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motherof6 - October 7

i am a 35 year old mother of 6, normally ovulate day 12-14 on a 27-28 day cycle, , have had some short cycles before about 2 a year, had 2 sets of twins, lost one each time carried the other to term, my mother is a fraternal twin, this will be our last pregnancy, i took clomid non rx'd days 2,3,4 last month, i stopped the last 2 days had a pain in my side, AF arrived and i am going to take clomid 50 mg days 2-6 and vitex till ovulation, i read somewhere on a website that clomid and vitex shouldn't be taken together/ counteract but i can't find it written why...any info would be appreciated


Leslie - October 7

Clomid and Vitex cancel eachother out because Clomid is a Follicle Stimulating Hormone and Vitex actually only increases the Lutenizing Hormone inhibits the Follicle Stimulating Hormone. So you see...they would actually be working against eachother. One stimulates the other stops. Hope this helps. If I find the website that gives this specific information, I will post a link for it. I have read so many websites that say that Vitex does not increase chances of twins. I have read severaly times also that a high intake of folic acid ( about 800-1200mg) and wild yams (in pill form or in tinicture) strangely increases chances of multiples, although they are'nt sure why. Hope this helps.


Angela - October 7

Hi!!! I have heard that vitex and clomid couteract each other...I am just starting ttc again, This is first month off of bcp. I miscarried twins in 2003 naturally. I want to try for twins again, so i have the clomid unprescribed but am waiting on the next af. I am on day 12 now--so a couple of weeks to go before I try it. Why are you taking clomid days 2-6 instead of 3-7 or 5-9? I was taking vitex before when I got pregnant with my daughter.


mandy - October 7

hi! I was taking vitex for about a week before i read that you can't take it with clomid, which i was planning to start when i got AF. I stopped with the vitex the day I got AF and started with the clomid. I took the clomid and also extra folic acid and a wild yam tincture. I'm still 1 week away from my next AF, so I will let you know the results when I get it and if there's more than 1, which I was hoping for obviously!


lisa - October 7

i dint know that so thanks very much girls i was about to take vitex and clomid togheter to increse the chance to have multiples thank and can you tel me if i can take the red rasberry tea leaf and clomid in the same time ????? and i read in other post lady that were doing this same thing and took baby aspirin too do you know why any way thank very much and good luck to all


Leslie - October 9

In response to Lisa's question about baby aspirin. Baby Aspirin increases blood flow to the uterus increasing the chances of a hospitable environment for the egg to implant. Also a question for Mandy......Have you done research on the wild yam tincture??? Is this suppossedly the African Wild Yam ( black skinned potato) that has been made into a tincture form? I'm a little confused about the whole wild yam thing. I was actually trying to purchase Wild yams on the internet, but nobody sells them. I guess i'd have to live near an african store that sells them. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I'm really interested to see if you're pregnant and eventually if it's twins. Keep us posted and lost of good luck to you women! God Bless!


mandy - October 9

I'm not sure if it's African wild yam, the dropper bottle just says wild yams, but I got them from a health and wellness store. I've seen it in a few stores around my house so it should be pretty easy to get a hold of. It's actually the progesterone in the yams that is supposed to up your chance at twins. I believe that it's the hormone that helps the eggs attach and mature after ovulation, so if there's more than one egg it will up your chance of twins. If anything, it will help prevent miscarriage. There's also a lotion form that is supposed to be much better, I just got that too. If you do a search for progesterone cream you should find it for around $10. The main ingredient in the one I got was wild yams too. Let me know if you have anymore questions or if that was just more confusing!


K - October 9

Does anyone know if you take Wild Yams the whole cycle or only before/after ovulation?? Thanks ladies, and good luck!!!! :)


lisa - October 9

thank you for your answer leslie and i want to ask can you take the wild yam and clomid togheter ?? thank and good luck to all of you that are trying for a baby


mandy - October 9

you can take wild yam with clomid but don't start it until the day of ovulation!!! The progesterone in wild yams forces matured eggs out of the ovary, so if you aren't ovulating yet you don't want to take them because your eggs aren't mature yet. You are supposed to keep taking the wild yams atleast through the entire first trimester, and some people even take through the second as well. It is supposed to aid in the maturation of the fetus and it supports its growth. But definitely DON'T TAKE WILD YAMS UNTIL YOU'VE OVULATED


?? - October 10

I thought it was estrogen in wild yams?


EstradaBOYS - October 25

Mandy did you get pregnant? Because that is what I did?



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