Progesterone Level 52 6 At 5 Weeks Could It Be Twins

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cj - January 2

progesterone of 52.6 at 5 weeks. doctor said high and might be twins. Does anyone else have number like this and have twins? I'm nervous.


onetwothree - January 3

High progesterone levels don't indicate a multiple pregnancy like HCG levels would. It is what the body produces until about week 10 when the placenta takes over. I have known many moms of multiples and singletons that have to take progesterone.


Julie - January 3

I read somewhere that a high progesterone indicates twins more than a high HCG does... I think I saw it in a study conducted that showed charts for the #'s for singletons vs. twins. It doesn't automatically mean twins, but it does occur more with twins than the high hcg does. A lot of twin pregnancies have "normal" hcg numbers. Good luck, and let us know what you find out!


onetwothree - January 3

Here is what I got from IVillage Progesterone is largely produced by the corpus luteum (the ruptured spot on the ovary where the egg erupted) until about 10 weeks of gestation. A woman needs approximately 10 ng/mL of circulating progesterone per day to maintain the pregnancy. But pregnancies survive with much lower and much higher levels, so the predictive value of progesterone levels is limited. The placenta takes over the progesterone production after 10 weeks, and levels gradually increase to about 100 to 200 ng/mL by term. The placenta produces about 250 ng per day. Production of progesterone is independent of fetal well-being, or even the presence of a fetus. This is because the fetus contributes essentially no precursor to progesterone formation. The majority of placental progesterone is derived from maternal cholesterol. So a high level would not mean multiple pregnancy. It could perhaps mean that you are farther along than you suspect. Higher-than-expected hCG levels would indicate twins, as would higher AFP values.


Julie - January 3

Just one more bit of info for you to have, in addition to what onetwothree has said. Yes, high progesterone doesn't always mean twins...nothing does. But, if you go to in the FAQ area on hormones, it states the following about progesterone hormone levels during pregnancy: "Average is about 20 at 4 weeks LMP, and 40 at 14 weeks LMP." So, your levels at 52.6 are indeed higher than normal. You will naturally have more progesterone with a twin pregnancy. It doesn't mean twins, but you will most likely have more of it when having twins. This I got from multiple places, such as "Levels of progesterone will be naturally higher during pregnancies that involve multiples (twins, triplets, etc.) than those in which there is only one ..." But, I must add that although the average for 4 weeks is 20, and 14 is 40, like HCG the normal range for progesterone can vary greatly. The average in the first trimester (weeks 1-12) can be anywhere from 10-90! So, your level could easily be just a singleton pregnancy. There is no real way to know based on hormone levels. Again, let us know what you find out. Best of Luck!


Julie - January 3

Woops, forgot to login before posting the last one!


cj - January 5

thanks guys I"ll let you know after 1st u/s next week.


michelleB - January 10

CJ: have you done your ultrasound yet? I'm curious, b/c I just found out that my progesterone levels were 60 at 4 weeks pregnant. However, I have been taking progesterone medication since I ovulated, so that could be why...let us know...


michelleB - January 10

Let us know how the ultrasound goes. I just got my progesterone levels back and they were 60 at 4 weeks pregnant. So, I'm curious about what your ultrasound shows.


michelleB - January 10

Sorry I wrote 2 messages, ladies...i didn't htink the first one submitted...oops


samehere - January 10

This post is over a year old. Since she didn't post back, then it probably wasn't twins. We get that a lot of these boards.


b.hyde - January 12

I am wondering if I am having twins. 7 days after my LH surge my progesterone levels came back at 88.10 after my 2nd month of being on clomid. I have a positive pregnancy test and my Hcg levels are at 63. Anyone have any past experiences?


b.hyde - January 19

HI CJ, Have you been in to see a dr. yet? My progesterone levels came back high too. They were 88.10 7 days after my LH surge. I am only 5 weeks pregnant now, and am wondering if I might be carrying twins or more. My Hcg Levels came back at 63 when I was 3 weeks 5 days.


Corona - January 20

High levels does not always mean you're having multiples. 2 of my singelton pregnancies (which I m/c) had much higher levels than my twin pregnancy. The only way to know for sure is by u/s. Good luck!


AuldWan33 - February 1

I've just finished my 2nd cycle of Clomid. My progesterone level at 7 days after ovulation has been measured at 104. I'm not pregnant, my period has arrived, and I'll be starting my Clomid again tomorrow. So why was my progesterone level so high in the last cycle???


wendyttc - January 29

Hi ladies sorry to drop in I was also wondering the same thing. I had my 21day test done and got the results yesterday and my levels were 112.8nmol/L???? That is high and I haven't had a positive test yet and am on cycle day 26! I am hoping I am pregnant and that maybe it's twins!!!



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