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AnnaG - November 18

NO ONE here has the right to criticise others for their decision to take an unprescribed med, especially a fertility drug. If it was a more dangerous med I'd understand but the few like mamabeans and Anne are just causing more problems than helping. This website is here to help women with questions. No one wants to hear your opinions and criticism. Show the rest of us a little respect. STOP the nonsense! If you can't give someone actual information then keep it to yourself.


mama-beans - November 18

You're kidding, right? I'm not criticising you, etc... I'm standing up for the law, and insisting that doing something illegal and dangerous in order to conceive multiples is not a good idea. I mean, this is all FACT? Criticism would be me enforcing my opinion on b___stfeeding on you, telling you how you are feeding your child is wrong. The opposition of the consumption of illegal and potentially harmful drugs is not criticism. It is enforcing a law. I will feel free to "criticise" ANY woman doing something ILLEGAL when it has to do with children. I mean, what if it was found out that Crack Cocaine helped in coceiving multiples? You'd all flock out and get some, and "don't want my criticism". What if it was Valium? What is the difference? Bottom line, if you don't want criticism for your illegal and dangerous decision, keep it a secret. People who care about their families, people who care about infants, they are going to "criticise" you. Maybe start a private Blog so all of you fanatical woman can get together and discuss your illegal use.. don't discuss it on a PUBLIC forum where impressionable people may view. Leave this to the women who AREN'T breaking the law and encouraging others to do the same... for those ladies who have been prescribed their fertility aids.


SHUT UP! - November 18

just shut up mama-bean or whatever bean you are....just zip it...your such a bBIG BORE gosh your bad on here what would it be like to live with you....??? nag nag nag!!!!


mama-beans - November 18

Gosh, you are immature. "Just shut up" and "go away" will not make what you are doing any more legal. It will not make what you are doing any more right. I won't be going away, sorry, because there are a lot of people coming onto these forums for help and advice, and if I leave, the advice they are getting is "take illegal unprescribed drugs.. I AM!". It is just irresponsable. So no luck there. As long as YOU are putting OTHERS into harms way ( other women looking for info, their families, and any possible infants...) then I will be here, loud and proud, telling women FACTS, so that they can make a SMART choice.


nag nag nag nag nag.. - November 18

nag nag nag nag nag......we got it many times do you want to repeat yourself???


mama-beans - November 18

Well.... since new people get on this site every day.. and most of them don't read the archives.... lets see..... as many times as I need to. Over and Over. Until there is nothing for me to argue against...either the site manager stops these kind of posts or the senate makes punishment for your kind of crime easier to enforce... and you stop recommending this activity to others. Yes, I'll keep on talking till there is no one left who needs to hear it. Get used to it.


123 - November 18

Wow, it scares me that such an a__s would want to procreate. There goes the future. I guess we can all just pray the illegal clomid ends up sterilizing the lot. Anyway, I guess when we send people off to jail for breaking the law, we are so mean to criticize.


I have news for you. . - November 18

I do have a right to criticize you. And I love this quote "If it was a more dangerous med I'd understand" Do you have any idea what unprescribed clomid could do to you? Probably not because all the research that's been done on this drug has been done of women who are PRESCRIBED IT FOR MEDICAL REASONS. Not because they feel like "speeding things up" and would love "at least twins" (I mean what does that mean? 2 would be nice? 3 or 4 would be better?) Yes, I agree, STOP THE NONSENSE!. If you don't want to hear someone's opinion, either ignore it or post somewhere else. And mama-beans has more information on this subject than anyone I know, perhaps you should listen to what she has to say or do you profess to "know it all"?


TripletMom - November 18

AnnaG - what mamabeans and I and others are trying TO DO is give you some valid information. You think that it is no big deal just because they are ONLY fertility drugs. Well, sweetheart do a little research - these little "harmless" fertility drugs can cause MAJOR problems for you. Not to mention the fact that taking any unprescribed meds obtained from some random website is not only illegal, but irresponsible.


Duh?? - November 19

I would like to understand what it is that makes these women think that it is OK to do this??? You are no better than any other person taking unprescibed meds. AND, if you are caught with it-without a scrpit you can bet your a__ses will be in a lot of trouble!!!!


taking non-rx clomid - November 19

I am taking clomid unperscribed. I have to say that it is not right to jump down someones throat just because they do not want women to take this drug without a perscription and being monitored. I am very thankful for both sides of the story being presented to me on these forums so that I can better research my options and then I can make up my own mind. If it wasn't for both sides of the issue being shared, then I wouldn't be able to educate myself as much as I have been able to. I do not think this is something to take lightly. I think that every woman contemplating this choice needs to hear as much information as she can and then investigate the information she hears so that she can make an informed decision! I have made my decision to take unprescribed clomid to try to conceive twins, I do not feel that it is an easy decision. I do not condone those who choose the method I have, nor do I cheer on those who want to do it. It is a personal choice and you are taking risks by doing it!!! The only thing I hope is that people who post can do so in a mature and friendly way no matter what their opinion is-- "agree to disagee" and state your opinion in a mature and positive way and YOUR opinion WILL be heard! ***Just remember not to take offense if someone doesn't have the same opinion as you. Everyone has the human right to make a choice for themselves (even if it is illegal) It is still a choice! There can be dangers, risks, and consiquences to the choice that each individual makes. Both sides of the issue are extremely important to hear. Just ignore the "mean people" not necessarily "diferent opinion people".


hey - November 19

spoken like true addicts! Sounds like I could be in a meeting reading all this!


To Taking non-Rx Clomid - November 19

While your intent was diplomatic, it will fall on deaf ears if you choose to cite the internet as you tools for research. It would be like getting an internet MD, it is useless, baseless, flawed and outright incorrect many times. If you truly want to research it, you must go to a fertility clinic, say you are doing research and ask the people who actually KNOW what is going on your questions.


123 - November 19

I honestly don't care if you "ladies" take it, choke on it, get arrested or b__w up your ovaries. Do whatever you want. What I do have a problem with is you saying it's okay to women on these boards that might be very young or just not know better. That is my beef. I don't care about you but I do care about the harm you are inflicting on others with your paragraphs of nonsense, your sentences of lies and your idiotic words.


Kim - November 21

An interesting observation - I've noticed on EVERY single one of these threads, mama-beans and many like her always post with RESPECT and FACT, stating their case without putting others down or resorting to name-calling. Then immediately after, someone else has to jump on and post jibberish nonsense with NO fact and NO helpful information (thank you for proving my point, "SHUT UP!") Who are the judgmental ones????? Disagreeing with someone's opinion (respectifully) is NOT judgemental. Name calling and ignorant babble is.


kim who? - November 25

whihc kim is this? the one who had triplets and lost one baby. am very curious to know!how are you doing?


Kim - November 30

No I am a different Kim. I just had my second miscarriage over the weekend and am trying to recover. It just makes me so upset to see all of this bickering, especially in the light of the fact that so many of us are suffering in one form or another. Lets all just try to restrain our judgments and respect each other and for heaven's sakes, quit the name-calling!



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