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Lauren - January 29

Hi Yas2000. I have been reading your posts for months now and have wanted to jump in on the latest "my diary" thread, but it started getting ugly. I want to share my story (sorry so long). we have a 31/2 year old and desperately want another child. i am 31 yrs.old. I had a stillbirth @ 5 mo (hate that word) last April and we have been trying ever since w/no luck. Dr. says I am young and there is no reason i can't get pregnant again(yeah right!) i spend all of this$ on opk's and preg tests and prenatal vitamins and NOTHING HAPPENS.(wow this venting feels great!)


Lauren - January 29

it cut me off, sorry. I chart and we do the deed 3days before o and @least1 day after. I've read for months on clomid and and i feel like a clomid encyclopedia. it's a low-level fertility drug and has been prescribed for nearly 1/2 a decade. Anyhow, i took 50mg clomid days 4-8 and had o cramps but don't think i am pregnant. (it's 11 dpo now) . Oh. my dr. did a progesterone check one month and i had 21.6. so i do ovulate occasionally. Some months opk never goes dark. Can you refrsh my memory


Lauren - January 29

...on how much clomid you needed to get pregnant.,(days, etc. ) what your pregnancy symptoms were in the dpo, and anything else that is helpful to me. oh, and Congratulations by the way!!!


TripletMom - January 29

Lauren - I urge you to ask a doctor all of these question. Honestly you dont know Yas2000 from a hole in the wall so how can you trust her advice? Ask a doctor, if you are not satisfied with your dr, go to another one.


Lauren - January 29

TripletMom, my dr. has my history and I don't want to "start over" w/ another one. I'm afraid that the others will say the same thing"protocol is 1 year if under 35.", even though I've been through hell.(Yes i kind of think i deserve a little more help-hope that isn't wrong.)I can't get this dr. to look at my charts, the nurse called me back and said "stop thinking about it and don't try so hard"That is impossible when we should have had our 2nd child by now. It's a mess and it is hard for me to sit around and not want to do something about it. Do you sort of understand where I am at with all of this?( i think you do, as I have read your posts) I am just ready for a second child and so is my husband ( i'm sure my 3yr old is!)


to Lauren - January 29

Lauren I'm sorry about your loss. I know that you think that 8 months is a long time ttc but 85% of couples conceive after trying for one year. Clomid is made to help infertile women who cannot conceive on their own. This is not your case, you are not considered infertile when you've been ttc for 8 months. Clomid wasn't made to "speed it up" for women who don't want to take the time. And I agree, if your doctor isn't listening to you then you need to change doctors. He can send your old records over to your new doctor.


TripletMom - January 29

I hear what you are saying lauren and I have suffered loss as well. It took me 2 year + to conceive, but I had some infertility issues. Honestly just have your records trasferred if you are not happy - that is what I did when I knew there was an issue w/me getting pregnant and I now LOVE my new OBGYN!!! good luck!


yas2000 - January 29

hi lauren, sorry such a late reply....i have been busy with family and friends...(one going through a separation at the moment!! the thing is when i came of the pill with my second it took me 4months to get pregnant. ( as well with this one)....first month i kind of tried...the second i tried following my OPK's very strictly, the third with OPK, cm and total obsessiveness!!!!LOL....i began to panick..even made an appointment with my GP (who laughed)and complained that how on earth can i fall pregnant with my first one the pill!!! and yet here i am trying ACTIVELY with my 2nd and its just not happening????i mean i KNEW i had ovulated and we did plenty of bd????was there something wrong with me....i mean there are women on here trying for months and months and even included...and i give them so much repsect because i was falling apart after just 3!!!!! in my fourth month my husband and i kind of began changing plans... basically i was mentally exhausted and me having no patience whatsoever....i was kind of bitter and twisted already about it all...(LOL!!!!)...i was just like you....yeah right me get pregnant what a joke!!!!!!my huge first born must have damaged me somehow....with all this negative thinking i felt it was affecting my family and myself so i just kind of gave up trying.....for that month...never bothered to think about bd...opk's or anything to do with pregnancy!!! in fact i got myself a whole new wardrobe and enyoued my s_xy size 8 figure or tried to.... and bam.....before i knew it i was 1 week late with AF!!!!!!i literally had spent that month getting completely over getting pregnant and we kind of postponed it until after moving house and about by 6 months!!!yet here i was pregnant!!!! so my moral of the story.....the moment i defocussed on it...i became pregnant i think part of it is fate part of it is about destressing and not thinking so much about it......the fact that you had one child already is proof enough that yourfertilty is ok..unless of course you have irregular AF's, took fertilty treatments and/or had problems conceiving the first one as well and it took you time too.... opk's are very helpful i belive in detecting your O time...but really it is your physicial health, your mental status and all other factors including your fate that will decide if you are going to get pregnanat..after having my second withing 3 months of the birth i decided to kind of try again..wanted to get my family out of the way so to speak and thought since number 2 is an easy baby, husband cannot try and make me use contraception, it was a good chance to get pregnant again...and i did when my baby was 4 months old...but what happned i lost that baby at 6 weeks!!!!!! so realized the advice everyone gave me about giving my body a rest is true for me!!!!poor number 3 couldnt survive in me!!!! fate and nature intended for me otherwise.... now with my 4th and 3rd active pregnancy...idecided to just go ahead and try but this time enhance my chances and i took clomid...but as you can read from my didnt give m the multiple's i want and i knw regrdless of it i may have gotten pregnant sooner or later....but again it did take me 4 months...blieve you month 4 i did begin thinking about my last 2 experiences and though i need to get less obsessive and it may happen....and bam it did...i was still actively trying but i had a very relaxed mind if it does it does if it aint it aint!!!!! i think the moment we get tooooo....upset too stressed and too obsessive about it...our bodies react negatively...and oppositely to our my advice s...unless you have known fertilty problems....ttc...actively for a month....or two...if nothing happens take a break from it....relax, go on a small holiday, enjoy your pre-pregancy s_xiness, enjoy life...and then come back to never know it is i strongly belive from my own experince when we are at most relaxed that our bodies suddenly are in tune with our desires...and before you know it you will be pregnant.... i would also advice if you have been actively trying for over 6 months to upto a year doctors usually allow for fertilty checks and should provide you with some sort of in britian if you have been actively trying for 6 months they run tests...and it is upto trying for 2 years with no luck when they allow for fertilty treatments!!!!don't worry it will happen i am happened twice already...(number 2 for you is just life...and don't let that discourage you in any way)....wish you heaps of luck and baby dust...let us know how you get on!!!


Lauren - January 29

thanks Yas2000. I appreciate everything you said. i was wondering if you recall what symptoms you had leading up to your bfp on clomid that you didn't have the previous month?i am bloated and have gained 4 lbs and have occasional sharp/aching pains in lower stomach. I did ovulate and am 11 dpo. (bfn today but no Af and high temps) oh yeah, originally i had sore nipples, but that went away. Do you remember your early pregnancy symptoms on clomid so i know what to look for?Thanks so much.


tiffany - January 29

Hi Lauren, I wanted to tell you not to give up hope. It took me forever with my last on that I lost. As long as your temps are up don't get discouraged. That was my only early symptom. I wanted to let you know a few thing that got me my BFP. I had been doing all of the usual stuff but got a bfn every cycle. Then, I drank green tea every day. I took baby asprin. I started talking long walk and doing crunches to increase bloodflow to the ovaries and uterus. I took ebsom salt baths before and during O, it stimulates ovaries and again increases bloodflow to them. I O'ed everytime after dh to puch the swimmers up there farther. Please don't feel down. I am so sorry you lost your baby. God will send you a precious little one soon. Hang in there and get as healthy as you can. I try and so something everyday to increase my fertility so, I don't feel so helpless. Good Luck sweetie! Your Friend.....


yas2000 - January 29

your symptoms sound quite promising....i felt that i gained alot of weight with clomid while taking it and ttc...i did feel O pain whihc began as af pain....and then after that it went away for about 2-3 days after whihc it came back agin and lasted until after af...the sorenessof my b___sts which i get with O...wouldnormally go away just after i O but this time it just stayed and they began to grow and stay strongest symptoms were if you read my diary...that of constant af pain..i kept thinking now i am going to come on now i am going to come on and never appet_te seemed to increase and i beagn getting up 4 am for a pee (whihc i never normally do...and then i couldnt go back to sleep unless i had something to eat...the other thing was i had cravings straight away..and if you read beforee i really went crazy with burger king and mc's....just the burger was enough...i took a early pregnancy test at 8dpo and got a if you are....or think you may be pregnant and have not had your af even thouhg it is due i would be confidant enough to get a early pregnancy test pack and test...get 2 so you can test again aa couple of days later....but don't despair...if you read my previous posts before i got a bfp and was on my second and 3rd round of clomid i had all pregnancy symptoms....then...probably more mildly...but then ended up having af....i kept posting on here asking people whether they thought i was and was told according to my symptoms i was...but each time i came on within my af due date...the fact you have some symptoms, plus no af seems a good chance that you may go out and get that test of yours...if it meant to be it is otherwise keep trying!!!!good luck..never loose hope and be negative think happy thoughts you did it twice you can do it again!!!!


Corona - January 29

Lauren, yes it is wrong to think that you deserve a bit more! What about us women without any children, who have had cancer, 4 miscarriages & 15 yrs of trying?! What do you think we deserve? Should we be in line before or after you? I have never felt that I deserve a child more or less than anyone else, but your comments make me realize just how much I have been through! If you are legitimately concerned perhaps you should be seeking out a fertillity doctor & not YAS or anyone who has broken the law!! I am so grateful to my doctors as I am now expecting twins. But I never expected them to but me inline before any other suffering woman/couple!! This forum was originaly a relief for me to help me cope with my fears & hopes. But you selfish women are making me realize that it is time to look for support elsewhere. Thank you to the elegant women on this forum for sharing your real, heartfelt stories & concern with me. I wish you health & happiness! I need a break.


yetanothertripletmom - January 30

I have to agree with Corona on this one. Trying for 8 months isn't really that long. I tried for 3 years and had 3 miscarriages before my triplets. Another friend of mine tried for 10 years. You don't even want to bother getting a new doctor? I wasn't helped until my 3rd doctor. I was willing to go to the ends of the earth for a baby. Try another doctor if you really think something is wrong.


Lauren - January 30

Corona, I'm not posting for the first time to argue and fight. I am not comparing myself to you, I'm not sure why you are even doing that. I had 8 hours of hard labor to give birth to a child born dead. My blood pressure was 20/10 and I needed blood. The docs think I had placental problems. However, I knew when I finally left that hospital room that I would someday be successful and would be back back in that very same hospital holding a healthy child. So let's not be mean and judgmental and try to understand that everyone's pain is different. Let's be kind and supportive,besides you are supposed to be happy since you are pregnant with twins. Congratulations by the way-on beating cancer and on the twins! To yetanothertripletmom-my ob is top rated and will closely work with my fetal medicine specialist when I do get pregnant.I do not blame my ob for what happened and I am intelligent enough to know that even if i change doctors and lose the entire history and possibly my referred fetal medicine specialist,(that I love) that another doctor is not going to work with me yet because of my age. Very stupid-do you think that dr. wouldn't help his/her child if she were in my shoes? OFCOURSE he /she would. I know because I have 2 docs in my family-just not the kind I need.They prescribe medicine all the time even before you truly have the flu-even stronger medications have been provided for other family members. You are not going to sue your family. You must be actively trying for 12 mo under the age of 35-that is their protocol-their guidelines they must follow.The new dr. would see my transferred file and that it has been 8 mo-4 to go! But hopefully not! Now, on to more positve things...Yas thank you for everything. I will keep hoping this cycle is it, but honestly I don't think I have strong enough symptoms. Tiffany, thank you also for being so kind. I'm sorry about the loss of your baby. I hope maybe you are thinking of ttc again??? (i know the pain is horrible) I should do more crunches. I do jog, bike and lift weights to stay in shape. I've never researched epsom salt baths-that is interesting-it doesn't hurt to try i suppose! What does green tea do for fertility? I know it has a ton of antioxidants, but that is about it. Anyhow, Yas I hope you are starting to get a ton of energy (is it 2nd trim yet?)and Tiffany-stay positve if you are trying!! Lauren


TripletMom - January 30

Lauren - try to understand where Corona was coming from in her post. She has been TTC for years and has suffered loss. Noone is downplaying your tragic loss in anyway. What I think the women (other than Yas) are tyring to do is give you hope and have you realize that it hasn't been that long that you have been TTC this time. That's all. Honestly.. in the grand scheme of things what is 8 months or 4 more months. Try doing things w/medical supervision - GOd forbid you start getting into this whole unprescribed meds thing and you end up losing an ovary or worse...


yetanothertripletmom - January 31

I guess you missed my point. I wasn't advising you to "doctor shop." I was trying to gently tell you to have a little patience. Four months isn't that long of a wait.


Lauren - January 31

Yas2000, did your cycle change while you were taking the clomid or did your AF come on time? I think mine is going to be longer-which is good I suppose. I had a 10 day luteal phase before (when I did ovulate) and short 25 day cycles and it is definitely longer now. I'm 13dpo w/99 even pregnant symptoms though. Sorry if I'm driving you nuts, this is just the first time around for me and there aren't many supportive people. I'll leave you alone after this I promise!!!!!!!! If you know of a board with women in my shoes, let me know-I've looked and only seen some old threads. Thanks for everything!



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