Pregnant With Twins Much Bigger This Time At 14 5 Weeks

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Sonyamac - July 15

Hi ladies, I am 14.5 weeks pregnant and just had my OB appt., he said that I am measuring between 17-20, which is normal he said for twin, you are usually 5-7 weeks ahead with size. When i was pregnant with my first, who is now almost 12 months, I didn't show until almost 5.5 month pregnant-I am just wondering how everyone else is doing at this stage? I am scared I will be huge by 6 months!! Sonya


twins4us - July 15

It may be twins, but the culprit could also be that your pgs are VERY close together and your body is remembering what to do earlier. Fundal height is not reliable in diagnosing twins as there are many, many other reasons to measure big. I don't understand how the Dr measured you and gave you a 17-20 wk fundal height. There is no is either 17, 18, 19 or 20cm bigger. If it is 17cm then, 2.5 cm is NOT that much bigger than normal as after your first pg it is normal to measure 2-3cm bigger than gestational dates...we tend to be roomier....couple that getting pg less than a yr after your first and voila you can measure way bigger. I hope your doc is sending you in for a sono as THAT is the only way to know for sure.


Sonyamac - July 16

Hi, I have had three U/S I am definetly having twins, and yes my OB knows about the fundus height, he was just saying what my measurements were...and yep, I am much bigger and yep-we know it's twins. The OB said that my uterus is where it normally is when you are between 17-20 weeks pregnant? Just what he said i may not have written it or got it all, but there are two in there, at the last U/S the tech. seemed to think that they were both's so early that things are still changing, so when I have the amnio on July 24th I will ask again or when I have the anatomy scan in a few more weeks. Thanks


mrssolo - July 16

I'm 20 weeks with twins the dr said she is pretty sure they are identical. My girlfriends say I look like I'm 9 months pg. I'm worried what I'll look like at 36 weeks which is when the dr. said they would take the twins if they had not come on their own. I find out on 7/19 Thursday what they are. since they are indetical either two boys or two girls. But yes I think it is normal to look big at least to yourself remember there are two babies trying to fit in the same space as one would.


twins4us - July 16

sonya, sorry I misunderstood and thought you suspected bad ;-). I didn't measure big until about 18 weeks. After the 21 week mark I consistently measured 8-10cm bigger than a singleton. Hope that helped


freebird - July 16

Yeah, all part of a twin pregnancy. If you're anything like me you're going to be BIG. My twins were born at 38 weeks and a few days before they were born I went out to dinner and people were staring at me, lol! Around 7 months I couldn't fit in a booth any longer and always had to sit at a table. I thought I would be embarra__sed by it, but I really wasn't, because I was carrying two babies in there! The fact that it's not your first will probably make you show earlier too. Just enjoy having that big preggie belly a little longer, it will all be worth it in the end :)


MsMonet - July 16

Hello SONYA-I am alittle more than 2 months and I am huge. Some people think that I am 4 or 5 months. I am also wondering what I will look like at around 36 or 37 or 38 wks. I honestly don' t think they will have clothes to fit me. I am only big in the stomach. Everywhere else is normal. I go to my OB, tomorrow. We will see what he says... WIll update you.


Sonyamac - July 16

Hi MsMonet, I am the same Sonya that posts on the other thread as well...I think that you know that. I will be 15 weeks Friday....yep, I am with you on the look like 5-6 months thing. I am still off work on mat. leave, we get a year in Canada, then I am taking 6 weeks vac. time that they owe me, so when I go back to work in September I will be 5 months and a week or so, my OB said that he has no problem getting me medical leave after 26 weeks..we will see how I am feeling! Then I get to go of again for another year..yeah!yeah! My sick time does not count as mat. leave...I figure after 19 years of working for the gov. it's the least they can give me. I am wondering how big I will get..when i was pregnant with Tyler i gained 37 lbs, and the last 10 were all within the last two weeks..I was all baby..looked like I swallowed a basketball! I can't imagen how it will be this itme....I am grateful it's not in the summer like last year! It was hot, i started to swell....I actually lost 30 lbs. two weeks after Tyler was born...I just kept peeing out all that fluid! Let me know how the U/S goes and what's happening? Have they said anything else about the third sac? I hope that all is well. The U/S tech said that she thought that it was two boys, but the OB said it's too early, that was at my NT scan. I am going for amnio on the 24th, next Tuesday...I am a bit nervous. I am sure all will be fine, it was with the NT scan-it was negative. I just want to be prepared if there is anything up..I will be 39 in November. twins4us, thanks for the far along are you? or have you had them? Thanks everyone for sharing, Sonya



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