Question For Moms Of Naturally Conceived Fraternal Multiples

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sphinx - November 8

How Long are Your Periods??? I have 3 day periods and I read something about women with shorter periods having increased chances of fraternal twins. It's something to do with the hormones... I have fraternal twins... I'm just wondering how accurate this article was. So chime in! How long are your periods? I'll ask my twins club and see what they say, too!


mrssolo - November 8

My periods would vary from 3 to 5 days. We think my twins are fraternal but we won't know for sure until they are born. My placenta is in the delta shape which usually means two merged together.


twins4us - November 8

Sphinx I also read that shorter periods increase your chances, but the site wasn't very reliable so I discounted it. I haven't read that "fact" on any other reputable site. So much information on the internet is actually poorly researched and pa__sed along from person to person as fact. Implantation dip is one example. Any doc/medical person will tell you it doesn't relate to pg, but fertility friend has made it a widespread "fact", when it isn't.


sphinx - November 8

My twins are fraternal and the placentas were fused. Apparently, this is common... I also am not sure of the reliability... but thats why I'm taking a poll! But you also have to take in to account other factors that "increase" your chance. Like being an older mom for example. Just because this makes you more likely to have fraternal twins doesn't mean that younger moms can't have them, too. I'm kinda curious what the average period length is for fraternal twin moms. I'm sure there are twin moms out there who bleed for 2 weeks or more! But if most of them are 3-5 day range then this probably has merit!


cynthia502 - November 8

Hello - I am 17+ weeks pregnant w/ twins. The doctors suspect they are identical, but will know for sure hopefully after my next u/s on the 21st. Just to let you know, I am 39, this is my 4th pregancy (all others have been singletons), I wasn't on any fertility drugs, and lastly, my periods lasted about 5 days. Good luck with your research!


Boo b do - November 8

Hi, I am 41, currently almost 10 weeks pregnant with triplets, not sure if identical or fraternal yet, as have another scan tomorrow. Naturally conceived. My periods last for three days also. I'm not sure if the article is correct or not, but I have also read that multiples pregnancy is quite common in older women.


sphinx - November 8

Yes it is more common in older women! But triplets! Awesome! Congrats to you! Many triplets have "a pair and a spare" meaning an identical set with a fraternal sibling. But I have one more question for you. Are these your first children? Do twins run in your family? I'm asking because I want to see how many other factors would increase your chances for multiples.


sphinx - November 8

boo b do... I just read on the other thread that you conceived twins 14 years ago... I think you definately have the twins gene! I hope your triplet pregnancy results in 3 happy healthy term babies!


mrssolo - November 8

I'm 27 and this is my second pregnancy. The first was a singleton. They were conceived naturally. I have no twins on my side of the family but dh is a twin and he has many twins in his family only pa__sed on the mens side. I know they say it doesn't happen but my doctor says it can, it is just very rare. My singleton has a different father. My dh is one of two set of twins his father has.


sphinx - November 8

regarding twins running on the fathers side... Men have an X chromosome, so they can pa__s on the gene to their daughters. So if a man has the twin gene he has an increased chance of having twin grandchildren but not an increased chance of having twins himself. This explains why people claim that twins skip generations. There are theories that have not been proven that men may influence identical twinning. I'm not sure what the basis of this theory is... Then again, some women have fraternal twins with no family history on either side! My dh has fraternal triplet brothers... My mother was a surviving twin (the other was stillborn) And my mother had several cousins who were twins. And, I have cousins who are twins. My mother, who must have had the twin gene (she was a twin and I had twins) did not have any twins but she had a severe abnormality of her uterus. The doctors told her she would never have ANY children. She had 3! :) So, the experts don't always know what they are talking about after all!


sphinx - November 8

I met a woman today IRL... lol... and she has 2 sets of twins. The older set are boy/girl and the younger set are 2 boys (they look identical but you never know and I didn't want to ask because I was already asking her how long her periods are! LOL) But anyway she claims to have 3-4 day periods with a 40 day cycle.


mmmom - November 11

My doc thinks my twins are fraternal. Im 20 weeks along, I'm 26, there are no twins anywhere in the family. They were concieved naturally. This is my second pregnancy, and my periods were very regular lasting 4-5 days. I keep wondering how I could of released 2 eggs, when theres no signs of twins anywhere, hmm. Good luck on the research!


sphinx - November 14

I created a poll on ivillage asking how long twin moms periods are... we'll see what the results are! I keep meaning to ask the women at the twins club but I just can't ever scrounge up the time to go!


sphinx - November 20

well, according to a poll on ivillage (35 participants) here are the results. 37% have 5-7 day periods. 20% have 3-5 day periods. 14% have 4-6 day periods. 9% have 2-4 days. 9% have 6-8 days. 1% have 9-11 days and 1% have 1-3 days... I think the general population has 5-7 days. So, to see a trend we have to look at the ones that are not average. There are more votes for less than average periods than above average periods. If this survey had thousands of participants I would say that having shorter periods may slightly increase chances of twinning. About 28% higher than women with average or long periods. Keep in mind that only 35 women responded to the survey so this is not concrete but it certainly would support the theory.



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