Pregnant Through Clomid

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amanda - August 11

I do know my story I ment to say I don't want to tell it everytime.


Lisa - August 15

I have been put on clomid 50 mg after 1 year of trying. I had all the cramps and sharp pains just like most woman do. What I am wondering is if when you feel them its a good sign the you are responding to the medication and that you are infact becoming pregnant?


ANDREA - August 23



paradise - August 29

well can't say for sure, but my cousin described that pain as a stabbing pain and she now has a lovely little girl


Mandy - August 30

I also took clomid and had and IUI done and am 34 weeks along with fraternal twin boys. I have had a previous miscarriage and 4 years of trying to get pregnant. I also had pain and continue to have lots of pain, my pain turned out to be my uterus expanding. Any doubts I would call the doctor. Best of Luch


Linda - September 6

Im 22 and was on clomid. I got pregnant the first month on it but unfortunately miscarried at week 6. I waited about 6 months and went back on clomid. I took it for 3 cycles and got pregnant on the third cycle. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and due new years, baby is very healthy and active and ive had no complications and hardly any symptoms. good luck!


Tina - September 8

I had clomid for three months and got pregnant on last attempt. I have actually lost 7 pounds, i am 18 weeks weeks pregnant. I was worried about multiple birth as my mum is a twin but on the scan we saw only one. I had pains at first but they soon died down.


laila - September 8

iv just started my second cycle of clomid iam very worried desperate to get pregnant got a 5yr old already who is also desperate to av a brother or a sister my 1st child i had normally without clomid well i just hope clomid does the trick for me and you lot out there who r in the same situation prayers to all xxx


Melissa - September 16

I've been trying to get pregnant, and read an artical about clomid, my periods are ir-regular, can clomd change that and make me conceive? I'm worried about my body (i'm having an ultrasound today to find out the real reason if i'm NOT pregnant) Can anyone tell me if they've had the same problem??


Ashley - September 21

Congrats on your pregnancy. I just finished my 2 round of Clomide & hoping to get pregnant, but my cycles are irregular. Does Clomide regulate cycles?


tulip - September 25

I am 27 and just finished my second round of Clomid. I have had irregular cycles most of my adult life. Anyway, I was exactly 28 days at the end of my first round... no baby... I finished my second round and as I write this, I am actually 11 days late. I took a HPT on the third missed day, and it came back NEG. On the fifth missed day, I tried another one first thing in the morning and it was still NEG. I decided to call my OB/GYN and they ran a blood test. That came back NEG also. I am also experiencing the syptoms that everyone is metioning (stabbing/dull pains in my tummy area, extreme fatigue, upset stomach in the mornings). I am really wondering if there is a chance that I am preg, but all of the tests were done just too early? Has anyone else been in this boat before? I am worried because the OB/GYN wants me to come in 3 days from now to get a depo shot and then start another round of clomid. I really hope he tests first to make sure that I in fact am not!!! Help! Thank you all in advance. It's been encouraging and interesting to read all of the postings here so far. Take care...Tulip


Ashley - September 25

I have just finished my first round of clomid 50mg. I have had the same dull pains all is decribing and have actually felt the ovulation(ovary cramps) is how my doc decribed it. It is when you develope the follicle for the egg and it burst and releases the egg. It feels very stabbing and the dull pains are continuous. Almost feels as though my period wants to come on but just can't. I am wondering if I might actually conceive. Congratulations on all of your pregnancies! I am also in the AF so I guess I may be a little stressed out!!!! God Bless our troops!


michelle - September 28

I'm 29 have been on clomid for 6 months starting on the estradiol and prochieve. Wanted to know if Noelle or anyone else has had any luck with this regimen.


Parisa - October 4

I am about 5 wks. I am 23 yrs.old and I was taking clomid,I have the morning sickness,edema.I am worried also of having multiple bith.fiona if it is cramping pains that is normal.


deanna - October 14

i understand exactly how you feel! i am 15 and i am 5 weeks pregnant with twins! i completly know what you mean with the stabing abdomial pains! mine get to hurting so bad that if i move the worng way, i feel as though i have been shot stright through the stomach! it hurts so bad! don't be scared as long as your taking your prenatials everything should be alright! if you experience more worse pain, then you should contact your doctor ethier immediately or you should have a close friend, a spouse or a family relative rush you to the emergency room so that they can check you out and see what is wrong! i know from experience, that is what happened to me so then i went to the hospital last time i was pregnant and they had to do any emergency C-Section and i had my other little girl! the doctor had told me that i was supposed to have twins but my baby was just born in a bubble which was scary because i thought that she was going to die and it scared the living hell out of me! but everything was alright after that! well, if you get the chance fiona, e-mail me sometime at [email protected] i can't wait to hear from you girl!


Deniese - October 27

Hi Oct. 27. I just started taking clomid, I miscarried in April of 2004 and we have been trying but no luck. I started my first round of clomid on October 16. I have been feeling a little strange is it possible I'm pregnant?



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