Starting Clomid Any Suggestions

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vheni3 - June 23

I've heard so many stories about clomid. I really dont know where to start. Twins, Multiples, pains and depression. I've been wanting this so bad (a baby) I misscarried earlier this year and i dont want to go thru the same thing again. Please help me cope with this. My husband wants TWINS!!!! But then again he wants to have his little "Bryan Bunch" (brady bunch). LOL Baby Dust to everyone out there who is trying. This will be my first time on this pill. CD3 - CD7 is my days on 100mg ... how will i feel!?!?!?


Teddyfinch - June 23

hot and headachey. i got pregnant on clomid. good luck to you, though.


Krissy68 - June 24

and very moody. Good Luck! How are you doing Teddyfinch. Krissy68


donnams83 - June 25

I am on round two of clomid 50mg days 3-7. I have been HOT and I mean HOT all the time. I've had nausea, cramps or soreness in my lower abdomen and irritability.


Teddyfinch - June 26

krissy: girl i'm sleepy lol. and hot as hell. i hate texas right about now. but doing good. getting kicked a lot more by my little cutie. hopefully dh will get to feel it soon.


KAZ - June 27

Hi i start next month so ill just listen to your stories if thats ok? i cant wait already the suspense is killing me and i havent even had AF yet!


vheni3 - June 27

KAZ ... Im on CD 11 so i cnt wait until next month 2 start


KAZ - June 27

Vhendi im on cd7 at the moment but im not sure how long this one will go ... i will let you know when i start :)


vheni3 - July 1

CD 15 still waiting for some hope. OPK are negative still. I have an appt next friday for my clomid instructions.


KAZ - July 2

Heya Vheni - when i went and saw my doc last i told him i wanted to use guafinessin and asprin and he was happy with that - i was just worried that if i didnt tell him everthin i was doin i would jinx myself. LOL. i wish i could just fast forward to when AF arrives!!!!!!!! this is worse than a 2WW :)



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