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katherine - October 14

hi everyone. i am a surrogate mom and this is my seventh pregnancy. I am 33 years old and i have helped 4 families, 4 children and two of them are mine. i am now helping a couple and they are going to get a bundle. i found out i was pregnant with quadruplets!! i have had many pregnancies, but not like this one! :)


- October 14

that is so great that u can help out so many family that cant get pregnant on there own. good luck with this one, i bet it will be a diffrent but good luck


K - October 14

Congrats to the IP's! Do they know the news yet? If so, how did they react? My best friend is a surrogate right now, pregnant with a singleton. Good luck to you and hope you have a H&H 9 months! :)


- October 14

if someone was looking for a surrogate mother, how would she go about that, (if so it wouldnt be for a long while). could u tell me how they found u?


katherine - October 14

i posted all my info. on a surrogate website. then, the couple goes on and chooses the person they want to be a surrogate mother. okay, this pregnancy is harder than all the other six pregnancies. i love to keep track of my belly and my weight. but i noticed that everytime im pregnant, my belly gets bigger and bigger by every pregnancy. At the end of my first one, my belly was 54 inches. second one was 56 inches. third was 57 inches and so on. my last pregnnacy, my belly was at a whopping 64 inches. i wonder how my belly would be during this one....


- October 15

is this the first time u have carried multiple, and was there some kind of help (drugs)


katherine - October 15

this is my first time carrying a multiple, and i did not have any help with drugs.


- October 15

all i can say is that i wish u the best of luck. where u from? if u need anything just let us know


K - October 15

How many eggs were transferred? If you transferred 4, you had to know that quads were a possibility.


katherine - October 18

thanxs everyone!


katherine - October 24

yay....i have reached my due date. i am 34 weeks pregnant with the quads and i am not feeling anything. even the babies are measuring 35.4 weeks, but im not feeling anything. i am so huge now. i gained 85 pounds and my belly is at a whopping 73 inches! my fundal height is at 62 cm/ week. god, i don't think i can take it anymore!! :)



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