Pregnant With Twins Naturally Part 2

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drea - April 29

I thought I would start a new thread since the other one was very old and long. Hopefully we can keep this one going and it doesnt get buried. I live in NY (Long Island) and I am 33 years old. I am currently 17 weeks pg with fraternal twins. I did not take any fertility meds at all, it was a tota shock not only to find out I was pg, but that we were having twins. There are no twins in either of our families. I have my next u/s one week from today and I hope to find out the s_x of the babies. I cant wait for that. Otherwise things are moving along, feeling lots of streching going on and have become very constipated (sorry tmi) again. Just when I thought that was behind me is has crept up on me again, which is so uncomfortable. I am a lot less tired than I was and I am starting to get really excited for the babies. Not that I wasnt excited before, but the shock value has just begun to wear off. My daughter who is 19 months points to my belly and says 2 babies and gives my belly a kiss, its really cute. Anyway thats enough about me, I would love to chat with other twin moms-to-be.


drea - April 30



Krissy68 - April 30

Drea - Hi I'm not pg yet but trying I just wanted to say congrats and can't wati to hear your update. Krissy68


drea - May 1

thanks Krissy, I will definetly keep you updated. Good luck to you!!


drea - May 2



hoping... - May 2

Hi drea - I am glad that you posted this. I too, would like to talk to other twin moms-to-be. I am in Arizona am 28 years old and am 10.5 wks pg w/ identical twins. No meds either and it also doesn't run in the family. Originally, when I thought about it (with the idea of 1 child) I did not want to know the s_x, however with two, I now can't wait to know the s_x of the babies since it will help to make our lives easier. My pregnancy will be a bit concerning with some health risks as it appears that the babies share a placenta. I too have felt a ton of stretching. I am glad to hear that the tiredness has worn off for you, as it is still a huge problem for me.... that and nausea!


drea - May 7

Just found out that we are having two more little girls. My husband is totally in for it with a house full of estrogen (including the dog). We are really happy. We were hoping for one biy, but obviously as long as they are healthy we dont care. I am blessed to have 3 daughters, I will have 3 friends for life :-)


hoping... - May 8

Oh Drea, what exciting news. I love how you think of the girls as friends for life. It made me smile. I can wait to know the gender of our little ones!


drea - May 9

Thanks hoping, I cant wait to hear your news. Having daughters is a blessing. My mom always tells me and my sister that and we are all REALLY close, so i hope I have the same kind of relationship with my daughters.


kak21 - May 10

Hi I am 35 and 13 weeks today with twins. I have five other children (17, 14, 8, 6, 10 mos) but this is definately different - I don't know if the twins are fraternal or identical, and noone at the office even offerred an opinion so that will be my first question at my next apt. - also, how often is everyone having u/s? I had one at 6 weeks but none since then, so just curious - since this is my sixth pg ya'd think i'd know something (lol) - but this is definately a different experience


Teddyfinch - May 13

hi ladies. i apologize for intruding on your post as i'm not pregnant with twins, but i thought i'd give it a bump because of all the extra clomid posts up top. happy late mother's day!


hoping... - May 14

Thanks TEDDYFINCH! That was very thoughtful. KAK21 - I am a__suming that you had an ultrasound. Are both babies in the same gestational sac? You should be able to tell when looking at the sonogram... Is each baby in it's own black sac or are both in the same sac? If they are in the same gestational sac, then you are having identical twins. If they are in their own sacs, then it could be fraternal or identical. The only way to tell is if you are having a boy and a girl, then they are obviously fraternal. If they are the same gender, then only DNA/genetic testing will tell you if they are id or frat. Congratulations! It sure is an exciting time. DREA - I'm going in for an u/s on Friday. I can't wait to see these babies again. Too early for the gender, but just to hear that all is healthy.


drea - May 15



kak21 - May 15

Thank you hoping.. they each have thier own sac so i guess we'll wait and see. How often is everyone having ultrasounds? Just curious trying to figure out when my next one would be


drea - May 16

Hi Girls...Hoping, good luck at your u/s today, let us know how it goes. They were able to tell that I was having fraternal twins by my second u/s b/c of the membrane that is separating them, and I am having two girls, so it is possible for them to tell if its the same gender and fraternal. kak...I have an ultrasound every 4 weeks with a peri and I also see my regular ob once a month and have a quick u/s with her just to say hello and check the heartbeats. As I get closer I believe I will go more often. How is everyone feeling. I am approaching 20 weeks already and I am beginning to feel a bit unconfortable already. My doctor already told me to watch my weight gain as I gained like 20 lbs in a little over a month, but this past month I totally popped and now oficially look very pregnant, so I'm not too concerned. The babies are really moving around a lot and I am beginning to be able to feel them from the outside with my hand, which is so cool b/c I cant wait for my daughter to be able to feel it. Anyway, sorry to babble. Hope you guys are doing well.


samehere - May 16

Drea-They can not tell if twins are fraternal in utero if they are the same s_x, no matter how thick the membrane is. About 1/3 of identicals do not share anything. My OB and Peri said that they could say the twins were "probably" fraternal because of the size difference but also told me that they can't call it for sure until after the babies were born. I belong on other baby boards and many women on there were told the same thing as you, only to find out through DNA that they did, infact, have indentical twins.


hoping... - May 16

Hi everyone - Got great news at the u/s. Baby A is measuring 13w1d and B is measuring 12w6d. We expected them to measure 12w2 and 12w3 so we were pleasantly surprised especially with all of the m/s I have been having. Both babies heartbeats were good and they were moving around a lot. They are both transverse in my belly, laying like pancakes one on top of the other in exactly the same position. Identical twins they are in every sense of the word! I feel reenergized and like I can comfortably wait another 4 weeks for another consult with my peri and ob. It is amazing how reasurring seeing them move around is! DREA - so exciting to be able to feel the babies. I know that will be extra special to have your daughter feel them too. Please let us know how she reacts. I am sure it will be with wonderment and awe! KAK - my guess would be that you will probably have an u/s around 16 weeks. That will probably be a basic one to check in, maybe see gender etc. Everyone have a great weekend!



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