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twins4us - November 5

I really appreciate your efforts to keep the clomid posts to a minimum......I wish people like NINA would get the hint...lol, and wait for a response before posting her dang question FIVE more times. Anyway, thanks again.


Teddyfinch - November 6

Well, one thing I noticed is that in all of her posts, no one ever answers. So on one hand, I understand why she asks so many times. It would be horrible to have all these questions and not have them answered. Although, on the other hand, with as many posts as she's made with the exact same question, I'm not surprised no one answers. After about the 3rd time, people just ignore posts from that person. And it's sad she didn't notice that I have answered her question.


ninasimmone - November 6

call me teddy finch one more comment about me !


samehere - November 6

What does THAT mean?????


Teddyfinch - November 6

it sounds almost like she's upset someone made a post about me? who knows lol.


twins4us - November 7

Same THAT is immaturity speaking. Nina uses the excuse that she is unfamiliar with the forum and posting...I get that, BUT why would you continue to post 6-7 times. That isn't unfamiliarity that is plain and simple inconsiderate behavior....not taking the time to see if her question was answered somewhere else.


ninasimmone - November 7

i havnet done it recently i dont mean to be inconsiderate i apologized time and time again but teddyfinch has no life and wont let it go once again i apologize now please leave my name out your mouth and twin4us to thanks


Teddyfinch - November 7

nina: don't flatter yourself. i'm not out looking for you posts. once you stopped posting the same thing over and over i stopped telling you to read before you post. twins: don't waste your time on nina anymore. she doesn't know how to be polite to people when they try to be polite with her regardless of how she acts so i wouldn't waste my time or effort on her. she can say i have no life all she wants because i know it's wrong. i get on 2-3 times a day on this forums between cooking, cleaning and working. she is the one with all the time in the world to reword 4 sentences and post it 6 or 7 times. i'm sure she'll tell me "it's on" because "ny is here" like she's from I Love New York like in her other post to me, but you know what? i don't care. twins: how have you been lately? my 5th day of clomid kicked my b___t lol. i'm hoping it all works out though. so keep your fingers crossed for me please ^^



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