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ashley - June 11

If you truely have infertility issues, 42 day cycles, no cycles, etc, why couldn't you just go to your doctor and ask for Clomid? Why do you have to take u/p clomid. I think its much safer and reasonable to be under the supervision of a trained doctor dont you?


MelissaSLP - June 11

I think that those who do truely have infertility issues are seeking help from their Dr.'s. That's what I did and at least that's what I've seen (I think) around here. I've seen more people that DO NOT have fertility issues getting u/p Clomid.


beckylol1 - June 12

My doctor refuses to prescribe it to me. I have a 7 month old gorgeous daughter. I had 2 miscarriages before her and 1 after. Perhaps I am being selfish and should count my blessings but it's my choice. I haven't taken u/p clomid yet but was meant to ovulate Friday and didnt. Unless my doctor changes his mind, I will. xxx


TripletMom - June 12

Sometimes people dont have infertility issues. Some people play doctor and diagnose themselves with having fertility issues because of something they read online or because the stupid ovulation kits indicate they dont ovulate. Some people want "the easy way" and want to skip the work of having to go to the doctor. Some people "claim" that it is for insurance reasons (I dont get that one). The common thread running through all of the reasons given is ignorance. If these ladies who take unprescribed clomid were truly educated about the risks a__sociated with taking clomid or the risks of purchasing DRUGS over the web they would not do it.


soimpatient - June 12

I don't even know what U/P clomid is!! I actually do struggle with infertility and I am on clomid under my doctors supervision. I'm not sure what the question really is. Taking any prescribed drug without doctor supervision could be very dangerous...even my opinion, those who do so and playing with fire and are being selfish and foolish.


babs6219 - June 13

I'll answer this...from the perspective of someone who is currently taking u/p clomid, and is waiting impatiently till Friday to POAS. There are only a few states that mandate infertility coverage in their insurance plans. My state isn't one if them. We've got great insurance....except for that part. Infertility, or anything related to infertility...including ultrasounds, bloodwork, etc....not covered. I spent quite a while trying to get ONE ultrasound FOR MY PCOS covered, which they continued to deny, claiming that it was for infertility,and therefore not covered. Also, what a lot of people don't seem to realize is that there are a lot of doctors who prescribe clomid and send you off with monitoring, no bloodwork, or anything. I've gotten Clomid that way last year ( before our insurance changed), and if I could go back to him, I would. But he doesn't take our new insurance. So...I've got PCOS, and get u/p clomid, and think it may have done the trick this month. Not what I want....but if my only options are hundreds extra each month in bloodwork, ultrasounds, etc...I'll take what I can get. Thank you in advance for your polite responses....I wish you all the best of luck! So...we're not selfish, many of us have researched this extensively, and because of circ_mstances have had to make the choices we've made.


beckylol1 - June 13

Very well said babs6219.


TripletMom - June 13

The weird thing is - where are these women obtaining the U/P clomid? Via internet, magazines, in Mexico, etc.? How do you know you are actually taking clomid??? Also, if you are, in fact, taking clomid do you realize that you are subjecting yourself to possible hyper-stimulation of your ovaries WHICH could be LIFE THREATENING??.. oh, but I am sure with all of your extensive research you can avoid that. You cannot!!! Ladies - it is a dangerous game you are playing. Not to mention the fact that if insurance is truly the reason (weak one), what would happen if you got pregnant w/multiples as a direct result of taking fertility meds - dont you think they would deny the coverage for your care, GOD FORBID you had issues???? The $$$ you are "saving" will be nothing compared to the $$$$ you would have to pay for hospital care or the loss (GOD FORBID) of your ovaries!!


babs6219 - June 14

Tripletmom...I thought I'd answer your questions as well. Our medical insurance would certainly cover our children ( since we've already got 4 kids on it, my daughters and DH's daughters as well).They gave us no problem at all covering my girls, who are only DH'S stepkids. How can you compare whether or not a medical insurance would cover children born while covered, with having or NOT having infertility coverage. I used to work for a doctor's office...and insurance doesn't have the right to tell you whether or not you can PAY OUT OF YOUR POCKET to get pregnant. And I've bought mine a "prescription fee", and it comes in the mail. I know it's real ( usually generic), because my sister in law is a pharmacist, and I have her look at it. And what's the difference really, if you're getting it from your doctor, without monitoring or from an unknown doctor online...still unmonitored. Like I've said previously...I got it unmonitored from a doc last year. He told me, if I had any symptoms of OHSS,which he stressed was VERY RARE WITH CLOMID, to go to the ER. And thank you, beckylol1, I appreciate your compliment!


TripletMom - June 14

It is sad that there are doctors who prescribe clomid so freely w/out monitoring. Where I am from, that is unheard of, but I guess doctors who dont specialize in infertility issues aren't 100% familiar w/the dangers of clomid. My point is it is not worth any risk either to your life or to the lives of potential children you may bear. period -end of sentence.


yetanothertripletmom - June 15

It's like a broken record. People are ignorant of selfish or a stunning combination of both. I still think the "financial reasons" logic is absurd. Ever buy diapers for three? My grocery bill is not pretty. And my boys are healthy with no special needs. Try medication for three chronically sick little ones? Time off work for daily trips to the NICU 3 months straight? Fertility treatments don't cost near the amount that raising multiples does. So try another reason.


babs6219 - June 15

Wow...a person just can't disagree with any of you here, without being insulted, can she? That was harsh and rude, by the way. I find it sad that we can't have a lively debate between adults, without someone resorting to name calling. And let's see...I'm neither ignorant, nor selfish. I've never bought diapers for three...but I have bought them for two, one of whom was special needs. And when we get pregnant, I won't be working anymore. That's something we both feel very strongly about...I only work part time now, anyway while the girls are in school, during the school year. So, God forbid, time off, no problem. We already buy groceries for a family of six...I probably spend more than you do, triplet mom...a__suming they're your only children. Trust me, four kids from 11 to 16....I know groceries! And as far as the insurance goes...I'm not rehashing that with you again. I've explained it to you at least twice, on this and another post....very clearly and honestly. You don't have to believe's true.


freebird - June 15

My question is: why is this topic always being debated here? This is a board for people who are parenting or expecting multiples. Shouldn't the clomid debates be on the ttc board or the infertility boards? If you post about u/p clomid on a board where there alot of women going through difficult multiple pregnancies, or caring for 2 - 4 newborns at once you have to expect that you're going to get some harsh responses. there are alot of emotions involved here due to hormones, lack of sleep, etc. A reasonable debate between adults should not be expected when dealing with such an emotionally charged issue.


babs6219 - June 15

Thta's a good point....following that line of reasoning, why do people keep asking the same questions in a post? I mean...honestly. If it upsets people that many of us take u/p clomid, what's the point of continuing to ask OVER AND OVER AGAIN? As for me....yes, I'm a bit addicted. When I see a question that I have a valid response's very hard not to respond. I think I may start a new question on just this thing. Thank you for bring it to my attention. Again, that's a GREAT point. Bobbie


beckylol1 - June 15

To yetanothertripletmom, I thought clomid only increased your chances of mulitplys by 10%? Surly most women taking u/p just want the help to have 1 baby? Sure a lot of women ttc would love to be moaning about there shopping bills.


babs6219 - June 15

beckylol1, that's a good point...and it's only twins that go up by 10%...the chances of triplets are extremely rare. No, not unheard of....and higher chances of twins/triplets than the general population, but not by an awful lot. Sure there are some people using this to get pg with twins, triplets, or more...but most of us aren't. And remember the lady in Australia in the 90's who conceived ten babies ( and lost them all!), after lying to an infertility clinic? If people really wanted JUST TO HAVE A HIGHER CHANCES OF higher order multiples...they'd do that or buy INJECTIBLES ( not Clomid) online. That would be VERY dangerous. Most of us don't have some overwhelming desire for twins, triplets, etc...we just want a healthy baby. Sure, if twins or triplets came along...I'd love them and be happy! But that would be true for any child. That's not my goal! Again, and as always good luck!


TripletMom - June 15

I agree, this is not a topic for this forum. I will say this in closing - the numbers/statistics for triplets concieved via use of clomid have to be updated. I personally know 4 other women who concieved triplets on clomid alone (as I did). So "rare" is not the way I would describe the possibility of triplets as a result of clomid. To Babs - no they are not my only children. Formula/diapers/meds for 3 plus other children can leave a person bankrupt.



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