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lilly2 - March 13

How many ladies's there currently on puregon 50ml and IUI? This will be mine round two IUI and round one with injectible medication, clomid has'n worked for me in 3 rounds even I responded well to it.Today is my cd8 and my period was a bit short this cycle, just 4days.I am getting ready if all ok for IUI at the end of this week.Baby dust to all.


Corona - March 13

Hi Lilly! It sounds like you're still positive, way to be!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you, your time is near. I never used clomid, but after many rounds of puregon (at differest doses) & IUI, I conceived my twins last October. It works. Good luck, let us know how it goes!


lilly2 - March 14

Hello Corona, how are you girll?Hope all going well with your pregnancy.You are so positive and must tell you I really appreciate your advise.Going tmorrow to see the nurse for an u/s and then i'll now ihow i responded to puregon and if is there any follies for this month iui.Within next ten days i'll know test results on antibodies and other things what my doctor requested.Today is cd 9 and i have not any side effects yet.Corona , what cd usually you had iui?Blessings and hugs.


yetanothertripletmom - March 14

Lilly! I'm glad to hear from you again! I took pergenol injections along with clomid, heparin, baby aspirin, and some herbal stuff. My RE really believes in covering all the bases! LOL. I didn't do an IUI, but timed intercourse. I had four follicles. I'm praying and hoping that this is your month!


Corona - March 14

Along with the puregon, I used low dose asprin. It helps to increase blood flow and precent premature clotting that could lead to miscarriage, or so I was told! When I ovulate, I'm an early ovulator. IUI was normally done on either day 11-12, 12-24hrs after the HCg trigger. As I don't always ovulate on my own, my doses of puregon varied depending on how I reacted each cycle. The magic cycle (when I conceived my twins) started at 75ml for the first 3 days, starting on day 3. From there my doctor monitored by blood daily & u/s every 2 days. He wasn't taking any chances! IUI took place day 11 with 4 follies, all from my right ovary, my left is broken. My hubby actually got to push the plunger, so in a sence it was just us, which I feel made a difference. You should ask if your partner can do that. If you haven't had any side effects yet, you probably won't. Good news! Let me know what happens!! My fingers will remain crossed!


lilly2 - March 15

Thanks girlls, i am so glad always to hear from you, stright afterwords feel more confident and positive.I'll keep you in my prayers.Yetonothertripletmom, how much pergonal and clomid have you used when you conceived?I am on pergonal 50ml and taking elevit prenatal vitamins, b-mega vit, fish oil, red rossberries tea and this morning on u/s had 4 follies, 2 on each side.Doctor is still confused with one on right side, wich may be a cyst.they suggested insemination on friday but doctor is not happy with 4 follies, he said is to many!So he decided to see me on friday and then will see.In australia, doctors dont like more than 2-3 follies, they are so scared of multy pregnancies.Corona, you are right, I'll take some aspirin as well, it is logical to help flow.I started puregon on day 3 as well ant today is day 10.Will let you soon dear girlls.Thans ones again, my thoughts and prayers are with you.


lilly2 - March 15

New update, I just started with aspirin too.Doctors in australia thinks that aspirin can cose m/c b/c blood flows faster.I am a bit confused, but, I'll take it again.I never heard about heparin here?XOXO


Corona - March 15

Heparin is also a blood thinner. If you're going to take asprin, make sure that you're taking either baby asprin or low dose daily (81ml). Reg asprin is too strong. Also, make sure you inform your doctor of any herbal or over the counter meds that your on, you don't want to find out later about interactions. I've have many m/c, that is why my doc suggested asprin. My blood clots tooo...easily & could be the cause of m/c. My body could confuse any forming child as a blood clot & force it along! Not good.


lilly2 - March 15

Thaks Corona, i allready asked pharmacy here about baby aspirin.In australia they dont have it, but i both the smallest dose 100ml and it is for a blood cloths.I dont know to explain in words but doctor said to me i have a bit thick blood wich may be the same what you had.So, how long do you think i should take aspirin and if i get pregnant should i keep taking it?


Corona - March 15

How long you should continue taking it is up to you & your doctor. I'm now over 22wks & still taking it. I've had a huge problem with swelling & now my doctor is afraid of clotting in my legs, so he figures it's best to stay on it. At such a low dose it doesn't harm the babies. Most women that I know continue taking it for the first trimester, by then the baby is surviving on it's own itn the fully formed placenta.


yetanothertripletmom - March 16

Lilly, I honestly don't remember what my pergonal dosage was. All the little details of my struggles to get pregnant have mercifully faded. I do remember that I had 4 follicles as well. I had to sign a waiver saying I understood the risk of multiples. I really didn't think it would happen, but all four follicles were ovulated and fertilized! I lost the fourth sac early on. I have a blood-clotting disorder that caused 3 miscarriages so I was on Heparin and baby aspirin for the entire pregnancy. Definitely keep taking the aspirin until your doctor tells you to stop. Good luck and keep us updated!


onetwothree - March 16

I was on baby aspirin and it was 81 mg.


lilly2 - March 16

Yetanothertripletmum, Corona,Onetwothree, hi girlls,jus having coffe with my darlin and trying to relex.Had hcg shot this morning at 8.30(opk negative) and u/s showed 4 follies different size.Right 19,20, left 17,13 and i am not shore if eggs growed enough but today is last hospital day (2w closed) so they have to do iui tday.My doctor wasnt happy this morning and he allmost refused to do iui b/c he likes just2 follies, but after while he said ok so at 2.30 today he'll do iui.They really dont like more follies b/c multy pregnancies.As well they prefer s____n to wait for the eggs the same day with hcg shot.IUI will be 2.30-3.00.Hope this time my eggs will give fruitfull results.I had to sign up to, but as I allways have 2 eggs every month I dont think higher pregnancies can happen to me.I am 39 healthy but dont think I am so fertile any more.Thanks for your infos, you are grat girlls.God bless you and your families.


Corona - March 17

Seeing as you only took the hCg shot today, the same day as IUI, may I suggest that you & your partner also have intercourse this weekend to increase your chances. I'm sure that you mentioned earlier that a problem never existed with your partners sperm. Therefor it shouldn't be an issue to have a little fun in the next 24-48hrs. If nothing else, you'll have a little fun & relax a bit!! Try not to stress about it. I'll keep you in my prayers! I'lll also keep my fingers crossed as long as I can! Good luck!!!


lilly2 - March 17

Hey Corona, we had iui today 2.30pm and now hospital will be closed 2 weeks. Semen was excellent today and I had 4 eggs.Thanks, for keeping fingers crossed for me hope it will help a lot and am looking forward to inform you with some positive newssoon.We will do bd definitly this weekend.Hope you are doing well and yours litlle prunes.God bless you.XXXX


yetanothertripletmom - March 17

Lilly, Good luck with your IUI. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a healthy baby for you!


lilly2 - March 17

Uhhh, thanks yetonothertripletmom, now 2ww.How are you doing with litlle ones?I am shore you have a lots of pleasure as an super mom! My dh to be is so excited about all this.Cant emagine what is a feeling to have more babies inside your womb?!Must be the most beautifull feeing ever.I been thinking about twins and triplets moms b/c at the clinic they had photoes all arround on the walls, and all babies are so beautifull.Oh my God will I have any???Take care dear girlls and my prayers are with you.Lots of hugs.



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