To All Moms Of Twins Or Multiples Please Help With A Questio

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rizzoh - April 30

Hello everyone, I have a question regarding twin and multiple pregnancy but, before I get to that I will give you some background info. I had a successful pregnancy in the past but this time after 18months we were not able to conceive on our own. I started was using U/P clomid that was being monitored monthly by my fertility doc. I ordered it online because it was cheaper than buying it from a pharmacy without insurance that would cover it. My doc told me the dose and what company (out of Canada) that I could order it from. We started out the first cycle on 50, then 100, then 150, 200mgs and finally 250mgs. I was on clomid for a total of 5 months and responded well to it (ultrasounds) so he felt it was fine to go the extra two months. The last cycle was my highest dose and produced 7 good sized follies but, each month it never took. He said that I was having hostile CM. He also said it would be time to try an IUI but, before we do that he said to give it 60 days without being on anything to try to let my system recover but we should continue TTC. Month 1 with no clomid I continued to temp and use OPK’s. Everthing looked good and then AF. The next month I had just about given up and we did nothing no OPK’s or temping we didn’t even time bedding just went with what felt right. It was great absolutely no pressure! I thought I was feeling some nausea throughout the day and man did my br___t hurt but, after so many months of thinking every little thing was a sign of pregnancy I just pushed it aside and tried not to over think it. I didn’t want to get my hopes up again. Anyway, it just kept progressing to the point I couldn’t ignore it anymore. We bought a test and it was a BFP! Confirmed a few days later by a blood test but they didn’t do a quant_tative test so I don’t know my numbers . I am now about 6 weeks and feel awful I have not met with my doc yet because I am waiting till 8 weeks so we can hear the heart beat. But the nausea is really bad I never had this in my other pregnancy and my br___t hurt so very bad I am living in a sports bra. Finally, I am not gaining any significant amount of weight but my tummy has out grown my pants. I look like I am about 3-4 months along. I have had to use the pony tail trick to extend my pants. Normally I am 130lbs and fairly trim. I do have my appointment in two weeks but this is really weighing on my mind. People keep commenting on the size of my tummy over and over. I am getting anxious that this could be multiples. My question is this…how many were/are you caring? When did you start showing and were your symptoms stronger? Or do you think maybe my tummy was stretched with the other pregnancy so I showed faster? Any advice would be really appreciated.


Krissy68 - April 30

Rizzoh - I'm not sure but I wanted to tell you congrats on your BFP. Let us know what the doctor say. Krissy68


Rizzoh - May 2

Thank you! I will.



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