To Angela I M 6w1d Twins 1st Pregnancy Too

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Jena - April 12

Hey! Are we in the same boat or what? I'm due Dec. 5th - what about you? What does your dh/bf/fiance think?? I'm in SHOCK - I just found out today at my ultrasound!!


Angela - April 14

Jena-DH and i are so excited....i am still in shock too! I am due around Dec reg doc says End of 4/14 i am belly is getting big! i had to buy some maternity shirts and comfy pants....maternity pants are too big!


Jena - April 14

I haven't had to buy anything new.. yet. Today (4/14) I am 6w3d. I think we will both deliver in November though, for sure! So amazing!!!


C - April 14

Question. I am due Dec 2nd. This is my second child after a decade. I am 6wks 7 days. I have symptoms that are odd and I wonder if it's twins. I had to buy maternity clothes at 6 weeks. I am either severly bloated or fat. I was a size 10 but now nothing fits unless it is low rise jeans. My mood swings were beyond horrible. No morning sickness though. Just really really hungry. (I start to feel sick if I dont eat) I didnt show with my first until I was 5 mths. I am 32 this time but I dont understand these symptoms. Also, I now have SO much energy I can't stand it. I have to be doing something all the time and my s_x drive went from 0 to super charged in the last few days. Any similarities to anyone?


Jena - April 14

C, well, I don't have tons of energy or a s_x drive, but I wish I did! :) You could be having twins since you are growing faster, but it's also different with your second and third pregnancies. You just show much sooner. But, you never know. This is my first, so I can't speak from experience regarding subsequent pregnancies, but I've heard a lot about showing later the first time. When do you go to the doctor again? Also, this is a dumb question, but both of you said you are 6w7d - isn't that 7 weeks? :) I'm confused!


C - April 14

I am a 26 day cycle and i have conflicting cal on days. It is either Nov 28 or Dec 2nd. I think the doc will go with Dec 2nd. I am 7 weeks definitly. I have not seen the doctor yet. I called to make the appt. and they made it for April 26th. I dont have any health problems or anything. I just wondered what the deal was for twins since I am perimenopausal before all this. My dr told me that I ovulate only sometimes. Which means that I could release more eggs the next time. I know that the second is different but that was 13 years ago, over 12 years since birth (2/93) so it is more like a first one. I just thought it odd and wondered what everyone else was going through. I think it might be severe bloating. Maybe?


Angela - April 15

Jena-don't be confused, 6wks7d, 7 wks, same thing! :-) Im just so used to saying 6wks blahblah days, u know! But yes i am 7wks!



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