Soy Isoflavones To Conceive Multiples

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carlabarla03 - August 6

I have an 11 month old daughter, my husband and I want to start ttc on my next cycle and would really love to have twins or more!! I have been taking my prenatals plus an extra 800 mg of folic acid, drinking lots of milk and eating lots of beef!! Twins run in my family (there are twins in every generation on my moms side, the last set being my mom's sisters) I've been reading about u/p clomid and soy isoflavones (supposedly the natural form of clomid) and was wondering if anyone had any insight or ideas of anything I can do to increase my chances of getting two peas in my pod!! Thanks so much!!


carlabarla03 - August 6

Oh yeah...we conceived my daughter the first cycle we no infertility issues, I'm waiting to stop the pill until right before we try because I've heard that can increase your chances of hyperovulation! Thanks again!!


wifelady - August 30

I am gonna take 200 mg of soy isoflavones cd 3-7... i read that it's about half as potent as clomid so that should be as equal to 100 mg of clomid! How is everything going... have you found out more information?? I'm definently willing to share some of my acquired research... but can't give you a personal experience till i start my next cycle and then hopefully get a bfp! I also do have no problem getting pregnant but i am way to chicken to buy u/p clomid off line... i know it's illegal but i'm more afraid of credit card fraud and ident_ty theft because business over seas aren't regulated by our gov.! So if something happens your s.o.l! To scary for me... so i'll buy some soy haha! I too have twins in my family but i guess i'd be happy with just one baby... if thats what God wants i guess i have little say right? :) Anyways good luck to you! Hope things are/have worked out for you :)


Krissy68 - September 1

wifelady - Good Luck to you with the soy isoflavones I took it as well but still didn't get pg but a fews ladies did and if you look at some of the old post you will find the t_tle this very subject. Talk to you soon. How have you been. Krissy


carlabarla03 - September 2

Hi wifelady! Well...I started my period yesterday morning, so I'm going to start my soy tonight and take it cd 2-6! The pills I got are 40 mg, so I'm going to take 4 at night so that will be 160 mg...I've also been taking an extra folic acid and and B-6 in addition to my prenatal for the past month and increasing dairy like crazy!! I'm getting excited, but not getting hopes up...just hoping for another little punkin but two would be twice as nice :) I ordered ovulation and pregnancy test from you taken ovulation tests before? did you take more than one a day? Where are you at in your cycle?? Glad to have someone to chat with about this :) Have a great week!!


wifelady - September 3

Hey carla! I am currently waiting for AF and will be trying next month! Which is beginning to be the longest couple weeks of my life! Yes i have used opk's before, i just recently had a miscarriage and conceived my daughter using opk.... you're supposed to take them once a day in the middle of the day... they say not to use morning urine and not to take it right before bed so like 1 or 2 in the afternoon is when i took them :) Good job on the prenatals and folic acid because thats always a good idea to start those early!! Definently keep me updated on how things go... i'll probably have AF around the time you ovulate... hopefully sooner... but doubt it! GOOD LUCK this cycle! :)


carlabarla03 - September 3

I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage, hopefully this time will be different! Are you going to use soy or u/p clomid? I would love to use clomid but from what I've read it should be white, and I've read on some posts where people where taking orange pills they got u/p...I would just be nervous of what I was really taking, hopefully the soy will do the trick!! I took mine last night, no side effects today, fingers crossed it stays that way! Well good luck and hopefully af will be here sooner than you anticipate!! have a great day!


wifelady - September 4

Carla- Yeah well i did order some clomid today! I am definently nervous of that fact... i have also ordered the soy because a girl on another post told me that it took three weeks to get her clomid and well... i'm expecting AF much sooner than that! Hopefully... so i'll be taking soy this next cycle to see how it works! I'm really excited that you're taking it and hope you will let me know how it goes! Looks like your lucky and have none of those nasty side affects! (so far fingers crossed**) Anyways I do hope this time will be different for me too... the miscarriage was tough but i look at my daughter and realize that there could be much worse things... like losing her or carrying a baby for 9 months and ending up having a still birth... i think knowing what other women have gone through makes me able to move on. I will never deny that baby's exsistance because whether people agree or not that baby was MY baby even if it was just 13 weeks old. I also ended up seeing the baby and that gave me a lot of closure... and though its weird i remember thinking that it looked so perfect like all the pictures on the of babies at that stage. I am a very emotional person lol! Maybe all women are but as scary as it was at the time that i saw it, i'll never regret it. Sorry if thats tmi! On a happier note!! I've been reading more and more about the soy and a lot of women have definently succeeded! Oh and i did read that it's about half as potent so 160 mg would equal about 80 mg of clomid!! wishing you luck!!! :) Krissy- Hey girl i hope you're doing well and got through that weekend okay! I finally got all my clomid issues figured out so i'm excited about that... but it probably wont come in time so soy it is! Tomorrow's test day... wishing you a bfp!


wifelady - September 4

Oh carla! So i didn't realize until now that you have an 11 month old!!! I have a well 8 month old... geez... seems really young... me and my husband want our kids close together! lol The doctor said that that did not play a part in my miscarriage though which i was very happy to hear because at first i felt that it was my fault and had pushed my body... but you wont get pregnant if your body isn't ready right! Well anyways... glad to see someone with another little one!!! :)


carlabarla03 - September 4

Hi Wifelady! Well good luck with the clomid, that's super exciting, but maybe the soy will work the first time and you won't even have to use it, wouldn't that be great :) I'm glad to hear your coping with the loss of your lil peanut, but I definetly agree that once you have a little one it has to make it easier, just because you do get to see that little face and it always seems to make things seem better!! My little lady just turned 1 last month and if it were up to me we would've started ttc 4 months ago, lol, but the hubster wanted to wait just a little longer!! Last night I actually took 5 soy pills (200 mg) and still no symptoms today so I think I'll do the same tonight! Since I just finished my pills on saturday I'm not really sure when to start my opt, I mean because who knows when I'll ovulate!! Anyways, keep me posted! Have a great day!!


carlabarla03 - September 4

oh yeah...what kind of mucinex am I supposed to take after I stop the soy?? thanks!!


wifelady - September 4

I think any type of mucinex will work actually. As for your opk's it kind of depends on your normal cycle... mine is 28-29 days so i start taking them at cd 11. How long is your average cycle??


Krissy68 - September 4

wifelady - How are you doing? Well I test this morning and it was bfn and so far AF didn't show up yesterday and when I went to the bathroom a few hours ago and I wiped it was very very light pink and slimy mucus never happened before so I took it as AF will be here later on today so I just put on a real pad and tampon, well I just got back from the bathroom and the pad was clean and so was the tampon. What do you think. I am currently on cd28/17dpo but I am cramping real bad. If I don't talk to you anymore have a very nice evening and holiday and I will talk to you again on Tuesday. I did send in more money to the fertility doctor so that made my day. Take care and I will talk to you later. Krissy


wifelady - September 4

Krissy- I don't believe thats typical AF. So maybe it will come later but hopefully not! I never usually cramp with AF so for me cramping is a good sign of pregnancy. I will keep praying for you! What exactly are you making payments for?? Just curious... i know i've read it somewhere and probably can go find which forum it's on! Either way If AF for you normally doesn't start like that... which it sounds like it doesn't then i'm very optomistic!!! GOOD LUCK!!! Have a good weekend as well... AF free i hope and a bfp for you!!!


carlabarla03 - September 5

Wifelady- See, that's the thing, when I'm not pregnant I'm always on birth control and this will be my first month off, so I don't really know how long my cycles are on their own!! Another 200 mg last night, still not ONE side effect, I'm so excited!! Anyways, have a great holiday weekend, talk to ya soon!! Krissy- hopefully you have a BFP in your near future...enjoy the long weekend and try to relax!!


wifelady - September 5

Carla- You're lucky on the no side effects i think! And since you're just off b/c i would start opk at cd 10 but you may not O until cd 20 and then thats a lot of tests... it's your choice obviously but you don't want to miss O... you could wait till cd 12. You have a good weekend to, thanks!


carlabarla03 - September 6

Wifelady- Well, just took my last dosage of soy, I took 240 mg, just a little extra for good measure :) I started my opt yesterday, they've all had faint lines, but no positive yet, I just don't want to miss the big o, the kit I bought for this month has 50 opt's so I can test twice a day for 23 more days :) that's all for now, hope you have a good rest of the weekend!!



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