Purposely Pregnant With Twins Multiples With Clomid

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tab - September 1

r u in the us? As far as I know, they do them here in the us, I always thought it would cause mc poking around the cervix. I will be refusing one until 2nd trimester or maybe the entire preg.


fawn - September 3

I took 250 mg for 12 cycles (days 3-7)and got pg on the last. I have done a great deal of research on this, and natural occurance of twins is 5%. Clomid does increase this by close to 80%, but that only brings the odds to 7%. It definitely does not get higher than 10% ever, no matter when you take it. Only genetics raises your odds from there. Also, I had a pap in Aug. 2003 and got pg in Feb. 2004, so my doc didn't recommend another one until I went for my 6 week pp visit. (I am in the US)


tab - September 4

u r lucky, I will be refusing a pap, all was find my last visit, if he doesn't like it, I will find a doc that will be ok with it. Thanks for the advice.


Liza - September 4

Well, I'm not expert but 80% of 5% is another 4% so it seems that without Clomid your chances of having twins is 5% and with Clomid it's more like 9%. So the odds of having a single baby on Clomid is still 90%, down from 95%. Fawn, since you've done lots of research, can you explain the other genetic factors that increase the odds of twins? I know they're higher if you have Negro ancestry, then Caucasian and Asian/Polynesian/Native American have the lowest percentage. I remember that from genetics. And I know they occur more in women who are tall and overweight. And that mom having a grandmother with fraternal twins on either side ups your odds too, as does having already had a fraternal twin pregnancy. And that if you're between 35-45 you're at your peak 'twin' time. Me, I've had a 'vanishing twin' pregnancy, my gran had 2 sets of fraternals, I'm tall, Caucasian, need to lose 30 pounds, 38 and am in my first cycle of Clomid so goodness knows where my odds are now...somewhere over 10% I venture ;o)


JD - September 6

i cant believe how selfish most of you women are i have tried many time on clomid TTC but nothing worked and have now tried a different method and am now preg cant you women just be happy that you are not infertile and have a baby on your own you are just being gready there are so many women out there that would love to have just one baby and you all are trying to have multipules cant you just be happy with what you are given you are the ones that are harming your bodys and or your babys just be happy with the way you are go and see a Dr you are all just stupid and are all in your own little land one baby is better then none and you think that your eggs will never run out well your wrong everytime you have multipule follicles and you dont get pregnant there are babys that could have been there is more than just taking some pills to having a baby there are blood tests and ultrasounds and screening to be done its not all as easy as you all think just have a nother think about what you are doing to your body with these drug that you dont even know what is in them oyu might as well call your selves a bunch of junkies that have no idea of what they are doing . to all those women that are on clomid because of a real reason good on you i wish you all the best and it will happen to you ok clomid may not have worked for me but my other treatment did so i wish you all the luck and good things come to those who wait


to JD: - September 6

can't you see it from the other side. You go on about be happy with what you've got. Why weren't YOU happy with what YOU had?!??? A liiiiiittle bit hypocritical, isn't it. You also put your health, and that of your (potential) baby(ies) at risk for your own selfish wants. Pfffffffffft. Get off your high horse lovey. Happy and healthy 9 months, congrats on your pregnancy, but don't tell ME what not to do with MY body...


JD - September 6

i went to my doc and he prescribed clomid and it did not work so i went to a ferlility expert and go me preg after another couple of goes on a different drug it was all lagit and watched by doctors the thing im saying is there is no need for a fertile women to take drugs when there is no need to unless told by a doc these women dont want just one baby they want multipules i dont have selfish wants i did not go on clomid just to have multipules i went on it cause i could not have children on my own unlike the women here that take it for no medical reason but to be selfish there is no need to resort to drugs unless you have tried every other way possible to convieve which is what i did there was nothing selfish about how i concieved .


tab - September 6

She is right about clomid and other fertility drugs. I read that taking them when u have no problem ov can damage ur ovaries, I thought about taking them, but quickly changed my mind, I can wait and if God gives me one I am happy and if its two I will be just as happy. I would rather know I didn't ov because of something that I had no control over, than to not be able to have kids because of what I did to myself. Ladies u really need to do more research if u have no problems ov before u take those drugs. God bless


Julie - September 6

One question...why exactly is it selfish to want more than one baby? If you're a high risk pregnancy already...maybe, but if not...healthy as an ox...or so my doctor puts it, and have NO problem carrying BIG babies to term... I just don't see how it's selfish.


to JD - September 6

I'm sorry you feel so strongly against those who are wanting to get pregnant w/ multiples on purpose through using unprescribed clomid. However, you should see the situation in different points of view rather than get blinded by the fury of your incapability to get pregnant easily. It may not be that the women are "greedy" and it is not in your place to call anyone a "junkie". In my case, although I have not pursued and probably will not puruse this course of action, I am doing the research on it. We all have our different reasons for making decisions. It's not fair for you to call all of the ladies "selfish". This is a place for people to learn and post information, not a place to vent your unhappiness and complaints. Hope you are not this narrow minded and biased when you raise your children.


To everyone - September 6

It's too bad that JD had to put her two cents in about us choosing to use clomid. She made her choses and we'll make ours. Good Luck to all of you:)


tab - September 6

to the lady that wrote the post about going to med school... u mention about two or more eggs maturing and releasing, isn't it possible for an egg to release from both ov in a cycle? If it is, for a woman that feels ov pains, isn't it possible to feel the other egg release too? The reason I ask is because I felt two very distinct sharp pains from both ov durring ov, I have a history of twins being that I was preg with twins and mc. One other quest, if a woman is preg with twins, isn't it highly possible to feel preg symptoms earlier than a reg preg, or does it matter? I read that it can take 6 days or more to conceive ( fertilization and implantation), is that true about the 6 days?


Lady?!? - September 7

Don't know about that ;o) and I didn't specialize in OB/Gyn but I do know that yes, you can feel ovulation pains from both ovaries if you ovulate from both. Women who are being monitered are sometimes told by their doctors that both ovaries are releasing from the effects of the drugs. Mama's of twins I've talked to have reported it too - that ovy pain on both sides. I've just finished my first round on Clomid (waiting, waiting) and had pain on both sides myself this time. As for symptoms, every pregnancy is different and twins are do different but yes, women who have had both twins and singles do report that they had symptoms either sooner in the twins pregnancies or to a greater degree in them. Bad morning sickness and exhaustion in weeks 5-7 are the usual complaints. Of course, some women just sail through with nothing much in the way of symptoms too, lucky things. It's not that it takes 6 days to conceive but that conception is a process that completes over the course of a week or so. A Fertilized Embryo typically is moving into the uterus about 80 hours after Mr. Spermie did the deed. Implanting takes another day or two. So yes, from that 'conception' intercourse until the embryo is rightfully imbedded in the uterine wall can take up to 6 days. But the window of when to time that conception intercourse is still much smaller - your egg is there and viable for 24 hours, 48 at the outside so you have 2 days to do the BD and conceive and then it can be up to 6 days after that before baby is burrowing in for the 9 month wait. Does that explain it better?


tab - September 7

Thanks, that explained it soooo much better! Didn't mean anything by the lady part. Sorry if I offended you. Did u finish med school or r u still in school? You would make a great dr, it seems u know ur stuff. Again, thanks a lot!! Baby Dust to u!!


yas2000 - September 7

hi guys....am new here and i have to say am i relived to find epople going thorugh the exact same hopes and aspirations and all..then comes someon like jd along and spoils it...i first tried to get some sympathy for my wishes of taking unprescribed clomid and posted to babyscentre..here is the webpage...and see the reactions i got..i was so hurt and furious those woman judging me like jd...its just not fair and quite ignorant for anyone to judge others when they are not in the their shoes???click on the address below or copy and paste and have a read and you will see why i have decided to take clomid and the kind of reations i got!initally my husband was against it but have now spoken to him and he tells me its my decision and up to me what i do as long as i can deal with the consequences...whihc i will and have to achiev my goal! http://bbs.babycenter.com/board/pregnancy/carryingtwins/3367/thread/2421986?_requestid=602002


yas2000 - September 7

sorry here it is again in case it didnt work the firt time http://bbs.babycenter.com/board/pregnancy/carryingtwins/3367/thread/2421986?_requestid=602002



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