Pregnant With Twins Naturally

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Anne - August 10

I'm just curious how many people got pregnant with twins on their own. I did. But it seems like a lot of people are having twins due to fertility drugs. How many of you ladies are a "natural wonder"?


Robyn - August 10

Me...29 weeks with fraternal twins. A boy and a girl. Totally accidental pregnancy and twins to top it off. Whats even worse they dont run in my family and he only has one set in his and its like distant family. LOL Go figure, I wasnt even prepared for pregnancy...I get twins. I have so many questions, but this particular room doesnt move very fast so no one talks to me. I want to know if other people are going through what I am! Anyways congrats and I will be sure to check back!


Anne - August 10

My pregnancy was unexpected too. I keep having these feelings of not wanting two. One baby would be fine, but twins seems so diffucult. My doctor told me this is normal. Anyway, the twins run in my family. My sister has twins. Guess I was playing with fire.


Robyn - August 10

I think its a total common feeling. I still get those feelings once in a while. The begining though was the toughest. I didnt think I could handle it and went through a sort of depression. I have accepted it more now and my family is really excited so it makes it easier for me to be excited. Its a blessing and you never get more than you can handle. Dont ever be afraid to ask for help either. How far along are you?


Anne - August 10

I'm 15 weeks..... and it feels like i've been pregnant for 2


Keri - August 10

I am a "natural wonder". I actually am the first in my family to have twins. They don't run at all in my family. They are contributing the twins phenom for me from the gastric bypa__s surgery I had a year ago. The is if they are fraternal. If they are Identical then it was just a fluke.


Krystal - August 10

Me,i am 30 weeks with identical twin boys.I was actually on birth control when i got pregnant.Never the less it is truly a blessing,i think we are the lucky ones.My time is getting close and i am sooooo excited.Good luck to all of you!!!!


jena - August 10

i'm happy for this post because the rest are about clomid babies! I am 24 y/o and 23 weeks pregnant with twin boys. They are totally natural, and twins don't run in my family either. I was super-overwhelmed but my husband was excited, and once the shock wore off, our families were thrilled (they didn't know we were ttc!) and have made it so that we will get TONS of help from them once the twins are born (around Thanksgiving). The feelings of "I just wanted one!" are COMPLETELY normal and common. But at the same time, we are getting 2 for 1 - less time being pregnant and if you only wanted 2, you'll be done! We want 4, so this is just a jump start :)... let's keep this thread up - I agree, this section is slow! congrats, ladies :)


Kryss - August 11

I am 8 weeks 1 day pregnant w/ twins naturally I am very excited this is my 1st pregnancy !


Robyn - August 11

Hey Anne, 15 weeks huh? Wow...I know it feels like forever. I am almost 30 weeks and Am soooooooooo ready now! They are starting to drop slightly and sitting right on my intestines it feels like. I have basicly stopped sleeping all together because I cant get comfortable. I am having braxton hicks like you wouldnt believe and am about one more, "OMG youre getting so huge" comment away from going all postal and hurting someone! LOL I hate those comments but hey...comes with the teritory!


Herself - August 11

natural for me as well.. I'm week 30 with identical twin boys. Just like Krystal =) Twins also run in my familly so I kinda expected to have them. I'm very excited because these are my 1st kids so i'm hoping this is it for me. I am also very happy they are boys because I cannot imagine raising two teenage girls =)


Teresa - August 11

Me too -- totally natural -- and unexpected (i.e. completely unplanned). I'm 38, with a demanding job, and we already have a little toddler, so now we'll spend the first few months with three kids under age 2 -- yikes! I just found out that they are twins -- I'm only 12 weeks into this pregnancy and can't wait for the 24 hour "morning" sickness to end. When do you go from absolute fear to excitement? Seems like everyone else is excited for me (some even use the word "jealous"), and all I think of is, "oh, gracious..." So glad to read your stories - it makes me feel less alone and freaked out. Thanks.


Robyn - August 11

Teresa, I think I am still going through bits and pieces of being terrified. Everyone else was excited for me and I was so unhappy and scared. Even though I was, "Blessed," I didnt start getting excited until I saw the 2nd u/s and you could see the two different people in there and hear the two heart beats and its just amazing. Then got terrified again at how much stuff I needed for TWO babies and the preperation at hand, then excited again when I found out my work was throwing me a baby shower and my sister so I am getting loaded up on stuff so its not as stressful on me. Its normal for hormonal women to go back and forth like that especially with twins!


Mary - August 11

I am also expecting twins naturally and when I found out I was so shocked. Never saw that coming but my husband and I are so happy but we have not told any one in our familiies. We really want to surprise them. Anyways Good Luck to all of you. I am due in December but feel like I'm going to pop. Is anyone having problems with varicose veins. My legs look like a map and I feel so much pressure when I'm standing. I'm 17 weeks and so worried. I just want everything to be ok. All I here at the doctor is that my pregnancy is high risk and well you know how that goes. I still have a while and so I'm concerned like everyone of course. Anyways Good Luck to all of you and Enjoy Your Little Angels!!


Sam - August 11

Hi, glad to see more "surprise" twin stories. I am almost 36w1d with identical twin girls, all natural, twins to NOT run in my family. I am ready to be done. The docs say that I have come a long way with No serious complications. If I don't go into labor on my own, I am scheduled for induction at 37 weeks. That's next Wednesday!! Yikes! Wish me luck.


cb - August 11

Its so good to know that there are other people out there in the same boat!!! I just found out yesterday! I feel silly to ask this question, but does fraternal twins mean when they are sharing the same sack? (with the one placenta??) I know how you feel Mary, about the doctors negative side to it all!! Im gonna go and see a different doctor next week! Oh and Congratulations to everyone on there double joys to come!!


Cosett - August 12

I am 30 weeks and 4 days pregnant with identical twin boys. I got pregnant with twins naturally and on birth control. I was not planning on having children for another 2-3 years. I have twins on my mother's side and my husband is an identical twin. Oh well, this is my blessing from God and I have finally accepted the fact that in 4 weeks I will be the mom of two little boys.



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