Stomach Cramps In Early Pregnancy

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Reegsmommy - April 25

I am just 10 weeks with twins and am finding that while sitting at work, I get really bad stomach cramps. These are accompanied by lower back pains as well. I still have a while before I would be scheduled to quit work, but am thinking about taking long term disability until I start my mat leave (I'm in Canada). I find that when I'm at home I can rest and don't get the cramping. Does anyone have a similar story to share? How long did everyone work before starting mat leave? Thanks, Reegsmommy


braucht726 - June 27

I have the same question .. worried I should relax a bit more.. maybe not enough water intake ?


christina c - June 27

i have 4 year old twins and when i found out they put me on bed rest at 4 months. not that i had to stay in bed but they did not want me working. so they might do the same for you.. i am now 9 weeks pregnant and have really bad cramping worst than my first pregnancy. im just wondering if im having twins again will know july 6th! good luck


Kate - July 6

Unless there is heavy, bright red bleeding, don't worry. Just try to rest as much as possible. I have been pregnant 5 times now (this is my fifth - I'm looking for info. on twins!). My fourth pregnancy ended with stillbirth at 22 weeks. In hindsight, I realize that it was the LACK of uterine tightening that should have tipped me off that she had died. In my opinion, a hard, tight belly is uncomfortable, but GOOD NEWS!


Russo - July 27

Okay, I'm not having twins, I actually don't even know if I am pregnant, that's part of why I'm here. I was looking online for some info about stomach cramps and being pregnant as I have been trying for 4months now. Anyways, I am interested in the stomach cramps you are talking about. I have been almost feverish feeling the past two days, but no fever, and I have been really tired, to the point where I am falling asleep at work but most noticable is that for the past three days now, I have had a light aching in my lower stomach that kind of affects my back and causes it to hurt. It really feels like the cramps I have on the first day of my period but I am still like 2 1/2 weeks away from my period (I normally have a 5 week cycle). So I was just wondering, is that what a pregnancy cramp feels like and also do you think its too early for me to feel that, do you think it's probably something else, I would only be 2 weeks prego and have concieved about 1 week ago?! Let me know what you think because I am getting excited and anxious. I hate waiting!


Melissa - July 27

Russo, It could be implantation aches if you concieved about a week ago. As for me, my biggest sign of being pregnant was big, sore b___sts. Good luck!


Russo - July 28

It's now the third day I have felt those cramps, so I definitly think it's real and not some hopeful figment of my imagination, although I am worried a test might still say negative, and it ends up just being a virus or something. But anyways, I just wanted to ask Melissa, I had thought about the fact that it could possibly be implantation but don't you think I would have the light spotting along with the cramps if that is what it is? And also these symptoms do they start off light and then get stronger, because the symptoms I THINK I may feel are obvious but not devestatingly painful or whatever?!


Melissa - July 28

Russo, I don't think everyone necessarily experiences the light spotting during implantation. I never do. I know that it usually takes place 7-10 days after ovulation. If you are really anxious, you could try an early hpt in a couple of days. I've tested positive 10 dpo for the two healthy pregnancies that I've had (I did have a miscarriage right before this pregancy that did not show up on a hpt as soon as my others did). With both of these pregnancies as well, I started feeling "pregnancy symptoms" about a week after conception. I wish you luck!


Melissa - July 29

Sorry to keep bothering you... one more question- Shouldn't these symptoms be strong and extremely noticable though? I know that sounds like a dumb question, but everyone else I know who has children said that they were in extreme pain or throwing up all the time, not just light cramps and nausea? I mean, I know you can't tell me if I am pregnant or not but I am just wondering not only for this month but also for in the future (if I am not prego this month)! Thanks


Russo - July 29

Opps, I meant to int_tle the last one To Melissa it was from me! :0)


Melissa - July 29

Ruso, I never got sick with this pregnancy and didn't really get nauseaus until weeks 8-13. I guess everyone is different. Are you still having the light cramping? Do you think you'll test soon? Let me know how things go. As for me, I am just 31 weeks with my boy/girl twins and just hoping to make it another month at least.


Russo - August 1

Melissa, I am still feeling the cramps a little, but I can't really test until the end of this week. My cycles are more like every 5 weeks than the normal 4 so I still have about a week and a half to go before it's supposed to show. I'll keep you updated though.


violeta - August 4

russo.. hey, try not to worry yourself about the cramps. you can always go to the doc and have a blood test to find out, even before your due date. blood tests can show early. everyones different.. i am preggies with twins.. i am 15 weeks and i never got cramps in the first month.. actually i never got cramps at all just sore b___bs about 3-4 weeks after conception. good luck and dont stress yourself, the cramps are probably nothing.


Starr - August 9

I Am 5 Weeks Pregnant I Am Only 18 I Have Been having really bad stomach cramps. they last a few mins then they are gone. some days they happen more often than others.I Really Want this baby i am so scared of losing it. are these pains normal? if so....whats the possibility of my losing it? i am so worried about my little angel....someone help me ease my mind


Russo - August 10

Starr, I don't know for sure because I'm not a Dr. but those pains from everything I read can be very normal, from implantation and your uturus stretching and all that kind of stuff, but I've heard if it gets excruciating and you start bleeding then you need to worry. Maybe you should ask your Dr about it anyways though to be safe. I would hate for something to happen, Children are so special and I can understand you wanting it to be okay. I wish you the best of luck! I still don't know about myself, I haven't had stomach cramps in a little over a week now and it's just now about time to start looking for my AF!


Jenny - August 12

Russo: I was online last night looking for the same symptoms that you currently have. If I was prego then it would also be about two weeks and I have the same symptoms you do cramping on my right side/also in the middle as well, backpain, heartburn, gas, sore b___bs, I fall asleep sitting and sometimes I even get dizzy. I have kind of convinced myself that it can't be a prego reason because I had an ectopic pregnancy almost two months ago. I however am I stay at home mom and my husband works on the rigs so I can't even go and see the doctor till two weeks from now. Anyways I am interested to see how it turns out for you. Good Luck!!


Russo - August 12

Jenny-Keep me updated on you too, I am interested to see how everything turns out for you. I don't think I am pregnant anymore to tell the truth, I don't know why, just don't. But who knows maybe I have just convinced myself that it will never happen, but I will let you know, I should know for sure by the end of the week!



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