Pregnant With CLOMID What Should I Think

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Kris - February 28

Question: I'm 29 and pregnant with 3rd child. I had a miscarriage previous to this pregnancy and b/c i was so anxious to get pregnant I was taking Unprescribed 100mg of clomid....i'm 6 weeks and scared of the possibility of twins or that i may lose this pregnancy. does anyone know what happens if you do get pregnant on clomid and your already fertile? Hope this all works out! any advice welcomed


rose - February 28

are you going to tell your dr. you took an unprescribed medication?


Kristina - February 28

No not telling my Dr. if I did my Insurance would not cover my pregnancy!


moe - March 7

well kris that i know of alot of woman take clomid while there already fertile trying to have twins but not always work so dont be scared just ask your doc about it


erinhonu - March 14

The odds of having twins using clomid are less than 1%. It doesn't increase the hormones that are typically needed for twins so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Good luck!


lauren - April 5

I hope that you took the 100 mg (twice the regular dose!!) for only five days. Plenty of people take Clomid who produce eggs naturally. Clomid helps the body to produce more viable ones and also encourages the best to "burst" out. More eggs doesn't mean more babies. Don't take more meds without a prescription, please!! For future reference, eating yams produces much of the same effect (check your herbal medicine info).


to erinhonu - April 5

i have been prescribed doctor told me that overall you have a 1 in 6.5 chance of conceiving multiples while taking clomid....1 in 10 for twins...1 in 200 for triplets...1 in 333 for quadruplets...and 1 in 1000 for your research before giving advice!!!!!


johanna - April 29

hi Kris, if you were already fertile and now you're taking clomid 100mg then it's possible to have twins. remember that clomid trick your mind onto releasing another egg. so if you were ovulating before i think your posibility of having twins is like 80%.


Beth - May 3

To everyone who is saying don't worry because your chances are so low of getting pregnant with multiples on Clomid, that's not true. I took Clomid unprescribed also and I only took 50mg for 5 days. Right now I am 18 weeks pregnant with triplets.


jb - May 3

Way to go Beth congrats! I hope that is what you where expecting! I am 14 weeks pregnant with twins on follistum.


to Beth - May 4

just curious, were you ovingulating normally when you concieved using the clomid? 8^) ~zephyr


curious to know - May 4

where do you obtain unprescribed clomid? I am interested in taking them as well. Can anyone help with that please?


curious - May 4

I believe you can order it over the internet very easily. simply google "clomid" and there you go 8^) ~zephyr


curious to kknow - May 4

thank you very much!!! i will check that out!


Rori - May 25

How many of you ovulate naturally and conceived twins or more on unprescribed Clomid? Kris, did you how is your pregnancy going and are you having twins? Good luck with everything!


Carrie - May 26

Hi I have 6 year old twin girls and was pregnant while taking clomid 50 MG. I thought I might have a problem, but now I am 6 weeks pregnant without having used clomid, so it happened naturally this time. I'm sure you'll be ok, but it could be twins the chances are higher with clomid, much higher.


Jamie - June 23

I am taking clomid and my doctor told me I had a 5-8% greater chance of twins over the average populations percentage of 12-15% or total you have around 20% chance of having twins. The numbers vary marginally depending on the study you reference. Greater number of multiples has even less percentages. She told me of all the pill form fertility drugs, Clomid has the least chance of multiple gestations. I'll pray for a healthy pregnancy, God Bless!



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