Sent Home From C Section

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lynne macrae - February 6

i was due to have a c section 2day as 1 of my twins was breech & coming 1st but when they scaned me she had truned & is now head down. im 39weeks & 2days & the docs have sent me home hoping my waters will break on there own if not i will be induced next monday when i will b 40weeks & 2days has this happened to any 1 else plz help.


Amasu - February 6

How large are the babies now? I have never heard of doctors letting twin pregnancies go past 39 weeks due to a higher than normal rate of unexplained stillbirths. I would get a second opinion...or they say acupuncture is great for starting labor when its time -- anyway, good luck and how great for the babies that you could carry them all the way!


Frances - February 6

Bump! = )


lynne macrae - February 7

the twins r both 6lb. there both fine have enought water aroung them etc & there heart rates r good 2. i was guttered when they sent me home as i really wanted it all to b over & done with.


Rochelle2006 - February 7

Dear lord! I've never heard of a doctor letting a twin pregnancy go that long! I'd go back and demand a c-section or inducement!! That's cruel! You must be in so much pain. I thought I would explode at 36 weeks, luckily my doctor listened to my pain and gave me a c-section. I can't have imagined going anylonger than that! I'm sure if you called him he'd reconsider. Are your babies a good size? My guys were 5 lbs each at 36 weeks. Hope all is well.


lynne macrae - February 7

im not in that much pain 2 b honest. both my girls r 6lbs & both r doing well. i go back fri 4 a check up then if all is well i go on monday to b induced.


Rochelle2006 - February 7

Wow, crazy! So you're going to do it v____ally. I can't have imagined doing it that way.


Corona - February 7

I'm not afraid to repeat myself. I am TERRIFIED of the thought of a v____al delivery! God bless all of you who were able to do it! My cousin did her twins v____ally, first out boy, 7lbs even. 2nd out girl, 6.5lbs, breech! Doesn't sound like fun to me, but I'm a wimp!


Rochelle2006 - February 7

The day the doctor gave me the option of a c-section I jumped on that wagon as fast as possible. Koodos to all the strong women who can do it the push push way...I wish I were that strong.


onetwothree - February 7

Corona, don't be scared of a v____al delivery. I have one word for you and it is recommended for a v____al twin delivery anyway just in case........EPIDURAL. Manmade drug sent straight from heaven.


MelissaSLP - February 7

My twin v____al birth was actually easier than my singleton and she was pretty easy. I was induced with prostiglandin gel - got immediate contractions. 5 1/2 hrs. later I got the epidural and 20 mins. after that I felt pressure and "A" was crowning. One push and he was out (6 lb. 4 oz.) and then his sister made her debut 16 mins. later (she had to take her time and flip herself from breech to head down). She weighed in at 7 lb. and took only 3 pushes. I wouldn't have it any other way. It was an incredible experience!


Frances - February 13

Wow MelissaSLP! That sounds like a super cool birth! It's so nice to hear about a great easy birth instead of the hard ones. Keeps us all going. Corona, you never know what you can do till you're there. My labor and birth were not so fun, but I got through it just fine and so will you! Blessings!


Corona - February 13

Did I ever mention that I'm a professional worryier? I come from a long line of them!



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