Preggo With Twins Can T Sleep At Night

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MsMonet - November 3

Hello All, I am 6 months preggo with twins. Both are laying in a transverse position. Their heads are near the middle of my chest and the legs are wrapped beneath my rib cage. It hurts to sleep on both sides and I can't breath well when I lay on my back. I only get about 3 - 5 hours of sleep a night. Any suggestions?


cynthia502 - November 3

Hi MsMonet - I am almost 17 weeks along w/ twins, so haven't had that much difficulty yet, but one of my books suggests sleeping in a recliner or in upright position. Let me know if you have tried that! Good luck!


MsMonet - November 3

Cynthia-I just may have to try that. I will let you know.


mrssolo - November 3

MsMonet I hate to say it but I have not been able to sleep for more than an hour or so for months. I'm 33 weeks now and want these babies out now. I prop pillows under my back and then I try to sleep on my side with two pillows between my legs. No matter how or what position I try to sleep in I can't get comfortable.


Rowan - November 3

msmonet that is awful when you can't sleep...epecially if you have other kids to tend to. I wondered if your twins were natural or from fertility treatments & if the other moms cynthia or mrssolo were yours? thnx & best of luck with your pregnancies girls.


mrssolo - November 3

Rowan my twins were natural. we tried and waited for a long time and once we gave up and got a puppy and took in our 17 year old nephew and had no room for a baby we got blessed with two. We had to move to a bigger house. Don't give up your time will come. beleive me. I swear and I'm not being mean but both times in my life I got pregnant it was within three months of getting a puppy. No more dogs for me thats for sure. with my almost 9 year old son and now twin boys on the way, NO MORE DOGS.......


cynthia502 - November 3

Rowan - my twins are natural too! This is pregnancy # 4 for me. I already have a 13 yr old and a 10 yr old from a previous marriage. Currently, my dh and I have a 23 month old and twins due in April. Each pregnancy has been a natural one for me. Good luck!


freebird - November 3

Pillows, pillows, pillows are your only hope! I remember how hard it was to sleep after I reached about 30 weeks, it was awful! Everyone kept telling me to "Get your sleep now before they come, haha!" when I just wanted to get to full term so I could finally get a little rest, lol! Try different configurations until you finally find a good position that you can stay in for a few hours. I've heard other women say that they had to sleep in a recliner.


mrssolo - November 3

All I want is to get to term so I can get some sleep. Just a little bit of sleep would be nice. At least once the babies are here I can send dh to tend to them while I get some sleep. just call me zombie woman at this point. 33 weeks I'm ready for some relief. When I had ds they gave me the option of keeping him in the nursery for the night and having some drugs to sleep. I can't wait for that choice. While I love my babies I need some sleep badly.


samehere - November 3

There were nights when I had to sleep in a recliner as well but I also found a use for that dip that is in our bed ( no,not DH LOL!) I would lie across the mattress on my side and let my belly nestle in the dip. It was very comfortable. The only thing I hated was moving. Felt like my whole stomach was going to rip right off. Man that was painful!


mrssolo - November 4

The only time I really get any sleep is when dh is not in the bed. I feel bad but I need to sleep across the middle. I think it might be the dip that makes it comfortable. But then I can't get up. It takes like 20 minutes to wiggle my way to the edge of the bed. I get that feeling like my stomach might rip off too. it really hurts on the left side right under my rib cage.


MsMonet - November 5

Thanks for all of the responses. I was wondering... Do you guys feel alot of pressure between your legs and lower abdomen when you get out of bed. This has been occuring for the last few weeks as I've gotten bigger. CYNTHIA-Don't have a recliner but I do have a bedroom chair. I may try that. Guess what, girls? I slept a full night, last night. Aw, it was great. No more Brady Bunch at 4am. It's mulitiples week btw on discovery channel. Not sure if its just during the day. Today, there were more triplets and quadruplets than twins. MRSSOLO-Oh, Gee. I am so sorry, girl. Soon coming... They will be out and moving about. BTW, Are you on bedrest? ROWAN-These kids are my first. I did IVF. SAMEHERE-Girl, my tummy is getting to that point. It's heavy and difficult to get out of bed. I feel like a pig when I breath so hard. FREEBIRD-Thanks so much!


mrssolo - November 5

MsMonet Yes I'm on bedrest. I have been out of work and on modified bed rest since 28 weeks and just last week they put me on strict bed rest. I can't really do it though. I have a son at home and I'm not used to sitting in bed all day long not doing anything and not sleeping either. I'm doing my best to try and stay in bed but it is harder than it seems. I have alot of pressure between my legs when I sit in any position and I have to sit with my legs spread. It's funny because dh is always saying thats how I got this way, lol.


MsMonet - November 5

SOLO-I've been on bedrest since 23wks. I will be 25 wks, tomorrow. Bedrest isn't easy at all but I know that I have to do it. At least you are on modified... I am on complete bedrest til delivery. I am having a boy and a girl. What about you? Are you having a shower? Mine is Sunday at 3pm. When is your due date? My doctor said that I have to make it to at least 34wks. Sorry, about all the questions but its so great to talk to others that are preggo with twins, also... Did your b___sts get bigger at all? Mine did only alittle bit. Not sure if thats it. I was already a 36D. Not much growth...


mrssolo - November 6

I'm on complete bed rest now. I'm getting near the end and having really bad swelling and headaches and irregular contractions. I'm officially due Dec 24th but they will not let me go into Dec. They want me to make it to 35 weeks which is in two weeks. I keep saying I don't think my body can make it that much longer but I've made it this far. I had a shower in Sept. My mom wanted to have it before I got too uncomfortable. Good thing she did because it was hard then. I'm having two boys. We are naming them Maxwell and Jackson and will nickname them Max and Jax, lol I know its tacky but dh and I like it. My b___st really didn't grow that much either but another twin mom I met said to expect to triple in cup size once you start to b___stfeed. I'm going to try and b___stfeed but I was unsuccessful with my son so we'll see how that goes. I don't mind the questions I like talking to other twin moms and moms to be. The only other twin mom I know is my mother in law and her twins(my husband and his brother) are now turning 35 so it was a while ago and things change. Plus we really don't get along very well. I try but she is impossible to get along with. You will have a great time at your shower it was really fun to get everything in doubles and I really didn't have to buy much of anything after my shower. I see the doctor tomorrow and will ask about when they will cut me off and induce. I want to have them soon because, one I'm very uncomfortable and two my son has his first concert at school the first week of Dec. I really want to be able to go. My parents will watch the babies but it means alot to me to be able to go. I feel bad because I have not been able to do very much with him lately and he has been my only baby for almost 9 years. I know its crazy but I worry about my puppy too. she has been the baby since we got her and she is about to be a year old and I don't want her to feel neglected. It is common during pregnancy to fear you won't have enough time for everyone. I know I will but having two babies really changes things. Yesterday I cried to my husband about how uncomfortable I was and he feels bad. He got my favorite ice cream on his way home and spent the night just babying me. My body has just had enough. I know the end is near but two weeks seems like along time when your this uncomfortable. I feel so blessed yet pushed to my breaking point. Soon it will be over and I will look back at these days and laugh. I just can't believe how big my stomach is and how I can mange to carry it around. I'm all ready, the nursery is set, my bag is packed I just need to pack my sons stuff and get a big brother gift set up for him. He is sooo excited I want him to feel included too. I hope your feeling good. I'll talk to you soon.


cynthia502 - November 6

Hi ladies! MRSSOLO - the end is near! I really hope the next two weeks go by quickly for you!!! You are such an inspiration!! MSMONET - have fun at your shower! I am glad that you finally got a good nights sleep. :-) I hope the rest of your best rest is a good experience for you. Why did you go on bed rest at 23 weeks if you don't mind me asking? Just trying to prepare myself for anything that may happen. Question for both you ladies - when did you start to get really uncomfortable? I am 17 weeks and still feel relatively good (just tired at night) but can tell my time is coming! I run a bed and breakfast and work 2 days a week at my husbands law take care of my almost 2 year old. I also have a 13 yr old and 10 yr old, but share them w/ my ex-hus, so they are only here 50% of the time. I can't imagine slowing down to a complete hault, but if I must, I will! :-) Thanks ladies!!!


MsMonet - November 6

SOLO-Thanks for sharing. I totally understand the emotions. I am so sensitive about everything. Last night, I didn't sleep. The twins always seem to get in a transverse position when its time for me to sleep. Uggh! Why can't they move when I lay on my side? Why do I have to move? Lol! I tried to sleep in my bed, on the couch, in the bedroom chair and on a leather chair. No luck for me. 2 weeks is not too far... Perhaps, you may be alittle early. I am 25 weeks, today. Do go support your son...I am sure it will be a memory forever engraved in his heart. CYNTHIA-I went on bedrest because I have had 5 bad bleeding episodes so far... Unfortunately, I have a fibroid that has attached itself to my sons placenta. I was still working full/time. The movement was too much. It caused the fibroid and placenta to rub together causing blood vessels to burst. So, bedrest will hopefully prevent more bleeding... I pray. I don't have much longer to go.



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