Pregnant Through Clomid

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cravingababy - August 30

Hi Krissy can't you go to a GP and just get blood work done?


trickyl - September 19

Hello Ladies, I am new to this forum and decided it is nice to be able to talk to other people with the same problems.. My bf and I have been trying to conceive for 1 year now. I have been off depo for 2 years and got my cycle back 1 year after. I have one 9 year old child with no effert what's so ever having him all though I was only 19 then. Now I am 29 and would like another as we are more stable then we were almost 10 years ago. I was on depo for 5 years straight and decided to get off 2 years ago. I just went to see my OB to talk about using clomid as I haven't gotten pregnant for a year and my cycles are 28-39 days. We did a progesterone test last month August and it came back as 5.3, very low and probably didn't ovulate. He wants to do another one the end of September as I only have 1 ovary. I am just playing the waiting game now. I have also been using OPK's but they are hard to read at times. I just started BBT and that is a little difficult as well. I am hoping that my OB will start me on Clomid with my next cycle as I really want to expand my family again. I guess I just want to talk to women experiencing the same thing as they are easiest to talk to. The waiting is so killing me though..


trickyl - September 19

Has anyone been on clomid lately and had a baby? I am trying not to have to do the HSG test as it is very expensive.


MrsWright2011 - October 14

Hello Everyone: I am new here and I just started clomid 100mg CD 3-7. I am on CD 6 today. I am having alot of weird feelings on my right ovary. I guess its follicles maturing. I am not monitered and am trying for twins. My husband just had a vasectomy reversal and we do not want to waste time in the 2 year time his urologist gave him before his vas defferens get blocked by scar tissue. I am hoping it works. I have been taking prenatal vitamins, folic, and I will be starting mucinex today and robitussin along with baby aspirin. (so many things to keep track off). I have been pregnant once before and I had to abort the pregnancy for nonmedical reasons. (no judging please it was very painful for me). So technically I dont have a problem getting pregnant but my husband might. I am a__suming that i am at a risk for multiples but that is what i want. Any advice or ideas about my rate of success for having multiples?


iNeEdAmIrCaLe88 - October 16

Im goin to be starting my 1st cycle of Clomid 100mg on Wednesday. Im excited im hoping it works the first cycle, but im not goin to get my hopes up just yet. Are they anything anyone would like to share with me.


iNeEdAmIrCaLe88 - October 16

Has anyone gotten pregnant on the 1st cycle of Clomid?


Krissy Rivera - October 16

I haven't heard of many people getting pregnant on first cycle of clomid...trickyl- do you not have insurance? Bc I didn't have to pay for anything when I had mine done...mrswright2011- could you go More into detail about the meds you are doing with the baby aspirin and robitussin I've never heard any of that could you go step by step? Please and thank you;))..has anyone heard of using primrose pills??


MrsWright2011 - October 17

Well Today I am on CD 9. I have been taking target brand prenatal viatmins (they're easier to swallow and small. I take 2 a day so I can get double the folic that is needed for possible mutliples)I started a couple months ago. I am taking half a regualr aspirin to increase blood flow to the uterus and I am taking the Soy Isoflavones (bought them from walmart in a bottle for $6, It says to take 2 daily) I am taking 2 daily. They say it helps with thickening of the wall to counteract Clomid's thinning of the wall and help the baby stick, I guess. It also mentions that it fights against risk of miscarrying. I am taking Mucinex once in the morning and once before bed(Not the one with anything but the active ingredient, the other one I think its DM dries you out. I am taking a tablespoon of robutussin as well at night. It also helps like mucinex with the Cervical Mucus. I have been researching alot and that is what i have found to be the most helpful and successful in conceiving. I hope it works! I would rather go above and beyond this time than regret not doing ALL of it and thinking what did I not do. I started it all 3 days ago and the vitamins I started a couple months ago. I am researching the exact time to finish taking all of these. I have started BD with my hubby CD 8 and will continue everyday. No lubricants or anything unnatural to help the swimmers. I hope it works!I will keep everyone updated.


mrsmobryant - October 20

Hi everyone! I have been irregular all my life. I had fibroids at the age of 15, then were removed with lazers at the age of 18. Im 28 now and no kids. My hubby & I been married for 3 yrs together for 10 yrs. We have been ttc since getting married with no success. So after doing everything my dr asked in preparation for this, I started my 1st cycle of Clomid 100mg in Aug. I did o but no preg. Im now on my 2nd cycle. Today is CD 24, I wondering when is the 1st day I could take a pt. Any advice and comments are greatly appriciated!!! BABY DUST TO ALL!!!


HARIGAYA - November 17

im 28 now.first time i took climond & pregnyl last month. but i got period long to take get pregnant. plz reply......


Krissy Rivera - November 19

It's hard to say how long to get pregnant I have been taking prenatals for a year and I did 7 cycles of clomid and I'm 22yrs old and have not been pregnant yet. Not sure why they've done everything testing blood work everything I even had an hsg where they check my tubes there fully open. It's takes time.


HARIGAYA - November 22

thank you very much


Krissy Rivera - November 22

Your very welcome..and I hope the best for you and lots of babydust;))) have a happy thanksgiving everyone;)


Sami Jo - November 24

Hello everyone!!!! Here's my story any advise or comments will be greatly appreciated!!! I'm been on clomid for a while now but this time got totally different news and experiences. Started my cycle on Oct 29, 2011 took 50 mg of Clomid on Cycle days 5 thru 9. Blood work on Cycle Day 21 (Nov 18th Progestrone level) It came back positive for ovualation with 13.74 which is the first time Yay!!! The doctor told me to take a pregnancy test on Day 30 if I haven't started my cycle which will be Nov 27th but impatient me took one today Day 26 November 23rd it came back BFN. :( but I used a cheap test and tested sooner Could I possibly still be pregnant and just tested to soon? Has anyone got a Negative result on Day 26 but a positive later? Help? Any advise?????


snglovers - December 16

Im new and me and my boyfriend have been trying for a year. I was put on clomod last month and started last month for first time. Couldple days ago I had crAmps n pains in my lower stomach. I thought it was my period comin. But now I'm 3 days late. Idk what is happing


Beezy82 - December 22

Hey everyone, I am 29 and new to this forum, what dose of Chlomid was everyone on when they got pregnant? I finished my first round of 100mg and I am tracking my BBT as well, I have PCOS, does anyone else have PCOS? Also does everyone have the stretchy CM or do you have to get that in order to get pregnant?



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