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Kim - July 10

I've been to my ob appointment and all is well. My u/s confirmed triplets. I have an appointment to see a high risk ob as well, so I'll be seeing both my regular ob and a high risk one to monitor my pregnancy. Everything is going well. The morning sickness is horrendous, my back aches, and my pants are starting to get tight. We are looking into getting a bigger house to accomodate us. Right now we have a br/3ba and want a 4-5 bedroom home. My husband is thrilled. To Nikki: I took a Mucinex 600mg tablet a day to help thin my CM since Clomid had dried me up. Julie: I didn't use OPKs. That would have been my next step. I just went by my knowledge of my own's I usually O, CM, CP, and mittlesmirtz (I don't know if I spelled that correctly). To Kristen: I took 81mg Asprin, the St. Joseph's brand, every day until a week after my BFP. Also Robitussin is ok . Make sure it's plain Robitussin. Robitussing has 200mg of Guafinessin and I think you should take it at least 3 times a day. Mucinex is 600mg of guafinessin and you take it once daily. Kristen, I'm always crampy during O (mittlesmirtz) but Clomid made it much worse! I still cramp due to my uterus stretching. I'm sorry I've been MIA for a while. My family have been very distraught over the death of my neice and I haven't shared the news with everyone in the family yet.


Amy - July 10

OH my Kim I am so happy for you- triplets!!!! Are you guys excited or what? Sorry to hear about your niece, it must be hard wanted to tell everyone the good news about you when everyone is still greiving. As for me, I am on my 2nd month of clomid, hope I get lucky on the 2nd try like you did!! Keep in touch- Amy


Lauren - July 11

Kim - have such hope for you & all of us as a result of clomid. Amy I'm on my 1st round of 50 where are you right now? I'm waiting to o 8 - Kim what days did you have db? if you don't to tell were 3-7 also right?


Amy - July 11

Lauren- I am on cd5 and have my last pill tomorrow. I take it days 2-6.


Lauren - July 11

Amy - we are pretty close this are taking 100mg? did you use the same days last mth? I'm cd8...wouldn't it be great for this to be our you O on your own?


Amy - July 11

Lauren- I am on 50mg, because I had huge follies last cycle, so my doc said upping it wouldn't make more follies, just make them bigger, and they would be too big for pg, and most likley cause hyperstimulation- I also take an estrogen supp for the dry cm, and I am trying a prog. supp this month to help with implantation, and my lining. Last month I had the trigger to O, so I will prob have it again this cy too.


Lauren - July 12

Kim - how r u doing? do you mind to reveal which days you bd'ed? Amy sounds like this mth is pretty well underway with suppliments & trigger..I hope we will be on here next mth telling all how we did it...mulitples would be so you have any other children?


lauren - July 12

Kim - I forgot to ask what days do you start the robutissin? thx.


crazyjuliet - July 12

hey new here!!! congrats on three kiddies!!! Rewminds me of Phoebe in friends!!! good luck . for ur new home aswell !!!!


Lauren - July 13

Welcome crazyjuliet...where are u in your cycle?


Lauren - July 19

Kim - how r u? would love an update!


Kristen - September 8

Hey...we would love an update on how you and the babies are doing! :) Hope all is well!


Clair - September 8

Hi Kim hope you dont mind me posting, My names Clair im live in Ireland and i have 2 children and like you i am taking clomid in the hope of having twins!!, i o normally 12 days after af but i just wanted to say may may congrats hope you have a happy and healthy pregnanacy - Clair


Riley - September 8

BFP... I took 1 round of clomid and got a BFP on days 5-9 at 50 mg. I'm 5 weeks pregnant now and would love a health baby but twins would be nice. Kim I'm sorry about your niece I can't even imagine. My HCG level is on the low side so I'm taking progesterone pills. I have not pregnancy symptoms though only urinating more. This is what my doctor told me re. Clomid as I didn't do an OPK or anything and it worked the first time.... Day 1 is first day of mense Day 5 begin Clomid - and increase dairy intake until day 9 until Day 9 NO s_x days 9 - 11 S_x on days 12 - especially on day 14 thrugh to day 16 My DH and I basically had s_x every other day starting on Day 10 - even though doctor said no... we're young :) I'm 32 he's 30. I ovulate regularly we have 1 child together but wasn't getting pregnant the second time. Good luck to all of you


Is this really Kim? - September 11

Girls, look on the board Chances of twins and multiples at Kim's july 12 th posting. It looks as if somebody copied that whole posting and put it on this board pretending to be Kim. LOOK for yourself!


anonymous - September 11

Well, maybe Kim did! This thread is a couple months old. Why would anyone else do it?



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