Symptoms Of Twins

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hopefull - September 14

what are the symptoms of carrying twins?


Jodie - December 31

Giving you a bump becasue I am wondering the same thing. I was on clomid and I Ovulated 2 eggs. I go in mon. to find out if I am pregnant. Are the symptoms stronger?


lilmama - January 15

I am pregnant with twins and just found out a few days ago. My symptoms are not any different than with my first baby. I have heard that the symptoms can be stronger though


Jessica - January 15

I had identical twin boys in 2003. The symptons are the same as having one baby. Just more weight gain. Morning sickness was awful for me I lost 40 lbs in the first trimester. But I delivered healthy boys at 34 weeks. They weighed 4 lbs 2.4 oz and 4 lbs. 15 oz.


Jenn - January 16

i am shure it is different for every women.i have a 6 yr old a 4 yr old and 5 month old twins.i was sicker than i have ever been in my life with my twins right from the start.had no idea i was pregnant,until i pa__sed out at work and was taken to the emergency room 2 hours latter they told me i was preg.and emediatly they thought something was wrong becouse i was so sick.i was o.k after that for about 6 months then i started going into preterm labor,and had to be on meds to stop it, it was horrible.anyway i ended up giving birth at 7 months preg. and my twins are doing very well now.


lidia - January 16

I am 13 weeks pregnant and I feel like I am having twins having really bad morning sickness and I look like I am 5 months .when I get up fast somthing pops out on both sides of my stomach this is my 5th pregnancy last one was twins lost one at 12 weeks could some one please tell me if they are having twins did they feel the same?


ch78 - January 17

does anyone know the chances of me having twins? It's my 1st pregnancy and I just found out last week that I'm pregnant. My father is a twin and I've always wanted twins.


lidia - January 17

they say it runs in the mother side


Jenn - January 17

Lidia, i don't know about the stomic part when you stand up fast but if you have already lost one twin with previouse pregnancy i would be really far as the other part,i was really really sick also and at 12 weeks i was already 3 sizes bigger than usual.


Jenn - January 17

ch78,there is a chance,my husbands father is a twin and now we have twins. i have boy and girl ferternal twins and with the research i have done,all ferternal twins come from the maternal side,you inherit the ability to produce 2 eggs at one time either from a mother or grandmother and so forth. the last set of twins on my side was from my great great grandmother who had 3 sets,but on twin from each set died as infants,but now my husbands side is full of twins.anyway ill stop going on now. lol


Dreamer! - January 24

SInce I found out I was pregnant, I have been having strange dreams. The most vivid was about two friendly/happy fish I saw and stroked while I was diving in lovely blue clear water. I got on the internet the following day and FREUD says that dreaming of fish represents male sperm! 2 fish 2 sperm???!!! I know this is totally unrealistic...just a story I could tell all you mothers or expectants out there!!!! I am totally huge (b___bs and belly) for 8 weeks....maybe there's something in it after all!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE. Will keep you posted!


Keira - February 16

I did read somewhere that feeling much more sick during the first trimestar is more likely you may be carrying twins, but it is very rare, especially identical, apparently! Im 9weks and 6 days today, and my belly is BIG,lol, if you want to talk to other mums-2-be go to: or They really handy!! Congratulations everyone! keira x


Renee - February 16

Yeah, i am 8 weeks and found out it is twins, yesterday. Morning sickness...isn't that a laugh...its ALL DAY sickness. Yeah...I'm more fatigued too....i guess its double the fun...LOL


Kristen - February 17

I just found out that im having twins today. I have had severe morning sickness, and fatigue. I am 12 weeks and my stomach looks like im 5 months!


Tami - March 1

I am 17 weeks along, It's my second time. I have a daugther. This time I am double size. This time is totally different, more sick, more tired, possible to have twins? Will find out next week. Both my families and my husband's families have twins.


jodie - March 1

i am 9 weeks pregnant my hcg levels were 24,679 when i was 5 weeks i feel big and for about a week i feel the baby move or soming on each side at the same time . the docter said it is to early to feel the baby move . and the hcg levels is high but in a good way he is just going th watch me close i have to go back in in two weeks .o.h. i have bad moring sickness and i feel alot of presure in my pevet i also have been sleeping alot.


lena - March 9

i want to know is it possible to be pregnant with twins and only havenausea no vomiting i think im 8 weeks



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