Scheduling Advice For 4 Month Olds

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Amasu - February 6

Well, my twins are actually only about 7 weeks old if you adjust for their prematurity. Anyway, I am going nuts trying to put them on a schedule...they are really gassy and have routine screaming fits...usually when one is sleeping the other is having a fit and by the time he quiets down, he'll have awakened the other and the vicious cycle continues. They have started sleeping a bit longer at night(though "bedtime" ends up being 1 to 2AM lol) so that is helping me cope. I have no time to get anything done...when I sit on here writing on this forum I am holding one baby in my left hand, bouncing the other in his bouncy seat with my right foot and typing with my right hand. I have a baby swing for them..but they hate it....they will scream hysterically after just a couple of minutes. My dh works two full time jobs and I have no friends and family here so there is no one to help me sort this out. Any and all advice would be appreciated. I would love to see the day where I can keep these kids content at least 75% of the time, and also have time to clean up the house a bit, take more than a 45 second shower, make dinner and maybe have 20 minutes or so of "me" time where I can have a cup of tea or soak in the tub in peace. Ahhh...experienced multiple moms -- help! TIA!


TripletMom - February 7

FIrst let me say that things WILL get better. Ok do they have reflux? If you dont know that may be a question to ask their doctor because maybe their ga__siness and fussiness is due to some pains from reflux. SOunds like my trio and the meds for reflux helped somewhat. With my trio I stuck to a strick schedule during the day. WOke them up at 7 (regardless of the last time they woke up during the night was) and then fed them every 3 hours. BUT I didn't start this until they were 14 weeks actual (6 weeks adjusted). What is their actual age? That helped mine sleep through the night. During the day I would say keep them in their bouncies and play a little music or have them near you with whatever you are doing. The first 3 months were so hard but things have gotten better since then. Dont worry about the house, laundry, etc. If you do get some time try to take a nap or take a nice shower. Even if they are crying - as long as they are fed, changed, burped and in a safe place - it is ok for you to jump in the shower. GOOD LUCK


Amasu - February 7

My babies are 4 months old today, so about 18 weeks actual. Thanks for the advice. I'm not sure if they have reflux, when burped well they don't usually spit up much. I would love to try the schedule...I wanted to wake up at 6 AM to get started today...but they were sleeping and I was so tired I just didn't have the strength or will. I have been doing this for months now without more than an hour "break" to buy groceries(which isn't like a break at all, and very physically demanding since I have to carry the groceries up a few flights of stairs). They cry so much and it is so loud and piercing and nothing seems to help them sometimes. I really feel like my sanity is slipping away during the worst fits. I have literally had to slap my own face and/or hop in a freezing shower just to "wake up" because I have found myself getting very angry with the babies! This is horrible I know, and I know they are innocent little babies and nothing is their fault -- which is why of course I would never do anything to act out anger against them....I love my babies, just having a hard time. But...I'm supposed to be close to the age where it starts getting easier right? Maybe I should start taking coffee in the morning. lol


onetwothree - February 7

I was on a strict schedule as well. If one woke up to eat and be changed, I woke the other one up as well. Have you tried Mylicon for your little ones when they are ga__sy? It is so gentle, newborns can take it and it gets the air out instanlty. I was showing my brother how fast it work. I poured a rootbeer and then added one drop and every single bubble disapearred immediately. Some people may scream about this, but do they have pacifiers? I vowed never to use one until I could take my dd screaming anymore, I popped in the pacifier and it was a miracle. My twins also hated the swings, but they loved the bouncy seats that vibrate. Like Tripletmom said, it will get better.


MelissaSLP - February 7

Mine are 4 1/2 mo. right now. It can be a bit crazy, huh? Right now, here is our schedule. Wake up around 8:00 am, bottle between then and 9:00 am, then cereal. They nap around 10:00/10:30 for about 60-90 mins. Playtime, then bottle around 12:00 pm and more play. Nap again around 1:30/2:00 for about 45 mins. and then play time. They take another cat nap around 4:30/5:00 and eat "dinner" of cereal with veggies around 5:30. Down for bed with bottle around 7:00. My son has reflux, so he has to sit upright a lot of the time. He also takes Zantac for it. We found that they LOVE the BUMBO. It allows them to sit upright and they can play with all their toys that hang from gyms or arches. I usually squeeze a shower in during their am. nap (I usually bring my soon to be 3 yr. old in with me to save time - don't have to give her a bath later on). Mind you, mine were born at 38 weeks, so you might need to give your little ones a bit more time before trying the Cry It Out, but it worked great for us. It took only about a week for them to settle into a routine. Let us know how it goes. Congrats on your little angels!


Amasu - February 7

Day one of scheduling actually hasn't gone half bad! It is 5:37PM right now and they have just gone to bed. This is normally the beginning of their "witching hour" where they scream their heads off until 9,10,11...or even later sometimes. They ate at 8:30, 11:30, 2:30, and 4:30...I suspect they will be waking up to eat in another 2-3 hours, but I hope they go right back down. I mixed up some "gripe water" today and they seemed to like it and I think it was helping their gas. 123: they do take pacifiers sometimes, but not often and not for long durations. They don't seem to be "addicted"(for lack of a better word) to it like many babies might be. Melissa: what do you do for playtime? Mine are still pretty little, though I do try clapping and singing to them and showing them different toys every now and then. They don't have much of an attention span. We haven't started any solids yet because they are only about 7 weeks adjusted age(29 weekers) born Oct 7, 2005. I don't really let them CIO yet -- only for a few minutes if they aren't hysterical -- when did you start this method? thanks for all the tips!


MelissaSLP - February 8

I would base everything on their adjusted age, so we started CIO at almost 4 mo. to try to get them into a nap routine. For playtime, we do a lot of floor time. They enjoy looking at books that I hold up, rattles, other small toys, floor gyms, Baby Einstein videos. I also have a daughter that will be 3 in a couple of weeks, so she can entertain them at times. They love songs, doing finger games (itsy bitsy spider, this litte piggy, etc.) and animal sounds as well as being carried in the MaxiMom front carriers (yes, it allows you to carry both at the same time!). When I'm not being a SAHM, I work with Early Intervention children as a speech therapist so I've got a lot of tricks to get kiddos to pay attention. I'm glad that it seems to be going better for you. Let us know how the rest of the night went.


Candice - February 11

Hi AMASU! You have got your hands full! I have a 5 year old a 3 year old and then 16 week old identical girls! In the beginning it was a challenge! My mother-in-law was supposed to come and stay and then ended up not coming! I was very worried, I found that if I kept them both on the same schedule it was easier! When one woke I woke the other and so on! They like to have music throughout the day and love to kick and roll around on the floor! They are up about 7 am, they b___stfeed then and usually sleep again until about 10. Then we play and I started giving them pablem to keep them satisfied more throughout the day! Then they eat about 10:30 and then more playtime. They usually then have little cat naps throughout the day about half an hour here or there! Then 8:00 comes around, we bath them, find it helps calm them down and relax them at night! Feed them from the bottle and then they are down for the night! My girls screamed in their swings too for the first few times and I just let them cry it out and now they love them! If you could get them to like their swing it would make it a little easier on you! Do you ever get a chance to get out of the house on your own?? Even if it is only for an hour every week My husband usually takes the kids and lets me clear my mind and have some ME time! It is amazing how refreshed you feel even if it is only for 20 minutes. Like TripletMom said if they are fed and changed and in a safe place it is alright to let them cry! Good Luck with the schedule. Let us know how things are going! We also sleep our girls in their big crib now, they are vey active when they sleep and we found that they were always waking each other up in the craddle. We upgraded them and they started sleeping a lot better! Congratulations on your twins and good luck!



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