 20

Hi ladies...I know this sounds crazy but I'm only a little over 5 weeks and I can't fit in any of my pants anymore! I know the baby is the size of a apple seed right now so why am I so big? This is my second baby and I know that you usually get bigger quicker but this is rediculous! I'm alot more tired than my first and I think the nausea is a little worse. I guess I'm just wondering if anyonelse with twins felt this way. ( My great grandmother had twins.)


Twinmom2be - June 20

I did not really have any ms and I wasn't any more tired then my friend with a singleton. You are probably just bloated but hey, you never know. I could not fit into my pants around 10 weeks but I have read that even people with twins/triplets could still wear their regular clothes up until the 2nd trimester or later. Good luck.


snugglybugglys - June 20

I did not have any ms with my twins either. In fact I didn't have any exaggerated symptoms with them. My clothes didn't fit me right away though. And that was my second pregnancy. My great grandmother had twins also. When is your first u/s sound going to be? Good luck!


ROCK - June 21

Thanks for responding guys. My next Dr appointment isn't until July 21. I'll be 9 weeks at that time. I had to go out today and buy maternity clothes! I'm not kidding! I hope if I keep growing my Doc will order an u/s at that point...


snugglybugglys - June 23

Have you already gone to the drs? You could say you aren't sure how far along you are lol. Everytime I got prego on BC I had no idea how far along I was, so they made sure to do an US at my first appt. :) Just a thought heheh. Anyway, good luck when you do go! :)


loco_chik - June 23

I am 9 weeks as well and this will be my 3rd child, I am nausious/ tired constantly! and a month ago could not b___ton pants.I am thinking it may be twins as well but won't know until the 5th of july, if it turns out true or not I will post an answer for ya


ROCK - June 23

I know this sounds crazy but the obs around here won't do an u/s until you are around 16 wks. I guess they do them alot earlier elsewhere according to what I've read on here. I did see my dr already. She said maybe next time we could try to hear the heartbeat.(no mention of an u/s.) How do you guys get them done so early? Is it just part of the routine exam?


snugglybugglys - June 23

Well with my first baby. my dr. just wanted to make sure my dated matched what the US would show. With my second pregnancy my hcg levels were through the roof, so they did an US cause they suspected twins. (which that was my twin pregnancy). With my 3rd pregnancy I had no idea how far along I was because I was on BC (same with the twins) so they did an US to see how far I was. With this pregnancy my dr. couldn't hear the heart beat in the office, so he sent me down for an US, so make sure everything was okay.


ROCK - June 23

Well, I went off bc in April. I was convinced I was pregnant last month. Took a test which was negative on 5/14 and I got my af on 5/15. It last about 2-3 days. It wasn't like my other afs but it was my first one off bc so I didn't know what to expect. Anyway I got my bfp on 6/11. I saw my dr about 4 days later and they drew blood. Wouldn't an hcg level have been elevated if I was further along or preg with twins? I don't even know if she drew a level....she ordered a "pregnancy panel" One of the girls I work with had twins and I showed her my belly. She said "Girl you better get that checked out!" She suggested that I lie and say that I'm cramping to get an u/s but I would never do that......its bad luck!


sqeekers - June 23

Snugglybugglys, just curious, what were your hcg levels when you were pg with twins? I am 6 weeks today, and my levels checked and they were 20,000. Twins run in my family, so I have always suspected it might be possible. My levels have never gotten this high before with my previous pregnancies so I am kinda feeling a little different about this one. Also, my clothes arent fitting right any more.


ROCK - June 23

Squeekers, just out of curiosity....how many pregnancies have you had? Did your ob mention when you would be having an u/s?


snugglybugglys - June 23

Hmmm I can't remember what my levels were...some where in like the 100,000's. Don't remember the exact number though. I was just so shocked...it happened so fast. I was like 8.5 weeks when I found out.


sqeekers - June 23

I have 3 children now and i had 1m/c. I am scheduled for an ultrasound next week. And I should clarify, my hcg levels haven't ever gotten this high this quick with my other pregnancy's.


N acH O - June 30

im in a similar position altho im not entirely sure for another 2 weeks if the pregnancy is viable or not after having an ultrasound come up with an empty sac measuring 5.8 weeks but apparantly its normal to sometimes not see anything this early so that stops me worrying... i have found my clothes arent fitting, and my tummy is starting to bulge a wee bit... very odd... on top of that my b___bs have grown 3 cups and are STILL growing! i have a family history of multiples (dads a triplet, mum had twins before me and i was meant to be a twin) have u found uve been "blossoming" in other areas of ur body too? im anxious to understand what my body is doing this is my first pregnancy!



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