Preggo With Twins Part Two

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mrssolo - December 13

Well my friends since I can't take away your discomfort the least I could do is start a new thread. Hopefully we will have some more new babies by the end of this thread. Glad to hear your dr. appointments went well. We have been having snow and ice here too. I just stayed inside all day. I got my return to work date today. It's January 21, 2008. I'm so confused. We need the money but It will cost just as much to get child care for three kids. But I supply the benefits for the family. Oh what choices to make. Any ideas? I worked 2 jobs and went to school Full time when Billy was a baby and I felt like I missed so much. I don't want that to happen again. Plus I worried about leaving someone to care for two babies at one time. It is not easy. Billy is a big help but It still is alot of responsibility. well I hope you all stayed in today too. ttyl.


montie75 - December 13

Mrssolo - how long are you taking off all together?? I am planning on taking 12 weeks off once the babies are born. I do plan on going back to work as well. We need the money too!! My husband and I work different shifts, so I was looking to have someone come into our house maybe 5 hours a day while my hubby sleeps. Maybe even shorter than that, if he gets up earlier. We don't really know. I guess once the babies are born, we will talk more about it then. Thank you for starting the new thread!!


MsMonet - December 13

MRSSOLO-I was going to return but I will stay home for a year. Daycare for twins is so expensive. Its more than I alone would bring in or at least majority of what I would bring in. It's the same if I hired a nanny. Nanny's charge to watch the kids, clean your house, etc,,, I want to be there for them the first year.... Not sure if I could let go so soon... So, I will exhaust my 12wks paid leave and my addl 4 months of unpaid leave... Thats 7 months. Can you use your unpaid leave and then return back in May ? At least you can keep your benefits. They say NY is very costly when it comes to daycare.


mrssolo - December 13

yes daycare is soooo costly. I can take my unpaid leave but I would still have to pay for my benefits. My company gives 8 weeks when you have multiples. So I hit may breaking point of being thrown up on today and just yelled at dh. Now he's p__sed off at me. Well better to be p__sed off the puked on, lol. It's 10:45 I'm in my pjs and I was feeding Max in bed Then dh said to change his clothes because he had formula on him and like a volcano he erupted all over himself, me and my bed. Plus they have both been fussy all day today. I need a drink, lol. If I hire someone when I go back to work I would need them here for like 12 hours, thats just a long time to be away everyday. I will have to really think things over. I've been out of work since Oct. 1, so I will be out for over 4 months total and my boss really misses me. Thankfully I work in the real estate market and it has been really slow. well I'm off to change my sheets. ttyl.


cynthia502 - December 14

MRSSOLO - I hope your Friday is starting better than your Thursday ended!!! The day care challenge is a huge dilemma. My husband and I am both self-employed. As you know we own a b and b and then he is a real estate attorney. His main office is about 25 miles away though. He works out of our home at least 1 day of week when he can. I guess the best thing to do is to sit down with a piece of paper and write down the pros and cons of the daycare....both fiscally and emotionally. Then make your decision. I know how terribly expensive it is. With my 1st 2 kids I went back to work at 6 weeks after each one. That was tough and expensive, but I was living in No VA at the time and you need 2 incomes to survive there, so I basically had no choice. With #3, I had the luxury of taking him to work with me every day (I also work in my husbands office 2 days a week in addition to running the b and b) until he was about 7 months old and became more mobile. Then, I found a wonderful woman who watches him as needed. He generally goes there 2 -3 days a week depending on my schedule and what needs to get done. I feel blessed to have that option and not have to leave him 5 days a week. When the twins are born however, the first few weeks, he may have to go every day until I get a good grip on things. :-) I am going to try my best to keep the twins by my side like I did with my son until at least 6 months, but we shall see. Good luck to all you ladies who have to make the day care decision. It's not easy but you will make it whatever your decision is!


montie75 - December 14

Hey ladies!! Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I wanted to give you guys some feedback on the daycare dilema we are all in. The federal law states that we are allowed 8 weeks for maternity leave for any child's birth. (multiple or not) Federal law always trumps company policy. Also, if you apply for FMLA, you are allowed a total of 12 weeks unpaid in any given 12 month period. That is also a federal law. IF you doc states that you are unable to return to work due to health reasons, then your employer cannot argue or terminate you for being out. I am not sure if that helps anyone, but thought it might just be good food for thought. I am a Human Resources Manager, so knowing the federal law is my job. LOL.......................I have a short term disability policy that I am able to use during this time. I get 60% of my pay until I go back to work or up to a total of 6 months. This is obvisously a help but still not the same as my full pay. I have no choice but to return to work, it's just a matter of 8 weeks or 12 and at the moment I am really set on 12. I guess I won't 'know more until the babies are here!! Mrssolo - sorry that DH is mad at you. DH is mad at me also. I bought my daughter Hanna Montann tickets this morning and spent $200.00. I couldn't help myself since this is her favorite person and because I wasn't able to get tickets at the last concert. She deserves them!! She works so hard to be a good girl and this will be our last chance at going out with just her before the babies are here. I thought it was only fair. Hmmmm, I wonder how long he will be mad for. LOL, oh well.


montie75 - December 15

Hope everyone is feeling well.


montie75 - December 17

Hello everyone!! Just wanted to check in. Not having a great weekend. My mom is in the hospital and things aren't looking the best. WIshing you all a good night's sleep!!!


montie75 - December 18

Hello ladies. I went to my OB appointment today and found out that Twin B - Shelby has excessive fluid in her sac. I have read alot about it and it kinda freaked me out. UGH!! I wished I would have stayed away from the web. Anyway, my doc didn't mention anything I read. (birth defects, heart defects) The only thing he seemed concerned about was premature labor. I know Shelby's heart is good because I had several u/s to make sure of it. (they thought they found a hole in her heart at 18 weeks) I am to be seen every week now. The only thing that really makes me nervous about this sitation is it can produce a still birth by the cord being wrapped around the babies neck. UGH!! Can't think that way, right?? I know........................hopefully being monitored will keep this from happening as well as a C-Section Delivery. Talk with you guys later...............


cynthia502 - December 18

Hey Montie - try not to worry about Shelby. I am sure everything will be fine. The doc is monitoring you every week now and that is good. The Internet can be our friend or our foe. Most times we find waaaay tooooo much unnecessary information. I know, I read was too many websites for my liking. Try to stay calm and think positively. That is what is best for you and your baby. Keep us updated. How is your mom doing?


mrssolo - December 18

montie75 I'm sure everything will be okay. I read so much junk on the internet that I was a crazy freak about what might go wrong. My doctor told me to stop reading thins on the internet because I was worring so much. These days the doctors are so well educated they monitor very closly and any real sign of trouble and they will do their best to fix it. Try not to worry to much. How is your mom? A few months before the boys were born My mother had to have a pace maker put in and she is doing great now. Keep your head up. Remember that you are blessed. MsMonet and cynthia502 How are you doing? I'm doing great and so are the boys. We have been getting out of the house a little bit and it has been helping my sanity.I've been making dh work extra hours because of the holidays so I have been alone alot t=with the babies so to get out of the house every once in a while is a big help. Hope you all are doing good. ttyl.


MsMonet - December 18

MONTIE-I will pray for you, girly. Try and be positive. I know its hard. I think we all worry throughout our pregnancy... Just pray and believe! I've read too much on the internet, also. It's caused so much anxiety within me. If I get preggo again.... I will not read as much. I found that alot of stuff I read and repeated back to my doctor was nonsense. My doctor told me to stop reading so much and call his office more. MS SOLO-I am well. Today, we are 31 weeks. Just praying that I have no complications before my scheduled c-section date which is Feb 07th. When did you start to drop. I am dropping alittle already... Its now flatter underneath my b___st and upper rib area. I go on Thurs for a Fetal Growth Sonogram. Trying to see if I can get in tomorrow. He he he! Everyone tells me that my stomach is not that big for twins... Some women say they were my size with one... Just want to go in and see if the babies weight is OK. Perhaps, I need to eat more carbs. BTW, I really like this group of girls we have.


mmmom - December 19

Hi everyone, I feel you all about the daycare dillema. For us its not worth it to pay for 3 kids so I will stay home for as long as I can. Plus I'm hoping to b___stfeed so I guess I gotta stay home anyway, Hopefully I wont lose my sanity. Well, something must be going on in the universe because my hubby and I just had a good argument too. Every few days a month we just explode at each other to the point that of course I break down into tears (thanks to all those preg hormones!) and freak out about how much harder its going to be once theres 2 more babies in our lives and how much worse our arguments will be. Anyone else fear that? Im sure we'll be fine but maybe we should go to counselling now to work out the kinks instead of later on. Maybe once our love lifes are back on thinks will be better! lol. Well on a better note, we had a 26 week ultrasound today, Baby A did a flip and is now breech, he's 2 pds 7 ounces, Baby B is still breech and he is 2 pd 9 ounces. The dr said they are looking like big boys! Everything looked good. Well, I better go makeup with my husband, ergghh. Good night girls- wishin it was snowing here in Hawaii. Just doesnt feel like christmas...


montie75 - December 19

MsMonet - have fun at your u/s. I am sure you are just fine!! Alot of people say I look like I am going to "pop" however they mean for one, not twins!! When people find out I am having twins, they think I am small too!! And YES.......I think we have a great group of ladies on here too!! I enjoy coming to this thread. It is very comforting to me!!! BTW, thank you for all the nice thoughts about Shelby you guys. I surely do hope all will end up well. I am trying my hardest not to worry. MsMonet - how often do you get u/s?? When was your last one? I get one every 3 weeks, but will now get one every week. My OB appointments are now every week also!! MMMom- don't worry too much about the arguements. It's natural. I mean, don't let them get out of hand, but you do have alot of hormones in your system!! Just try to relax!! Cynthia and Mrssolo - I just wanted to say thank you and hello to you both!! Well, I have to get my daughter to school. Be back later!!


mrssolo - December 19

I really enjoy comming on here to talk to you ladies. None of my friends are pregnant and only one of my friends have children and she only has one. LOL and she always calls me for advise on raising her daughter because she is only three. It's really nice to talk to others going through what I've been through. Arguements sre very natural. I think they can be worse during pregnancy and right after birth because your hormones are all out of wack and hubby does not really understand what your going through. I know somedays I just want to strangle mine, lol. The other night he turned off the baby monitor so we could sleep. HELLO but the babies need us! Sometimes they just don't think. I know that I'm jelous of him because he gets to leave and go to work everyday. I still have not made up my mind about going back to work. I'll check back later.


cynthia502 - December 19

Hello ladies! I hope everyone is well today. I just want to say I enjoy chatting with you all as well. It's nice to chat with others in the same situation as you! MRSSOLO will be our expert since her twins arrived first!! :-) I am glad to hear that you and the boys are doing well and getting a chance to get out and about a little bit. MSMONET - 31 weeks that's awesome!! I just hit 23 weeks and look forward to each new week. It's cool to know when your c-section is. It gives you a goal to get to. I am hoping to have my twins v____ally, but it's all about how they are positioned in the end and then of course we have to have no other problems either. So, I guess it is a long wait for me to see! MMMOM - don't worry about the arguing. It's healthy. As much as we don't like to....we need to every once in a while. It's a stress reliever and you are filled up with lots of wacky hormones, so remember that. :-) So, your doc thinks your babies are big? At 22 weeks, A was 1.1 lbs and B was 1.0 lbs. My next u/s is at 25 weeks. I am hoping they will be close to 2 lbs by then. Are my guys small? MONTIE - how far along are you know? Weekly appointments...that should make you feel good. Mine just got moved to every 3 weeks. I imagine that will go to every 2 at 30 weeks or so. Well ladies, back to work for me. Have a great day!!!!


montie75 - December 19

Cynthia - I am 29 weeks. I have gained a total of 41 pounds, although it's really ALL belly!!! I feel like a house, but my doc seems happy with where I am at. How much weight have you ladies gained?? Maybe I have gained too much......Hmmmmmmmmmm, my doc said he would like to see me between 45 and 55 pound increase. UGH!!! hahahaha



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