Those With Twins Stories And Advice Appreciated

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JamieLynne - January 11

I have twin 3 month old daughters who were born 2 months premature. I am just looking for advice and stories as to how cope with fussiness. It gets very hard when I am home alone and they are both crying. One usually ends up crying while the other one is fed. Last night my husband and I were trying to put them to bed and they were both so fussy. We finally got them both asleep and put them in the crib together and one woke up and started crying. Is it a good idea for them to get use to being in the crib while the other one cries a little before falling asleep? I am looking for little tips or ideas that you might have used. They both liked to be held a lot - any ideas on how to work on that? Thank you so much for your advice - twins are a blessing but a lot of work!!! :)


sphinx - January 12

1. If you are formula feeding, then try a gentler formula. I b___stfed but I pumped and fed it through a bottle because they were used to bottles from the NICU. When I switched them to formula, one needed a gentler formula and the other was ok with the regular stuff. If you need to feed 2 different formulas, then color code your bottles or nipple rings 2. Try rolling up a towel and putting it under the crib mattress to create a slight incline (head up) because a lot of babies fuss when they have reflux and the incline helps. (it feels like heartburn for them if they have it) 3. Try to figure out a way of feeding them both at once. (I parked the stroller next to the end of the couch, held one in my lap while feeding the bottle with one hand and was able to reach over the arm of the chair and hold the other baby's bottle with the other hand. (Alternate which one you hold) I have a friend who is able to put them in the car seats and feed them both that way. I preferred to hold one and alternate but you have to do what works. 4. If you are feeding formula, then get into the habit of making formula by the pitcher (measure out a certain amount of water and draw a line on the outside of the pitcher, for example, if you pour in 60oz then draw a line and write '30 Scoop Line' Leave enough room for formula and stirring/shaking) and get tons of bottles so you only have to mess with this stuff once a day... I took away the binkies at 3 months but if they like them, there really isn't a problem keeping them. My babies just spit them out so much that I got sick of it. Good luck. If I think of anything else I will add more


sphinx - January 12

oh... one more thing. When they have enough head control... Go to greatbabyproducts(dot)com and order some Milk Maid Baby Bottle Holders. They were a life saver for me.


sphinx - January 14

I just remembered something else that seemed to calm them down (or which ever one was crying) I would swaddle her then make swooshing sounds with my mouth. I tried to make it sound like the womb sounds. It kinda sounds like wind through a tunnel... Anyway this worked very well for my babies. Its not something that I read in any book, it just seemed to work. I don't swaddle anymore because they are too old, but occasionally I still do the swooshing and my twinnies are 15 months old. Still works.


Teddyfinch - January 14

sphinx you are awesome. god willing when dh and i get pregnant, i will be needing your email addy so i can ask you questions lol. and i'm going to tell my 37wk along big sis about the inclining of the crib bed. that way also if they turn over and vomit you know it won't just puddle there.


sphinx - January 14

lol... one of my girls once vomited a perfect projectile arch right over the rail and out of the crib. We though it was the exorcist in there! But I do try to pa__s on the little tips that helped me because I wish someone would have told me these things.


sphinx - January 26

I love stories :)



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