Spontaneous Twins Or Triplets

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Amanda - July 20

Just wondering how many women here are pregnant with multiples who weren't on fertility treatments. Are they fraternal or identical? Do twins run in your family? How old are you? I'm nearly 24, about 80% sure they are fraternal twins I'm carrying(19 weeks so far) and they don't run in my family.


Mary - July 20

Hello Amanda, I am 14 weeks pregnant with twins and it was also spontaneous. To my surprise when I went to the doctor they told me I was having twins. I was shocked but very emotional. I never expected that. I am 33 years old and twins and triplets do run in my family. My grandmother gave birth to twins twice but sadly she lost one in each pregnancy during birth. So I am very concerned. My aunt had triplets but she lost all three during birth. Of course in those days medicine and doctors were not so advanced like it is now. Congratulations and Enjoy your Bundles of Joy!!


Stacey - July 21

Good Morning Amanda and Mary ! I am almost 17 weeks pregnant with twins with without fertility treatments. My fathers side of the family had 2 sets of twins and none of them lived. I was told that twins skip one to two generations. It took my husband and I a month to get out of the daze that we were having twins. I know from the ultrasound that with my babies being in two seperate sacs that they are fraterna.. Congrats to both of you !


Carrie - July 21

Hi everyone. I'm writing on behalf of my sister-in-law. I saw your thread and thought I would add her "2 cents" in. She is 18 weeks pregnant with triplets - no fertility treatments. I believe there is a set of twins in her family somewhere. Her situation is especially unique because she has one baby in a single sac and then identical twins sharing another sac. The single baby was conceived one week prior to the twins. I had never heard of this before but her doctors and specialists all agree that she dropped two eggs a week apart. Of course they'll all be delivered at the same time. She just found out last week that they are all girls! My sister-in-law is 29. Just thought I would share her info with you! Best of luck to you all! I'm pregnant also...but it's just one for me!


Mandora - July 24

Hello!! I'm introduce myself before i give you my answer, I'm a young mother and I have tree childreen!! And i'm french so I'm sorry for my language, I think my english is so bad!! My first baby is twoo years and I have twins theirs twoo month!! They are a lot of twins in my family!! My gran-mother : twins, the sister's mun: twins and the childreen of the sister's mum: twins!!! My twins are fraternal not identicals!! I hope you can arrive ta read my answer!!


KRYSTAL - July 29

Hi Amanda,I am 23 years old and i was actually on birthcontrol when i got pregnant.I am now 29 weeks with identical twin boys.My grandmother was an identical twin so thats where i get it from.I found out on my first prenatel exam i was only 7 weeks and they could tell they were identical.My twins are (monocorionic twins) which means they share one placenta but they have there own amniotioc sacs.Bad thing is they share the same blood supply but so far so good.


Keri - July 29

I am 20 weeks preggo with twin boys and they don't run in my family whatsoever. However, I had gastric Bypa__s 1 year ago and have found there is a higher change of dropping two eggs (if fraternal) after that surgery than not. I am not sure if they are identical. They are in two seperate sacs and aren't sure if they are sharing a placenta or if both placenta's are growing together. But they did say that even though they are in two seperate sacs, they can still be identical.


twinsmomnj - July 29

Hi A- twins run in my family... but distantly... how far back have you looked? Or maybe you just got lucky! Enjoy them... my b/g twins are the best gift I've ever gotten!


shocked - August 4

I am 21 years old and pregnant with fraternal twins. Neither my husband nor I have twins in our family as far back as we can find. I have never been on fertility treatments! In fact I had a cone byopsy done last year where they cut out a large portion of your cervix due to cervical cancer. This procedure can actually make it more difficult to conceive for a number of reasons. I am 12 weeks along and the doc is pretty sure they are fraternal. aren't fraternal supposed to be hereditary?!! I'm pretty confused too. :-)


Rebecca - August 10

I am 28 weeks with fraternal twins, neither my husband nor I have twins anywhere in our family. I am told as I am 33 years old it is possible that this is down to my egg production becoming irractic due to (again a possibilty) early menopause. The nurse who did our ultra sound announced the news to us at 20 weeks into the pregnancy, my husband almost fell off the chair! She said that when it comes to twins in the family somebody has to be the first. We have recovered from the shock and I am now 30 lbs heavier and wondering how I am ever going to manage weeks more of carrying a large bump and chasing a very busy 2 year old!


Chelsey - August 13

I am currently pregnant with twins, one boy and one girl, I didn't use any fertility treatments and I am 20.


Leslie - August 15

I too am pg with twins.. doesnt run on either side of my family or my husbands. I am 27 and they are faternal twins. Drs say I released 2 eggs... I am about 12 weeks along and wasn't on any fertility treatments.. what a shock!



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