Shooting Vaginal Pain And Heaviness

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Jodie - June 28

I keep asking the dr. to make sure this is normal and they keep telling me it is but sometihngi n the back of my head tellsm e iti s not and iti s incomp. cervix. I am in my 13th week just so you know with twins. I keep having these painful shooting pains in my va___a. I also have a constant "heaviness" in my va___a. I jsut got diagnosed with a bacterial vginosis and I am getting treated for that. I had aslight watery discharge yesterday and my ob was not owried but didnot want to do a vag. ultrasound and said it was to early to disgnose incomp. cervix if I had not been pregnant before. Is this normal...have any of you had this "pain" and heaviness? Thanks for all your help.


melissa - June 28

In my previous pregnancy with a singleton I did get the shooting pains in my v____a towards the end of my pregnancy (last month or so). I am currently 26 weeks with twins and I get only very occasional shooting pains, but do get some heaviness in my cervical area. I told me Dr. and he said I should always rest with my feet up if I start to feel that way. I also feel that Twin A is almost "dancing" on my cervix at times. Hope that helps.


jena - June 28

I'm 17 weeks with twins and find that when I'm laying down at night or in the morning and have to pee, I get a shooting pain on my right side. It scared me at first, but I think it's normal. The pressure is normal too - the babies are really dancing on your bladder and organs!


deb - July 1

13 weeks with twins,having aching deep pains in mainly right side of lower abdomen and some sharp ones jabbing on the left. no discharge but it is worrying me so much !


Bree - July 7

I have shooting, stabbing pains in the v____al/lower abdominal area, also. I'm not having twins to my knowledge, but you are not alone if that helps.


Amanda - July 19

I went to the hospital this weekend due to pains like this -- the nurse explained to me that they are from the two ligaments on either side of your uterus stretching. It is common to equate the pain to feeling like two hernias with shooting pain into the v____a. She also said it was common to feel it worse on the right side. Usually woman feel this the worst nearing the end of the third trimester but with twins(or more) it comes earlier. I am 19 weeks with twins.



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