Pregnant With Twins

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Leslie P. - April 12

Hello. I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant with twins. My belly is growing and looks like I'm in my fourth month. My br___ts haven't really grown to much. Are both of these normal?


jb - April 12

I am 11 weeks tomorrow how are you doing? To tell you the truth I didn't show with my son until 12 weeks so I guess being 11 with twins and showing isn't to bad right? My chest has gotten bigger and a lot firmer. When are you due? I am due on Nov. 2nd! Good Luck and Congrats!


Leslie - April 12

JB: Congrats to you too! I'm doing great. How about yourself? I'm due on Nov. 8. Is it too early to feel our babies move? I'm pretty sure I've felt them move. Its hard to describe the feeling. It feels like little air bubbles. Thank you!!


jb - April 12

Leslie~ Other than being terribly tired I am doing great. Do you have any other children? I already have a 3 yr. old who is the love of my life. Sometimes I feel like I have felt them but I am not sure if it gas. Keep me informed. I go to the Dr. on Thursday and I am crossing my fingers that I can hear the heart beat!


Jena - April 12

Hi girls! I JUST found out today I'm preggo with twins!! I'm 6 weeks, 1 day. This is my first pregnancy, so I'm nervous as heck - and in a state of shock right now! But we saw both heartbeats on an ultrasound today, so we're thrilled. And... I'm only 23!


jb - April 12

Congratulations Jena! Isn't it awesome! Good luck and keep me informed. I love comparing notes and have someone who understands the same things I am going through hopefully us 3 will be able to stay in touch.


jb - April 12

Leslie~ Are you showing yet? I think that I am finally going to have to retire my work uniform and break down with the preggers clothes!


Jena - April 12

Thanks! I'm still in SHOCK!!!! Just found out today.... DH and I are SO happy, though!


Leslie P. - April 12

JB: Hey there. No, I don't have any children. I can't believe that I'm having twins. Yes, I'm already showing. I feel huge. I need to go and buy some maternity clothes soon. Good luck with your doctors appointment on Thursday.


JB - April 13

Thanks Leslie I will have to let you know how things go. I am really hoping to hear the heartbeats!


Jena - April 13

JB - i bet you'll totally see the heartbeats - have you seen them yet? We just saw ours at 6 weeks, 1 day. Leslie, do you have other kids already?


jb - April 13

Yes, I had an ultra sound done at 7 1/2 weeks. One of the heartbeats was at 167 and the other was 162. That was done through a v____al ultra sound. Tomorrow I think the Dr. is just trying to see if we can get it on the outside of my stomach. I don't know if that is going to happen or not but I am sure hoping so! I can't wait to see my peanuts again!


Jacalyn - April 18

Hi Ladies, I am 13 weeks with twins as well! We are very excited and I have my energy back for the most part. is an awesome site as well to keep track of devopment and such. Keep posting on how everything is going!


Julie - April 19

well i'm 32 weeks preggo with twins, i have a 44 inch waist and my b___sts have grown two cup sizes!!! yes it's normal. you will be a lot bigger than you would with one. it takes time...


Reegsmommy - April 21

Hello all! I am just ending my 9th week with twins. I found out at 6 weeks. Terribly concerened about the "dissappearing twin syndrome". Nice to see all of you so early in your pregnancies that we can compare notes! Erin - Mom of 2.5 yr old daughter 9 weeks with TWINS!!!


jb - April 21

Hi Erin~ Have you had an ultrasound yet? I had one at 8 weeks. I am now just over 12! We heard the babies heart beats at our last check up with a doppler. I also have a son Carson who is 3! Good luck to you and keep me posted!


elly - April 22

hey jena, congrantz!! I'm 17weeks pregnant w/twins I'm also 23 years old. Good luck & enjoy every moment bye!!!!



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