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Dawn - November 3

I'm 12 weeks pregnant with twins. My last dr. appointment was 2 wks ago. I've been reading that alot of women who are are about 3 or 4 months pregnant with twins have gained a considerable amount of weight and are really showing. I haven't really gained a whole lot of weight, and other than the peeing alot and an occasional backache, I feel great. Within the last week I haven't been as tired as I use to be either. I'm kind of afraid that something is not right. Anyone out there feel like me? Thanks!


Erin - November 3

As far as I know, I only have one baby, but have been so interested in twins that I've done a bit of research. From what I've read, you're completely normal. You may end up popping out big time in a week or two. Try not to worry too much!


Millie - November 16

I am having twins. Although I am a little bigger than what I used to I do not show much either. I am just happy that for the first time in my life I am a little bigger. (I am very tiny) You will definitely balloon up during your 5th month. I am waiting for that too:) Do not worry as long as the babies weigh normal..


Rachieta - November 16

I'm a teenager that is almost 6 months pregnant and I'm a littile scared myself. I don't konw if the father of this baby would be there or leave me be.


Rosa - November 17

I am 26 weeks pregnant with twins and at 12 weeks I had not gained much weight either. I was tired and had a lot of morning sickness during the first 12 weeks but by week 14 I felt really good and didn't start slowing down again until week 23.


Jane - November 19

This sounds very much like me, I was quite small with no morning sickness at all, the tiredness has gone now and apart from the occasional backache im fine, I have put on about 2 stone but its all in the bump (big bump) and i was small at first as well


Millie - November 19

I was small to begin with but I hv gained abt 10 lbs in last 3 months. And I still can hide that i am carrying. Doesn't that mean I don't show much? Is it really weired??? I am abt 15 weeks now.


Tess - December 2

DON'T PANIC!!! I feel the same way about my pregnancy! If you have any concerns then see your midwife or doctor. Don't worry if you think you ar being silly, its better to be safe than sorry. I've been driving my doctor mad with all my niggly worries but he puts my mind at ease every time. GOod Luck!


Dawn - December 21

I don't think you have anything to worry about. I've sorta been feeling the same way. I just keep telling myself that I will make up for it in the 5 month or so. As far as feeling good take that as a blessing. I was sick to my stomach for 11 weeks 24 hrs. a day. And with a little one at home already that's difficult. The last few days I've been feeling sick again. Might just be a flu bug or something. Hang in there and if you are really worried call your Dr.



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