Pregnant Through Clomid

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Charlene - July 20

I also conceived on Clomid. I am now currently 18 weeks. I can remeber experiencing dull aches in my abdomen as well. Its probably just everything stretching. Try and relax, but I know how you feel I was extemely nervous and still is! Good luck


Emma - July 21

Amanda - I hope that everything is ok, I hate to say but i miscarried last September with exactly the same symptoms you are having, I started with very slight spotting, had an ultrasound and they said at that exact time there was a 6 week pregnancy. That night i started bleeding and it just got heavier from there. I never had any pain until a few days into the bleeding. Found out a few months ago i wasn't ovulating and went onto Clomid, I just had my 2nd cycle on it and am pleased to say i am just over 4 weeks pregnant. with my first 2 children i got sharp stabbing pains every now and again, mainly when i moved quickly or got up guickly, my OB said this is normal and nothing to worry about. Hope Everyones pregnancies go ok. Amanda i really hope everything is ok with your pregnancy and my prayers are with you.


amanda - July 23

Emma, thank you for your comments. Unfortuately I did miscarry. I am trying to stay strong, and as sad is this is at least I achieved a pregnancy. I just pray I don't wait forever to get pregnant again.


Dana G - July 28

Emma & Amanda, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I too miscarried last month. I was on clomid for 2 months but went on vacation and started while I was away so I missed the 3rd round. Wouldn't you know I got pregnant. Since I wasn't being monitored and my history a long time between cycles he couldn't pin point when I conceieved, The next month (July) I just found out I was pregnant again. They say that after a miscarriage you are more fertile. I am now wondering about my hcg levels. On 7/22 they were 211 and on 7/27 4925. If you figure the double every 48 hours it did way more than that. I'm wondering if its twins. Only one sac (identical). I am also an identical twin~ GOOD LUCK and get back on the horse


Alison - July 28

Hello Fiona, Congratulations on your pregnancy. Everything you've explained as symptoms, (sore b___sts, tiredness, weight gain, etc.) I had in the beginning of my pregnancy too. I was on my third cycle of Clomid on 100 mg when I finally got pregnant, but I was pregnant with triplets. I lost all three at around 7-9 weeks. The Dr. said it was because there were too many babies and the chromosomes didn't seperate properly, so they never would've grown.The chance of this occuring is less than 1% so I wouldn't a__sume that it is happening to you. I just want to let other women know that having more babies in one birth is not a good thing. If I had been pregnant with a single baby I would have had a healthy pregnancy and would be 6 months pregnant now. But don't worry about period like cramping or minor pain in the uterus area, that's normal. If there is bleeding or extreme pain then see your Dr.


Mindi - July 29

Hi, I have a question. I had a miscarriage 1 week ago and its done now, when is it safe to start having s_x again? The sooner we can start trying again the better!!!


Dana G - July 31

Mindi, In June I miscarried (15th) went back on clomid right after and now I am 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. Ask you Dr. to go back onto clomid and try again. GOOD LUCK


Mindi - July 31

Dana, congrats!! I have talked to my doctor, he wants me to wait one month then go on the birth control for 1 month then start the clomid. I don't want to wait that long.


Chelley - August 2

Hi all, I last wrote on the 16/06/04, at 5 wks preg. When I went for scan after that I was about 7wks or more. Doc said my preg was not going to continue. I had no bleeding or heavy cramping. I was just gutted. The sac had srank from my previous scan and the fetal pole he had seen was reabsorbed in his words. I have my bad and good days since. I still want to be a mummy but that's my second miscarriage and it's heart breaking each time. I had a D&C cause there was no sign of it happening itself and they said alot of the time they don't find the loss until the 12 week scan so I'm glad I was being monitored closley. Hope all will be well with you. In my prayers. Chelley


Noelle - August 3

I have been on clomid for 5 months now...with no luck. My Dr. just upped my dose to putting me on Estradiol and Prochieve. Has anyone else been through this cycle of medication?


pavi - August 3

even I have problem getting pregnant. Last month I took 50mg of clomid. I got my periods. This month I am agin taking 100mg of clomid. I am feared that I will get pregnant or not. If somebody has faced the same problem, let me know more about it.


savi - August 6

I am 22 years old. Trying for baby from 1 1/2 year. Last month I took clomid. I got my periods. I took clomid again. Will I get pregnant. I am very afraid will I get pregnant or not. Anybody has faced the same problem. Hope I will get pregnant. Congrats to all my friends who are pregnant.


Amanda - August 7

Hi, yes I have been on clomid a couple of times once for 3 months at 50mg then it was upped to 100mg and I was taking dexamethasone for 1 month and Tamoxifen for 2 month. The second month I got pregnant!! I was so happy but I miscarried at 6 weeks. I am staying postive because at least now I know I can get pregnant. We have been trying for 6 years now. Good luck to all of us.


Izy - August 10

Im 29 and have been on clomid for 6 months and thought I was 6weeks pregnant when I went for my scan. The doc could not see anything in the scan, did tests and said that I am only 4 weeks pregnant. How is this possible when I know the first day of my last period was 6 weeks ago. should I be worried??? Is it that my baby is not growing correctly and that is the why test show I am only 4 weeks. I'm sor freaked out. I have scan on Friday. Hope you are all doing ok. It has really helped to read all your experiences. Im thinking of you all. xx


amanda - August 11

me again. I am having a very difficult time. As I have said, I got pregnant with clomid on my second round and I miscarried at 6 weeks. I so desprately want to get pregnant right away. I live in a small town and it seems like everyone knew I was pregnant. I miscarried 4 weeks ago now and I still have people saying congrats to me. I don't want to tell people I don't know my story, but its hard. HELP


amanda - August 11

I do know my story I ment to say I don't want to tell it everytime.



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