Pregnant With Twins And FREAKING Out

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prego with twins - May 10

I am 11 weeks pregnant with twins. We just found out a week ago. I am freaked out becuase all of the bad stuff i read that people go through! I know that it's good to read up and be prepared "just in case" but it's really stressing me out! Twins runs in my family. I have a brother and a sister who are twins. My mother said that her pregnancy was great with them and they were super healty. My brother was 8lbs 4oz and my sister was 7lbs 2oz. I am growing normally so are the babies only problem i am having is keeping food down. Any suggestions???


snugglybugglys - May 11

well I don't know about the keeping food down, I've never had that problem. But when I was prego with my twins, I was freaked out too, by reading all the complications. But I nevre was put on bed rest...I was limited to 1 hour at a time on my feet. Which wasn't that bad. My boys were 6lbs 1 oz, and 5lbs 10 oz. They were 3.5 weeks early, but perfectly healthy. It was a scheduled c-sec. I was having contractions while they were prepping me, so it was good timing. :) Anyway, congrats on your twins. Are they in seperate sacks, or the same? Oh one more thing. When I was having a hard time eating in the end I did drink chocolate milk to help. Forgot about that! Also I read that if you eat protein it is supposed to help with morning sickness. Or a banana too. Good luck!


j3jones - May 14

Hey prego w/twins! Your a week ahead of me. I found that speariment helps. You know, like the Altoid mints? It works like a charm. Hope it works for you too. I kept reading a lot of bad stuff too, but I just take it one day at a time. I've had plenty of time to dwell on having twins since I found out only at 5 weeks. I remember I couldn't sleep till the birds sang because I had so many concerns running through my mind.


TripletMom - May 14

My doctor had me take B6 and 1/2 a tablet of unisom and it helped some


taralaralu - May 17

I am also 11 weeks pregnant with twins . I have been lucky and not experienced any morning sickness. But I have heard it is very normal to have increased morning sickness with twins. My friend is pregnant and having some morning sickness, and she says ginger ale really helps (I think the natural kind of sodas like Hansens would be best). I know 2 women who have had relatively problem free twin pregnancies. A c-section is always a possibility. Early labor also. Best of luck to you!!



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