Success And Hopefuls

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Shelly - December 14

I am asking that all of you who have success stories via clomid ,would tell your story and all of those who are still TTC and waiting would start thier story on here. Here is mine. I will start 150 mg clomid daily second round on Dec. 23.(or about then when my flow starts) I will take it days 1-5 as told to . I will be using Pre-Seed to help the little guys along thier way . And I will be bding every other day starting two days before O time begins ... Looking forward to reading your stories.


B - December 14

I was on 150 mg of clomid with my first child. He is now 3, however I did ovulate much later on in the cycle, day 32. Then I had my second child without clomid. Now we are working on number three, I had to go all the way up to 200mg, did not think it would work, but it did! I am very early, my hcg at 19 days was 789 and then at 21 it was 2800. So far so good. I took muccinex with the high dose because the higher the dose the worse cm. And I took a baby aspirin from O to bfb.


Melissa - December 14

I had my first daughter (will be 3 in Feb.) on 100 mg. of Clomid and metformin. It took 6 cycles. We conceived a second child on 150 mg. of clomid with metformin which unfortunately ended in a miscarriage at 6 weeks, but the next cycle, we concieved two beautiful children! We now have 12 week old twins (boy/girl). I also ovulated later (day 19). I also took robitussin to help with the cervical mucous. Good luck to all those TTC!!!


B - December 14

Melissa, when did you find out it was twins? I am very scared of the possibility with two kids already under 4.


Megan - December 14

B: Did your doctor mention anything about multiples when they did your hcg levels?


B - December 14

He just said they were high, and that I should make my first ob appointment and get more hcg numbers. My appointment is tomorrow. My progesterone was only 34.


Melissa - December 15

B - We found out at 8 weeks that we were expecting twins. FYI, my hcg #'s were 1450 at 15 dpo and 2880 at 17 dpo. It has been crazy with 3 little ones, but after about 10 weeks, all seems to be going MUCH smoother.


Me Want Twins - December 24

Well, based on my name, you can see my preferrence, but I'm happy with just one. Since I was little I've just known I would have twins, but don't have them in my family. Nonetheless, I'm finding myself seeing the MD for PCOS issues, and will begin my first round of p clomid 100mg in Jan, but have been on Metformin for a month now- 1500 mg. I'll take the robitussin with the Clomid, plus am taking a baby aspirin, a multi V and add'l folic acid. Yesterday was my first +OPK-- ever! I'm excited and will be ttctoday and tomorrow (MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!!). Anyone know why we are all taking the baby aspirin???



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