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stacey - January 2

im 32 years old. this is my fourth pregnancy and im having s_xtuplets after a transfer. My cervix is still long and closed and all our babies are getting so big! I did start a terbutaline pump at home, but at a very low dose. I am now having maybe one contraction an hour, with mild irritability. We did find out that I have a bladder infection which could have caused the contractions to increase, but Dr Elliott is keeping me on the terb just in case. As I expected, I have been given the order for hospitalization. I think this will be a mental battle as nothing is "wrong", but I know it is the best place for me. I check in on January 9th, and will have my laptop handy to keep in touch with you ladies! We will be at almost 24 weeks then. One good thing about the hospital is I will have a whirlpool and I hear that is amazing for back pain and for hands/feet swelling.i have gained 34 pounds and peri said my uterus is measuring to be 36 weeks. im having 4 boys and two girls. yay me!


djh - January 3

Oh my goodness, Stacey! I know nothing about HOM, but I just wanted to say I wil say a huge prayer for you and the babies to get to a good gestational age! With such a large multiple pregnancy, what is the furthest reasonable week you can expect to get to? 6 babies...omigod! You are simply amazing :>)


<> - January 3

Yay you?


triplets+ - January 4

you can find support at it is not just for triplets but for all HOM! We'd love to see you there!


bump - January 9



TripletMom - January 9

Not sure if this is a genuine post. Just wondering since this person was referred to the TC website, they received some random post from a "faker"


to triplet - January 10

LOL, yeah usually HOM are fakers.


onetwothree - January 10

Why are people so weird? There was a woman on another website that actually faked a twin pregnancy and then faked their death for sympathy and I think money. Sick. Oh well. What goes around comes around.


to one - January 10

it IS weird. I am so amazed at how many woman want multiples SO bad. I am a mod on another board and we have had our share of trolls. We had one a couple yrs ago who claimed twins, and two weeks later said it was trips then at 26 wks her dh suddenly died and she went into ptl at 28 weeks and they found a 4th baby. Course she totally faked it. Crazy isn't it.


Media attention - January 10

If she was actually carrying 6 babies, wouldn't there have been some media coverage about it?! Things like that are so extraordinary and interesting to the general public that the papers always do some story about them.


Tiffany - January 11

bump heehee


TripletMom - January 11

Google multiple fakers and you will find a website that has a list of individuals who have done so.


onetwothree - January 11

I just googled the fakers and the only question that comes to my mind is "What in God's name would be lacking in someone's genetic code that they would be compelled to even do this?" Man this world has got some humdingers living in it.



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