Taking Clomid To Increase Twin Chances

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Julix - October 20

I am relatively new to Pregnancy Info but have been researching fertility drugs for quite some time. I want to take Clomid to increase my chances of having twins. Because of ovary hyper-stimulation side effects I plan on taking it for a maximum of three cycles but will hopefully get pregnant before that :) I really hope to get pregnant with twins but will be more than ecstatic with whatever I am blessed with and do pray for a healthy pregnancy, healthy labor/delivery and, most importantly, healthy baby/babies. I know that even after Clomid the twin percentage will only increase up to 10% but I would rather have this than later beat myself with the “coulda, shoulda, woulda”. My cycles are pretty regular but I am still going to wear an OV-Watch to track ovulation and best days to bd. I’m expecting AF to show up this Sunday. I will then take Clomid 100 mg on CD2-6. I also plan on taking Mucinex (600 mg Guaifenesin) from CD7 until I ovulate. I’m also contemplating using progesterone cream after ovulation until I get BFP but I am not 100% sure of that yet. For the past two months I have been taking Nature Made Multi Pre-Natal Vitamins, Nature Made Super B-Complex with Vitamin C and Folic Acid, Spring Valley CoQ10 100g and Spring Valley Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000 mg. Looking for success stories, different experiences and some nice people to chat... Baby dust to all!!!


ilovekids - October 21

Hiya, Im new in here too. I had a babyboy 3months ago and i wud love to have twins. I got my 1st af on saturday . Im taking clomid 100mg 3-7. I took my 1st clomid lastnight. Im a little nervous. Baby dust to you :)


Julix - October 21

Hello ilovekids! Thanks for posting. Is your ds a clomid baby? Are you taking Mucinex or anything else to thin cm?


ilovekids - October 21

Hiya, no i didnt take anything with my son :) Yes i wil be taking mucinex wen af finshes.


Julix - October 22

ilovekids - How is your cycle going? Any s/e? Good luck! Please keep us posted. Sending lots of BABY DUST!!!


ilovekids - October 24

Hiya, Im taking my clomid 100mg on days 2-6. I wil be taking my last one tonight. No side effects yet for me :) What about you? How u doin with the clomid?


Julix - October 24

Hey! I'm still waiting for af to arrive and will also be taking 100mg on CD2-6. I'll keep you posted of the s/e so we can compare notes :) Baby Dust!!!


ilovekids - October 24

sorry i was ment to say i take it on days 3-7 NOT 2-6. :) wen is af due then? did u order your clomid online? i did too. im in the uk,where r u? Baby dust to you :)


hoping4baby3 - October 24

Hi everyone! I look forward to hearing from everyone. I am 37. Have 2 boys from a previous marriage and my new husband and I are hoping for a baby. We lost one over the summer and I am still crying over it. Started taking clomid 50g three months ago but I made a mistake and took from day 1 of my cycle. I take the last one of my third month today and was wondering if anyone knows if it would still work to make me o! Also hoping for twins... any advice?


Julix - October 24

Hi ilovekids! I'm on the other side of the pond :) I live just outside NYC. I got af shortly after I posted this morning. That means I'll start Clomid tomorrow night! I'm super excited!!! I'm thinking of using fertilityfriend to chart my temps. Have you heard of it? I'm sending lots of positive energy and baby dust! This IS going to be the month for all of us!!!


Julix - October 24

Hi hoping4baby3! Welcome to the thread! I’m sorry to hear about your m/c. This board has been great help and support for me. I truly feel that when we go through hard times together, somehow we get more energy to travel through the bumpy roads… From what I have researched, when you take Clomid early on, you get more follicles going but there is a chance not all of them fully mature. I still think you could o though. Have you been using opt? That’s a great way to check the LH surge when o happens. Did you have any s/e? I’ll start Clomid tomorrow and will wear an OV-Watch and temp to increase my chances of knowing exactly when to bd (I know nothing is 100% though). I’ll keep my s/e and progress posted. I hope you do o this cycle! Lots of positive energy and baby dust going your way!***


hoping4baby3 - October 24

Julix-Thank you so much! I agree with your thinking... I am trying to stay positive. I do have a quick question. Do u think it would help if I took another 2 pills. I am in CD5 today (last day of Clomix officially but I have extra pills. Could it help me ovulate to take it for 7 days instead of 5?


Julix - October 24

Sorry, I don't know if that would help. I have researched a lot but all it's talked about is the 5-day taking period. BTW, I thought this was a pretty good site... houstonfertilityspecialist.com/cl-omid.html. I hope this helps... Keep us posted! Lots of Baby Dust!


ilovekids - October 26

Julix cool your in the usa :) How are you getting on with the clomid? Yes ive heard of fertiltyfriend but i just use my opk and wen i get a positive we do the deed :) Today is cycle day 10 for me and ive started testing for ovulation. Lots of babydust to you :) hoping4baby3 so sorry to hear about your loss. Welcome to the thread. Im new here too. Lots of baby dust to you :)


Julix - October 27

Hi girls! Hope everyone is doing great! Here is my update: I started Clomid on cd2 (Saturday) so today is cd4 and I had no s/e except for feeling a little hot. I took it before bed and since weather is kind of cold it did not bother me at all. I'm taking all my vitamins and exercising as usual. ilovekids - I decided not to use ff afterall. I think I am already going overboard :) How are you? How is opt? Keep us posted. hoping4baby3 - Did you decide to start Clomid in November then? Let us know how we can help! Lots of good energy and baby dust to all! Let's keep thinking positive!!!


ilovekids - October 29

Hi girls, just a quick post because im having lots of problems with my pc. Stil waiting to ovulate.how is everyone doing?


hoping4baby3 - October 29

Hello everyone! Its so nice to know that there are other woman that think and can share my experiences with. I started clomid on cd1 and am now on cd10. Can anyone tell me when my DH and I should start trying? I am also trying to TTC a girl which means I have to do it a few days before O. Is anyone else TTC twins and a girl? LOL... like conceiving is not hard enough right? Also, does anyone know if (2) 50g clomid is the same as (1) 100g clomid? I have extras and would like to increase the dosage and will be monitored by my doctor too... I just cant tell him to increase my prescription because he does not believe people should take clomid to increase their chances of having twins...



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