Purposely Pregnant With Twins Multiples With Clomid

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mel - August 23

JOJO- Are you going to tell your Dr? Where did you get it? Does it have directions? Sorry for all the questions!! Good luck! Let me know how Sept turns out!!! :)


candyshakur - August 24

jo jo , how long did it take before u recieved the meds???


tam - August 25

Hi I live in sydney and want to buy clomid withut a script online.Does anyone know where??


Clomidifier - August 26

I just received a 10pk of 50mg Clomid (Generic actually, it's Fertomid) in Perth. I ordered it from www.drugstoreone.com and it came in a little envelope from India! I was a bit suss as it didn't come in a box, but I am satisfied it is the real deal as it looks identical to the pics I googled. We're not going to TTC for a wee while, but it wont expire til Dec 2007 so plenty of time. I will take 50mg 3-7 and cross my fingers.


JoJo - August 27

I'm not going to tell my Dr. b/c he will not be happy. I've done quite a bit of reasearch and have decided I'm taking the 50mg days 3-7 (some of the studies I read say if you take it 2-6 you make more eggs but have a higher chance of miscarriage, days 5-9 you make stronger eggs which decrease chance of miscarriage) I ordered mine through www.freedompharmacy.com I ordered the express shipping, but I still didn't get it for about 14 days. I'm doing the muccinex and asprin mix (one asprin a day - to facilitate blood flow once the egg is attached, and one muccinex (for the guaffinisen, 600mg) to aid in the hostile cervical mucous and cervical dryness that comes from clomid.) I will also use preseed during BD to help with attachment of the egg(s). I have about 13 days until AF and I'll begin - this will be out last pregnancy (already have a daughter) so I desperately want multiples...wish me luck Baby dust and love to all!!!


Jane - August 28

Congrats to all those with BFPs. I have enjoyed reading this thread. I am still unsure whether to take 50 or 100mg on 2-6 or 3-7. Does anyone know how common high order multiples are in fertile women taking clomid? I would like twins, even triplets but would be scared of quads or quins. I am 29 and have been on the pill for 12 years.


IMHO: - August 28

I don't think that 50mg or 100mg makes any difference in already fertile women, so 50mg should be fine. I have heard of about 2 incidences of triplets on unprescribes clomid, a handful or more of twins, and about an equal amount of singletons. I think they key is the time when the clomid is taken, but even then it's more of an individual thing, they had infertile women taking it 1-5 and no higher incidence of twins vs singles than any other CD theme, just a higher actual pregnancy rate...


To:anonymous - August 28

Have you had your ultrasound yet?


Karynasedai - August 29

I am also in the process of taking clomid, unprescribed, in the hopes of conceiving multiples. I conceived identical girls last December (without meds, of course...meds can't increase your odds of identicals) and lost one to twin-twin transfusion syndrome at 29 weeks. I carried both babies to 32 weeks, and my surviving baby is home now and healthy as can be. So, I am well-versed in twin pregnancies and the risks thereof. BUT i still desperately want the "twin-mom" experience. I took 100mg on days 1-6. I ordered my meds (fertomid...generic clomid) from an internet site (there are many of them...just google "clomid no prescription" or something like that, and find one...you can even compare prices). Mine also arrived in an envelope (no box...but in one of those push-out sheets of pills, so i was reasonably confident they hadn't been tampered with) from India, but the pills were identical to those I googled. Looking forward to BD very often for the next month, especially around cd 10-16. Whether or not I conceive multiples (hopefully only (ha!) twins, but I would be thrilled with triplets, too!), at least my daughter will have at least one sibling very close to her in age. ("Irish twins"). I'm looking forward to checking back to this page to see how everyone does. As for statistics, I'm sure I've seen the same ones everyone who researches has....anywhere from less than 1% to something like 65%. (!!!). Anything that increases my odds is worth my money and time. My side effects haven't been bad. Some minor hot flashes (easily cured with ice cold drinking water) and crampiness. I will let y'all know how it turns out.


lewa - August 29

High my peroids arent reg either I started with 50mg clomid( Freedom-Pharmacy.com). Look up fertomid.No Script.Anyway, I just lost triplets the 17th heartbreaking I am rh- .Anyway I was and will be again taking 5omg clomid for 5 days.If u like to chat [email protected] out this pharmacy and baby dust and best wishes to all.


to lewa - August 29

I am very sorry for your loss :( Good luck for your next attempt (Sticky beans!!)


wondering - August 30

lewa, I am so sorry for ur lost, I was wondering what happened with ur rh factor? I am rh- too, and mc in march, dr said that it was probably due to that, however, I have 2 sons and took rhogam after each and each mc, how does the clomid help? does it reduce the chance of mc?


lewa - August 31

well wondering (and thankyou ladies for you condolences) clomid does not decrease as far as I know you chance of mc.As far as I know clomid just produces more eggs (it has its side effects, however I am not 100% sure mc is one of them) Do your research.I have recieved the shot but th dc tells me that the rh- antibodies are more harmfull with subcequent pregnancies and to (as soon as I/u suspect that u r indeed preg. get your blood work done so that the shot can be given as soon as possible) I say it never hurts to pray.Again ladies I wish u all the best in health pregnacy and childbirth, rearing and life.Baby dust to all .


tab( wondering) - September 1

Iewa and anyone who wants to ans, I called my dr and was told I had formed no antibodies against the rh factor and all should be ok in that area. Do drs give the shot before 28 weeks just to be safe? The last dr I went to and mc, he did my pap and because my uterus is tilted, he had a hard time finding my cervix, anyway, during the pap, it hurt really bad, which is not normal for me, a week later I mc, after the pap, I started having mild cramps and they got worse. I wonder if he caused the mc, knowing that if he had he would never say so, so my question is, if it were u, would u go to another ob when u conceive again or would u stay with the same one because he is the one that treated u the last time? This has really concerned me, to the point of refusing a pap until 2nd trimester, all my tests and blood work was fine the last time ( 4 months ago). What do u think?Oh and not to mention, he said he saw two sacs in my uterus, which mean I was preg with twins.


over here - September 1

they dont do pap smears at all during pregnancy if your last one was within a year of the pregnancy, they prefer to do them when you are not pregnant.


tab - September 1

r u in the us? As far as I know, they do them here in the us, I always thought it would cause mc poking around the cervix. I will be refusing one until 2nd trimester or maybe the entire preg.



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