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Betsy - January 29

Is anyone else planning on traveling when pregnant with twins? My dad wants to take us to Hawaii as our last pre-babies vacation, but i'm scared to death to travel pregnant with twins (I will be 18-20 weeks then)! My Dr. ok'd traveling until 24 weeks, and says i'll be fine, but i'm afraid i'll worry the whole time. Has anyone else traveled or going to travel with twins or multiples or am I crazy!!?


onetwothree - January 29

I only went to Las Vegas for about 4 days. I was 15 weeks then, but my travel time was in a car and not in an pressurized airplane. If your DR says it is okay and he is experienced with twin pregnancies, then I would have to say he knows his stuff. But if you are uncomfortable with it and would stress out, you do what is best for you. Maybe a nice vacation closer to home?


Melissa - January 30

That's a really long time to be in plane while pregnant with twins and far from home (I'm guessing). I'd ask your Dr. about the distance and length of time you'd be in the plane. I was pretty much told to keep traveling limited to the first trimester and to stay within a few hours of home with my twin pregnancy.


to Betsy - January 30

I will be travelling home to have my twins. I'll be going flying fom 5hs at 24 wks. My doctors have more than Oked it and I've had bleeding in my first & second trimesters. Your doctor knows what he's talking about. I quess it depends on each woman & their pregnancies. That being said, you have to feel comfortable with any choice being made. I agree with onetwothree, maybe a nice unworring vaca close to home would be more comfortable for you. If you decide to go, have fun!


Betsy - January 30

Thanks ladies. I live in Washington state, so it's a 6 hour flight to Hawaii. My doctor said he would just have me take baby asprin 2 days before my flight each way to thin the blood so I don't get any clots. I don't know, I just am a total worrier about everything in life, so I'm trying to snap out of it since most people think i'll be fine. I really want to go because I know a vacation like this won't happen for us for a few years!! Any other opinions out there??


mama-beans - February 6



Frances - February 6

Bump!! = )



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