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yas2000 - September 17

hi there everyone...congratultions to those who are expecting more athan one mirale! i am 6dpo and am experiencing lower back pain and constant af type cramps since 2 daays! (i had bd days leading to ovultaion and day after O)..i have also been quie run down but dont know whether that is because i have to run around my 5 and 1.5 year old!!!lol!!! so now i vae developed a chest infection... i am quite curious to know about those mums who were ttc and aware of all their body signals when they got pregnant and what their symptoms were like and how soon after O did they feel them? the main thing apart from the sore back and af cramps whta mkes me suspicious is that unlike normally when i can tighten my lower abdominal muscles and pull them right inwards...(like when you tighten your lower stomach musclae and suck them in) i cannot do it now as i end up increasing the cramp like pains...the af pains are constantly there..dull and somtimes slighlty stronger like i need to go to the loo...i am also peeing a lot! i have an intuition i have hit the jackpot of twins this time but thats just i seee things relating to twins everywhere!!!is tht possible????an insight and shring your expereince would be so helpfu!!!!thanks heaps!


Rhonda - September 29

This is my 3rd pregnancy (12 weeks along) .... 2 singletons and am now pregnant with triplets due to clomid 100mg(prescribed). I found out I was pregnant 14 dpo. I noticed I was peeing a lot (started at 10dpo), I have mild nausea (same as before), my b___sts are much fuller and a little sore. I'm also quite fatigued. (napping during the day or sleeping in helps).... Hope this helps. Good luck and keep us posted.


sandiya - September 29

I conceived triplets also from taking clomid 100mg unprescribed. So far the babies are doing fine.



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