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shemi99 - September 28

I am new here and am very glad I found this forum. Me and my husband have been trying to conceive for about a year. I won't say we have been very active about it. The doctors considered us trying since we were having unprotected s_x with no methods of birth control. I have PCOS and was diagnosed at about age 16. I have been on birth control pills every since. I am 26 now. I got off of birth control pills about a year ago and would only get a cycle every 3 or 4 months without the aid of provera or prometrium. If I did get AF without medication it would last past 20 days (heavy) and they would have to give me medication to stop it due to my iron getting really low and me running the risk of needing a blood transfusion. I just started Clomid one month ago. Side effects were so so. Hot flashes and mood swings being the worse. When I went in for an ultrasound b/c I hadn't gotten AF, they found two cysts that had developed so they stopped the clomid and put me on Birth control pills for 2 weeks. The BC was to stop my hormones from feeding the cysts. I go to the Dr. next thursday to see if they are gone and to start back clomid. MY OPK said i ovulated on the 11th day. The dr. found that weird since most people don't ovulate early. Maybe I read the OPK wrong. If the line is the same shade as the control line that's positive right or does it have to be darker? I look forward to more people starting to post back on the forum. I notice the activity has died down. I started reading from the beginning and haven't been able to stop. Thanks for your support and advance. -Shemika-


MEandHIM - September 28

You should try the "trouble getting pregnant" forum. This is the forum for people pregnant with twins or mothers of twins. :) Good Luck Oh and yes if your OPK has 2 identical lines or the test line is darker then the control line then it is a positive..



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