Pregnant With Twins If So How Old Are You

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Sophia - March 7

Hi, if you are pregnant with twins, how old are you? Did it happen natural or provoked with medical methods?


Twinmom2be - March 7

28 and by clomid. Due date 9/28.


Meg - March 7

27 and all natural...but we aren't still absolutely sure about the twin thing. Went yesterday at 6w5d and saw what we think is two sacs, but it was an old machine and transabdominal, so we are waiting for another scan to start stocking up double!!


MelissaSLP - March 7

Had the twins when I was 27 (they are 5 1/2 mo. old now) and we used Clomid and Metformin.


nenny - March 7

20 it happened natural. Congratulations mother.


Corona - March 7

32, one of the older moms to be it seems!:) LOL. IUI with superovulation, puregon & HCG trigger. 1 boy, 1 girl due in June!


Rhiannon - March 9

I'm 29 and it was natural.


ringsofneptune72 - March 10

I am 24 and almost 16 weeks with twins...all natural. Congrats!


cathi 25 - March 11

24 with first and 26 with the second set.


cathi 25 - March 11

they were both natural


bren1130 - March 15

Hi. I'm 36 and surprised with natural twin pregnancy. EDD 9/17


Lynette - March 29

I'm 34, nearly 35, and am expecting a boy & girl at the end of April. It was natural and an amazing, wonderful surprise!


Betsy - March 30

26, and this was all natural!! No twins anywhere in my family (which is where they say it comes from). Due 8/4.


Corona - March 30

Fraternal twins can be hereditary. Id twins is a spontanious occurance!


twins4us - March 30

got pg with my id twins girls at 34 delivered then at 35. HUGE family history of id(5 sets including my girlies) so I think my age and family history did me in.


natsaha - April 1

im 18 and naturally pregnant with triplets!!!!!


naturechild70 - April 3

36 and already have 5 children. This was natural and a complete surprise. (was told by the doctor they are identical... but unsure whether to believe or not) smiles!



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