Sex During Multiple Pregnancy

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Rachel Jones - November 8

Okay, just visted the Sex during pregnancy forum and the only questions being asked there were, " Could I be pregnant??? " SO- I am going to bring this question here. I am 24 weeks pregnant with twins, and I am the size of a house! However I swear my husband is more attracted to me now than he has ever been. LOL. Things that worry me though are going into preterm labor. After we have had s_x I usually have braxton hicks contractions... This is my first pregnancy and having those braxton hicks contractions TERRIFY me because one of my biggest fears is going into preterm labor. I have no complications in my pregnancy so far and s_x is uncomfortable in certain positions but still a desire between my husband and I. Im getting to the point to where Im just not comfortable with the thought of it anymore because of my fears...This is a topic that many women have diffrent stories and opinons on and I would love to hear them. - Thanks twin moms!


sphinx - November 9

The general medical opinion is that s_x during pregnancy is ok... BUT there are sometimes when your doctor will advise "pelvic rest" a.k.a. "no s_x" Braxton-Hicks are normal after s_x AND orgasm. Non-preg women actually have a similar uterine tightening after orgasm. It is thought that this "contracting" helps create a suction to get the sperm up into the uterus. You shouldn't worry about the Braxton-Hicks Contractions unless you are having 4-6 an hour, for a couple of hours. My twin pregnancy was my only pregnancy and I felt the same way. I went to the ER for every little thing. Looking back I wish I wouldn't have worried so much but I couldn't help it. This was a new world for me and it was scary! You should contact the doctor if you experience any bleeding or if mucous appears to be coming out. If either happens, they will probably do an ultrasound to measure the thickness of your cervix. If your cervix appears to be thinning, they will put you on pelvic rest... The most comfortable way for me was to be on all fours. My husband would ma__sage my lower back from this position, too and that felt great. Get down on your elbows so you can support your weight better or try side-lying with pillows under your belly. It's definately a time to get creative. If a position is hurting you. then change to a position where you can straighten your legs. When your legs are bent up like a contortionist, the length of the v____a gets shorter and the cervix can get irritated because it's closer to the v____a. Straightening your legs out will pull the cervix up more and make it more comfortable for love-making. This is a very special time to make love and the two of you will create a very special bond. He is probably very turned on and filled with love that you are carrying his children. Unless your doctor tells you not to, there's no reason why you shouldn't.


mrssolo - November 9

There was a short period in time I was not able to have s_x with my husband during this pregnancy. It was because I had bleeding from a low lying placenta, Once the placenta moved I was cleared to have s_x again. The only way we have been able to have s_x is with me on all fours (doggie style) I just make sure not to put pressure on my belly. I'm now 34 weeks and I don't even want to have s_x anymore. I'm uncomfortable to just sit or lay down so the thought of s_x is not there. If I go much longer I might try just to get labor going, lol. I would say just enjoy it now because you may get uncomfortable and not be able to. Once the babies are here you might not have the time or energy for it. Good luck and happy love making.


Rachel Jones - November 9

sphinx- Thanks for the tips! I do worry alot about every little thing and your input made me feel much better! mrssolo- I will soon be in your position when it comes to being uncomfortable! I wish you the best for the rest of your pregnancy and your soon to be babies... And your at 34 weeks! You must be wanting this to happen at any day now huh? Thanks ladies...


mrssolo - November 9

Rachel Jones yes I just keep waiting and waiting, lol. I'm getting tired of waiting. I think I have been preganant forever and still no babies. But anytime now. I'll just keep waiting.


sphinx - November 9

lol... I remember that feeling! It was a sign of relief after they were born! Just stay pregnant as long as you can so your babies have less of a chance of being in the NICU. The only thing harder than being sooo pregnant is not having your babies at home. Mine were in the NICU for 6 weeks.


sphinx - November 9

oh and Rachel, don't be scared because I delivered preterm and I'm telling you to have My water broke after I fell in the bathtub. So be careful in the bathtub!


Rachel Jones - November 10

sphinx- How many weeks were you at when you delivered? I have been trying to get lots of rest... Not like I have the energy for anything else any way! Even though Im misreable at times and I know that it will just get worse I hope my girls stay in with me as long as they can for there sake! mrssolo- At least you have made it this far! I Pray that I reach your point! When did you really start to notice your body change? I was showing at 3 months... I was really showing at 5 months and now I look like Im at full term with a singleton pregnancy! KILLS my back.


sphinx - November 10

Rachel, I was 33 weeks and 4 days (going by my later due date) when my water broke (on Friday the 13th to make things more interesting) My babies were both 4#4oz and they did not have any serious problems. They did have to stay in the NICU for 6 weeks because they hadn't developed their suck reflexes and had to be tube fed. Their lungs and breathing were great, no problems there. They were supposed to go home after 4 weeks but the day they were supposed to go home, one of them starting having reflux problems, so they were both tested for reflux and they both had reflux. Then they had to be observed on their reflux medication before going home. I also had steroid injections at 24 weeks to help develope the babies lungs so I a__sume that helped with the breathing. They gave me the injections as a precautionary measure because I started having Braxton Hicks Contractions at 15 weeks which is kinda early. Even after my water broke, I had to be induced because my body didn't want to go into labor. But with Baby A's water broken it was time to go. The Doctor in Phoenix told me that 33 weeks was their magic number. If I hadn't have pa__sed 33 weeks, they would have tried to hold off my labor.


mrssolo - November 11

Rachel Jones I started to show at about three months also. Now I look like I soukd pop anyday. ppl are always sayinf OMG your having baby anyday. I have to say no I'm having twins in a few weeks. sphinx my doctors said that if the babies were to be born now they would be okay but they want them in until at least 35 weeks. I think I can wait. I'm really putting myself on bedrest. I had only been doing it half a__s and now I'm doing it for real and I feel better. So as my husband says, I'll just keep my legs crossed and wait.


sphinx - November 11

mrssolo, my doctors also wanted me to hold them in until 35 weeks. I think I would have if the water hadn't broke. But looking back, it was really cool that my twins were born on Friday the 13th! They are doing great now (they are about 13 months old) And they don't show any signs that they were pre-term. The are actually big for their ages.



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