To Anyone Who S Had Or Is Having Twins

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Jo - May 1

When did you start showing? I have a history of twins in my family, and I'm about 7 weeks and showing quite well. Is this something I should consider when going for my first u/s? Just wondering if a big belly this early is normal or if its a possiblity for twins Thanks so much!


melissa - May 1

My pants got tight around 5-6 weeks. We found out at 8 weeks that we were expecting twins. They say your uterus is approximately 4-6 weeks larger when carrying twins. Good luck!


Jo - May 1

Thanks! I was wonderin if I was just plain getting big... and only belly, or if it could possibly be twins. I'll hopefully know by the end of this week.


Ca__sie - May 1

I'm 9wks pregnant right now. I don't fit into any of my jeans anymore either, but I don't know if I'm having twins or not. Maybe I'm just prone to getting big... even though this is my first pregnancy. We'll see! Let us know if it turns out to be twins, Jo.


Angela - May 3

I am 9wks4d with twins and I can't fit into my jeans anymore...I have bought overalls which are GREAT and borrowed some of my friends maternity clothes bc she JUST had her son a little over a month ago and sits around in sweats all day! I bought some awesome yoga pants, they are so comfy! My belly looks like my friends did when she was about 4.3 months preggo with a singleton!


Tina - May 3

I couldnt fit into my pants by 6 weeks with my girls. However, I understand that girls are usually carried higher than boys, so I would think that you'd be a little bit bigger with boys.


shelly - May 5

I am 25 weeks with twin boys.I am huge at least I think I am. I got really big with my oldest daughter but I did carry her high. I think it is easy carring a girl. Right now I am suppose to be on bed rest until the boys are born. They are hoping I go to 32 weeks. I hope to go longer because I gave birth at 32 weeks with my youngest girl and she was 2 pounds 11 ounces. I really didn't start showing with the twins until I was 15 weeks but after that I have been getting bigger and bigger by the minute


Jo - May 5

Thanks guys... I've got a DR appt tomorrow so I'll let ya'll know how it goes :)


Jo - May 6

Hey guys... went to the doctor today and he mentioned twins however didn't say for certian. I don't go for a u/s until about 18wks or so


Becki - May 11

how do know know when your having twins. I am getting alot bigger i gained 7 pounds and i'm only 18 weeks it that good or bad and my uteris is bigger then it's sappost to be i need to know this so if you know then can you please email me at [email protected]


Lisa - May 11

I will be seven weeks on Friday, and I look a little bloated. I am also having twins. I really think everybody is different! I do feel as if I am retaining much more water, however. Good Luck!


Jo - May 11

Did the doc give you guys u/s already? They won't give me one for another 2 months so I've got a bit to wait and see



Hello... i took a hpt last thursday and friday...both showed up i called the doc to make an was also positive at the doctors too... but my big concern is...i had my period in January...and it didnt come for like 2 i went to the doctor March 23, 2005 and he did a pregnancy test on me then it showed up negative...also he did some blood work on me too...everything came back normal...he put me on some medication...called Medroxyprogesterone 10mg. 1 pill a day for 10 period finally started again March 29, lasted for 10 days...i did not get my period again in i went to the doctor and found out that i was pregnant...he says im 5 weeks and 1 day along according to my LMP...but if this is true why do i look like im 3 or 4 months??? My mom thinks it might be twins...but i wont find out till May 13th 2005...i was just curious to what you might think...does Medroxyprogesterone increase my chances of getting pregnant??


mk - May 14

this is my second child 8 years later and i am 11weeks and i look like iam 5mo could i be carring twins.also my b___bs are alot bigger then with my first is this normal


jena - May 14

mk - yes, you show much sooner with your second, third, and subsequent pregnancies. it's normal!


Monti - May 16

This is my first pregnancy...and unexpected one, and I am having twins!! I am 8 weeks 1 day now, and I have jumped up two dress sizes. I think it may be mostly from the amount of food I consume. I really feel like I’m eating for three!! Does anyone know how many weeks before you can determine s_x?


Crissy - May 18

I am 14 weeks pregnant with twins...first pregnancy. I kept wanting to show, because I was afraid tha since I wasn't showing something may have been wrong. My uterus measured 17 weeks (for a singleton) at my 13 week appointment. I am still fitting into a couple pair of my bigger pants, but each day it seems the maternity clothes are slowly creeping into my wardrobe!



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