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Kristina - May 13

HI! I think I remember you from the "signs of pregnancy" forum. Are you having fraternal or identical twins? I am 7 weeks today and just found out that I am having twins too!


jena - May 13

hey! I saw your post about identical twins! congratulations! I am 10w4d and we are a__suming I am having fraternal twins because at 6weeks we saw two sacs, but we won't know until the babies are born and they test the placenta(s) because they may be identical and already split before we saw them at 6 weeks. So, I'm not sure! I'm so excited for you! Is this your first pregnancy? Do twins run in the family? I've heard that identical twins don't necessarily run in the family - that they are more "random". This is my first pregnancy, I'm 23, and can't believe it!!!


jena - May 13

P.S. get ready for TONS of ultrasounds - it's the only way they can make sure both babies are growing at a good rate - I've had 4 already!


Kristina - May 13

Hi! I have had 2 u/s already... the last one I saw both heartbeats! I have been having some very light brown spotting for about a week and a half, which caused me to get that 2nd u/s. No cramping or anything, just a little brown with some discharge. Fraternal twins run in my family. But none in the last 30 years. I have not told ANYONE yet.... just worried about the spotting and want to get to 12 weeks before saying anything. This is my first pregnancy and I just turned 30. :) I am very excited for you as well!


Jo - May 13

Jena, Hey congrats... I think I'm having twins by the size of me already... just about 10 wks 5d however the doc doesn't want to do a u/s until I'm 18 did you get him/her to do one that early for you???


jena - May 13

jo - my pregnancy got off to a rocky start because my first blood test when I was 9 days late for AF showed an hcg level of 2. Two days later it was 12. Then five days later it was 214 and two days after that it was 649. Problem was, at nine days late for AF I should have at least been on the mid-hundreds, if not a thousand. It turned out that I ovulated very late and was "newly" pregnant. So that's how I got my first u/s at 6w1d - to determine dates - then my doctor did one at my next two appointments - at 8w1d and 10 weeks (I go every 2 weeks with twins because they are high risk). My other u/s was due to cramping. I'm not sure how you can get your doctor to do one - mine does them normally for twins because it's the only way you can tell if they are both growing well. Good luck!!


jena - May 13

Kristina - I think it's smart you haven't told anyone yet. We didn't even tell family until 9.5 weeks because I was so nervous! I'm sure you'll be fine but for sure wait till 12 weeks to tell work and stuff! I hope your spotting stops - at least it is brown and not accompanied by cramping, so it sounds okay. Congrats again! Isn't it weird to have twins for your first pregnancy??


Kristina - May 14

JENA: It is so weird.... especially identical twins - it just seems crazy!!!! I am freaked out and I still feel a little like it is not happening. I just got back from a bridal shower where 2 girls were pregnant and thanking god that neither were having twins. I see it a a blessing, because I believe that God only gives people what they can handle. You and I must be pretty special. Anyway, it was sooooo hard to keep my mouth shut. We plan on telling everyone on Father's Day - then I will be 12 w 2d. My next u/s is scheduled for June 1st. My doctor said if my spotting gets worse or includes cramps, I can go in sooner. My spotting is still there, but has lessened considerably. My stomach just feels like I have done a lot of situps. Especially if I move a certain wat too quickly. My b___bs a re very sore - especially when I hug someone. Thats all my syptoms - what about yours?


jena - May 14

oh gosh - i too, am SO sick of hearing people say, "at least it's not two!" i can't say anything yet so i just smile when i hear that but it hurts! i think it's a blessing too and obvioulsy for some reason we can handle this... though some days I have my doubts :). I'm telling people on the 23rd (a week from Monday) - I'll be 12 weeks then too. But my doctor actually said I can tell people now because my babies are doing so well (guess you can tell after 4 ultrasounds!) but I am having a baby shower for a good friend on Thursday and I want all attention on her and her singleton pregnancy (her first too), not my twins! She's really cool so I don't want to ruin her day, you know? And it's a surprise shower. My symptoms are headaches, feeling a little sick when my stomach is empty, and being especially tired. I had bad morning sickness for 3 weeks -now it's gone... almost. Maybe I just know how to handle it better, too. OH! Yes, my biggest symptom is my b___bs! They have doubled in size and hurt like crazy. I keep telling my husband, "I hate these and it's only the beginning!" :) I learned at the doctor that 85% of twins are born via c-section - have you heard a different statistic? That worries me! Also that they will wait until 39 weeks to deliver if I haven't started yet! I thought I was in the clear after 37 weeks! Oh man! It's only beginning but it'll be a fun road. Let me know how you're doing! When's your next appt? Do you go every 2 wees also?


Kristina - May 15

My next appt is June 1. So, you think I will probably go every two weeks after that? Wow. So, you have told people you are pregnant, just not with twins, right? When did you start showing? And (if you don't mind me asking) how much weight have you gained. I feel huge. I am very pet_te ---- about 5'3" and aroun 108 lbs. I weigh 116 now. I am having a very hard time keeping this a secret because of my stomach. When I eat, it immediately sticks out even more, starting from just below my b___bs. Which, have also grown from a 34 C to a 34 D. :( I am glad your morning sickness is over.... when did that start? I am 7w2d today and have had none. I have not heard about when the doctors like to deliver twins. But I have heard that C-section is the best option because with twins, it is very common that one is breech or even sideways. If they are both head down, I think you can deliver v____ally. I would prefer to do that as well. As long as they are not too big. At birth, I weighed 5lbs 15 oz and my husband was over 10 lbs. So, who know how big or small the babies will be. Did you worry at first about miscarrying one of the twins? My doctor told me that is was a possibility and it scared the mess out of me. I am WAITING for the June 1st appt so I can see both of them and I pray everyday. Where do you live? I better stop, I have asked you 10,000 questions! :)


jena - May 15

hey! no, I haven't told friends I'm pregnant yet - just family. I am 11 weeks tomorrow (Monday) and will tell everyone else at 12 weeks. My doctor usually sees her pregnant patients every 4 weeks but moms of twins every 2 weeks - it could be different for your doctor, but that is what mine does on a regular basis. I am 5'9" and 141 - sounds huge but size 4 - and now I am 145, but I feel MUCH bigger! My pants are really tight and as the day goes on my stomach grows! In the morning it's okay but by night it's bad! I wouldn't worry about having gained 8 pounds - you are tiny, so you may show faster. That's normal. Yes, my b___bs have grown a size too! I don't really like them! Oh well... YES, I worried a lot about losing one twin - but I knew that my chances of losing one were smaller since they are in two different sacs. The "vanishing twin" syndrom happens more often with identical twins in one sac. I'm sure you worried when your Dr. told you that but as every day pa__ses you are closer to being out of the woods. I went to see one doctor when I was cramping and mine was busy delivering and she said that no pregnancy is out of the woods until 12 weeks, but still said not to worry. I took it easy just in case, but they say that nothing proves that doing so can prevent a miscarriage, it just made me feel better! :) I'm in Malibu, CA - near LA. We'll probably move back up North to the Bay Area though to be near our familes (hubby and I met in high school and went to college down here together so our families are close to each other up North) to get help with the twins! Where are you? Hey - send me an e-mail if you'd rather: [email protected] hope you had a good weekend!!


To Jena - May 16

Congrats on your twins! NOt to spoil your joy of having fraternal twins but you should still be careful because I didnt find out until I was 23 weeks preg with fraternal twins and at 26 weeks found out that one had pa__sed. I was completely shocked but nontheless had a healthy baby boy....All im saying is take it easy even after the 12 weeks have pa__sed just to make sure that everything goes smoothly with your pregnancy...Good luck with everything


Kristina - May 17

Hey! Sorry for the delay in response. We just bought a house and have been dealing with inspections, loans, etc... I am in Raleigh, North Carolina - total opposite side of the country from you! :) I bet you are really looking forward to this Monday! 12 weeks! YAY!!!!! My spotting has just about stopped and I am hoping that is great news. I am the same as you- my stomach is fine in the morning, but towards the end of the day, I am soooo bloated! When I had my ultrasound last week, that showed twins, they were def. in one sac, but they were looking for a membrane to be separating them. Otherwise, it will be a very, very high risk pregnancy. The ultrasound nurse thinks she saw a faint sign of a membrane. Let's hope so. I am having a hard time waiting until June 1 to find out. But, I just hav a feeling that everything is going to be OK! (Say a prayer for me just in case) ;) I am anxious to hear how you break the news to all your friends!!!!


jena - May 18

congrats on your house! that's awesome and great timing! yes, identical twins are a very high risk pregnancy but that doesn't mean you can't have them :). As someone else pointed out, fraternal are high risk too - always have to be careful. I think I'll end up telling friends a little sooner than I thought :) - surprise surprise! Like, Saturday or Sunday! But this is how I told my parents and hubby's parents: handed my mom a book called "So You're Going to be a Grandma" - it was an early mother's day gift and she just sat there and said "oh my gosh" - my mom hates surprises so it was a huge shock. She just stared at me in disbelief! Then I said, "Wait, I'm not finished...." and put two baby bottles filled with candy on the table. She said, "TWINS?!?!" - I thought she got it pretty fast! I nodded and she got scared for a second wondering how we would provide for them... anyway, then I also had a copy of the ultrasound for her (we had scanned it and printed additional copies). she was in shock at first but obviously has come around and is now thrilled. my mother in law started crying (she's already a grandma to 6 (she has 7 kids) but I still gave her the same book and it was my BIL who's 9 that said, "there are TWO white things in that picture!". It was so much fun. Won't be as creative with friends, but the twin thing always comes around to stump them after the whole pregnancy announcement! Anyway, yes, June 1 seems so far away but it's really only 2 weeks.. my next appt. is May 26th. No u/s this time so we'll see what they do. Well, i'll talk to you soon - congrats again and I can't wait to see if your egg splits into two!


Kristina - May 18

The way you told your mom and mother in law is soooooo perfect! I love it! I ordered my dad and Jason's (DH) dad a book called "101 ways to spoil your grandchild." We plan to tell them both on Father's Day when I will be a little over 12 weeks. I haven't decided how to announce the "twin" part yet. But, I will probably let the initial shock wear off and then hit them with that shortly after. Maybe I will just show them the u/s and see if they figure it out. Jason's parents have 3 grandchildren from his older brother already. This will be my parents 1st, as I am the oldest. For my update: Since the spotting has slowed, but not stopped, I went to see the Dr. today. I saw both babies and they both have good, strong heartbeats (156 and 161) and they are both the same size. They calculated me at 7w6d. (I thought I was 7w5d, but oh well) They are identical, they share the same placenta and sac, but they have a membrane that separates them, That was the GOOD NEWS we were hoping for! The doctor said she was very happy with that info and expects all to go well! YAY!!!! I am so relieved. But, you are right. We both need to relax and take the next few months very carefully. Do you live near your parents and your inlaws? Both of mine live here in Raleigh. I hope you are doing well and feeling good! No m/s yet, just a sore lower back. :)


jena - May 19

good! i'm so glad about your u/s and the membrane - and i'm glad you got to see your babies! it's weird having the first grandchild for your parents! i'm glad, though, because then they will be spoiled! when i had my last u/s my babies measured a little bit bigger/older than I thought, too, but only by about 2 days - which is a lot when you are counting like we are :) but I'm just sticking to the same thing in my head - don't want to get excited that I'm farther along than I am. when people find out I'm pregnant (family, best friend) they can't believe that I was able to keep it in this long - but it's easier to do, I think, when you are being more cautious about your pregnancy in general - if the doctor said, "looks perfect - see you in three months" I'd be more tempted to tell - but being monitored makes you more weary of the situation. I'm having a hard time keeping my family from telling everyone! (mainly my MIL!). I'm in Southern CA and our families are in Northern CA so it's a 6-hour drive. We will be moving up North sometime soon though - not exactly sure when but my husband did get a job up there so it's perfect. Anyway, congrats on your u/s!!!


Kristina - May 24

Hey Jena! Sorry for taking so long to write back.... I have been so busy!!! So, have you told everyone yet? That you are pregnant AND that you are having twins? If so, what did everyone say? How far along on you now? When is your next appointment? Mine is June 1 and I will be 9w5d. I am soooo looking forward to the 12 week mark. I have still felt good, no morning sickness as of yet. I do gag a little when I brush and floss and also with my prenatal. I have gained 10-12 lbs and NONE of my pants fit. I still haven't told anyone, I am just avoiding everyone. Are you still feeling good, I hope so!!!



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